Saturday, August 4, 2007

86 1/2 Hours!

Hooray! I DID it! 86 !/2 hours with out food. I could have eaten at 12 pm today but instead waited until 12:30 although I did start preparing my lunch. I guess that was stupid but there is something in me that if I have to hit this tough goal then I am going to go beyond it to prove I can really do it. It somehow gives me personal satisfaction to do that - not sure why. Maybe Sis, Dr Deb or Orcadia can figure THAT out. :)

I went to bed late last night so that I could sleep up to the time I could eat again as I didn't trust myself to be as strong in the morning. I was feeling dizzy while blogging last night and I didn't want to be up and around in the morning like that.

I was ready to get up at 10:30 am but made myself sleep until almost noon.

I got up and promptly put on a pot of coffee! I decided against going out anywhere today until I am certain as to how I will respond to the reintroduction to food into my system.

I decided on a tuna fish sandwich with that delicious sprout seeded whole grain whole wheat bread I keep talking about. I used 3 cans of tuna, 2 small celery stalks with leaves, 2 really small red onions, fresh parsley, fresh oregano and Hellman's mayonnaise. I put it all in the food processor until it was like a pate, then put it on bread and topped it with cherry tomatoes. I would have preferred it cold but it was time to eat. (I didn't eat all the tuna - I like to make extra to have around) While preparing it, I did take a forkful and I have to say it was an amazing experience. The sensation of it in my mouth - my senses were activated beyond measure. My tongue, the inside of my mouth and even my teeth were happy! The totally satisfying sensation of swallowing and feeling it slide down my throat...truly enjoyable. I don't think I will ever forget how that felt or tasted!
I was standing at my sink, looking out the window across the field and up at the mountains and the sky. After I swallowed, I said, "Thank you God, THANK YOU!"

I know that sounds dramatic but I often thank God when I have a tall glass of refreshing water that has totally quenched my thirst. My sons have teased me about it over the years parroting me with how I say it. :) I have this quirky thing where I take a tall 16oz glass (has to be glass), preferably blue or turquoise, run it under the faucet, letting it over flow until just the right moment. Now I don't know how long - I just know when to stop. Then I proceed to drink it all or most of it down and then say, Ahhh, thank you God for water!" and my boys have seen me do this since they were little. O.k., enough of my quirkiness! :)

I was full after that little fork bite and was definitely full after the first bite of the sandwich, but I ate the whole thing anyway and drank the coffee. It occurred to me that coffee might be harsh on my system as would the vegetables and if there is a GB issue than definitely the mayo.

Suffice it to know that it is not agreeing with me although at least I am not experiencing nausea. Maybe it is just the reintroduction of food to my system. I have a lot of right sided pressure front and back but that was happening with just water. Of course I can't help but to think of my kidney because of the flank discomfort.

I have good news though and that is my creatinine levels are normal and my kidney didn't look that enlarged as compared to other enlarged kidneys they have seen! So, I am thinking the urinary system must be functioning properly which ties in with the good renal scan report. I don't know what other criteria is used to make that assessment. And again she says another Thank you God and thank you wonderful, skilled, dedicated and compassionate urologist who got me through all that!

Food saga finished! :)

Maybe I will come back and post about my ED/med floor experience. Not the best - although I am sure the staff did their best. Makes me wonder if they were short staffed in both areas. Even though I felt awful -it could have been worse like with a kidney stone and them giving me morphine/dilaudid - NOT a good thing. or God forbid something really serious - so I still count my blessings.

P.S. I don't really hate the doc who discharged me. I was just mad at him for saying I couldn't eat for 2 more days! He's nice and a good doc. His reputation precedes him for being a good diagnostition. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm glad to read you were able to get something to eat. Amazing how good food tastes when you've had to fast, or were unable to eat for whatever reason. We are very blessed in this country for sure!

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel.

I know that description of the first taste of food on the fork may have seemed extreme but it was totally exquisite.

It taste good after the 1st couple of days of fasting pre-op and post-op but this long was incredible.

Yes, we are blessed. :)

BTW- Do you know where Charity Doc went?? It looks like he closed his blog. :(

I am just praying that whatever is going on with me is no big deal and will pass. I have plans and this stuff is not a part of them.

SeaSpray said...

P.S.- I am really hoping this thing is a virus.

Can the amylase and I think it is lipase? labs be up a bit with a virus? I know they saw sludge in the GB but discharging doc blew that off.

My son hasn't felt good with his stomach almost as long as me. Also, when I was in the ED waiting room there was a little boy and a lady who were also vomiting.

Can't blame a girl for wishing! :)

Houston Reader said...

That's funny about the water. I do the same thing and my son always cracked up when he was little. I luuuuv water. Thank you God!!

SeaSpray said...

Hey-y-y Houston Reader- it seems we are kindred spirits in the water department.

If I could only have one beverage for the rest of my life - I would always choose water!

It is the only thing that quenches my thirst. That or unsweetened plain ice tea but still...preferably water.

Thanks for stopping by. :)