Sunday, August 19, 2007

Babaganoush! (an inane, yet true post)
There is war, famine disease, pestilence and then there is Babaganoush. Babaganoush!

Yesterday, I was in our local Weis grocery store perusing the hummus . I love hummus, especially roasted red pepper hummus. But, this isn't about hummus. It's about Babaganoush! So, while perusing the hummus, I had my first encounter with Babaganoush. Babaganoush? What isBabbaganoush? Babaganoush! Oh heck! I don't care what Babaganoush is....I just like saying Babaganoush! Okay, it's made with eggplant...I will like the Babaganoush. But I really bought it just because I like the word. Babaganoush!

I had fun offering the Babaganoush to family and friends today. Babaganoush is a great word. It's a fun word to say. Go ahead...say it! Babaganoush! No one wanted the Babaganoush. Younger son tried the Babaganoush and said it was okay. I think he'll do anything right now because he is getting a car this week. (the Charger) Maybe fresh would be better but I do prefer the hummus.

Anyway, it became my personal quest to have everyone say the word -Babaganoush at least once. Everyone humored me except my husband. He refused to say Babaganoush. (this started in the morning with him) So, it became my mission to get him to say Babaganoush. I know this is ridiculous and that was partly my point, my goofy humor but when he wouldn't say Babaganoush it was as though he threw the gauntlet down. The line was drawn.

Try as I might. Try as I may. Him say Babaganoush - no way, not today!

I could see in his eyes he wanted to -they were downright dancing with amusement. I could see he was holding back a grin. I can't even tell you some of the things I said to him to coax him into saying Babaganoush. Then late morning he left for work without saying Babaganoush. I know he must've said Babaganoush to himself. How could he not?

He came back home around 2pm. I already had a plan to get him to say Babbaganoush. Suffice it to know that he wasn't with me 30 seconds and he caved, saying Babaganoush with a big smile on his face! BABAGANOUSH! ;)

P.S. I do confess to trying to force feed older son the Babaganoush earlier tonight! We have a history of teasing each other and can get really goofy. He ended up barricading himself in his younger brother's room. I managed to get the door unlocked and we were having a pushing match with the door. I am no match for him and when I walked away (hoping to trick him) he bolted out the door and out into the front yard. I did try to pelt him with a couple of cherry tomatoes but missed although I did manage to get a blueberry down his shirt before this all started. :) I do admit that when the boys were growing up, I never let them wrastle with doors as that is a crush injury waiting to happen.

I guess SeaSpray still has to grow up. ;)

P.P.S. In my opinion, the Sabra roasted red pepper hummus is excellent. I am totally into using my food processor now and want to try making a hummus from scratch.


MonkeyGirl said...

You're so right. It's a great word.

Chrysalis Angel said...

As usual you've put a smile on my face. So silly...Hubby has his hands full. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Monkeygirl - it is indeed. :)

Yes Angel he does. ;) Fortunately he has a sense of humor but not as overt as my sons and me.

Sons and I get into the practical jokes etc., but never anything harmful or hurtful in anyway. I can also have a very dry sense of humor, just depends.

I always loved M.A.S.H. because of their wacky jokes and it was the same working with the ER that I worked with until the corporation downsized, etc. the humor of course was still there but just not as overt. Like say a doc and nurse chasing each other with whip cream or taking a cardboard nun and putting her in the cast room with IV's and then calling the doc in to see his next patient.

I think I told this story before but when they were chasing each other with the whip cream the nurse hid in the stall of the mens room. But then another doctor came in to USE the bathroom. She stayed very quiet. Later, she was standing by the ER door and that same doc that had used the mens was walking toward her. Without missing a step he looked at her then down to her feet then smiled back at her and said, "Nice shoes." as he walked on by. She had little round toed shoes with a bow on top - white nursing shoes but distinctive.

Laughter is healing to the body and a gift. I love to have fun but I am moved by both the profound and the simple and have a serious side as well. just saying that in case anyone thinks it's weird (o.k. it might be)for a mother to throw food at her son. God forbid we get wate in our hands! ;)

SeaSpray said...

Water... get water in our hands.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Ohh, Seaspray I would have died if I'd been that nurse...course I wouldn't have been found in the men's stall in the first place. Gotta love the guy for handling it that way.

SeaSpray said...

She was embarrassed.

Jenster said...

Why should you grow up??

I love that word. I'm going to add it to my list of favorite words - right next to spelunker, panini and hoodia.

I'm glad to hear you act with your kids about the same way I do with mine. Keeps us young!! :o)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jenster - EXACTLY! Your'e a girl after my own heart. There is plenty to be serious about and so I think it is healthy to just be a little crazy every now and then. Have some fun!

Panini and hoodia don't do it for me but SPELUNKER... now THAT is a word! LOL! Already asked husband to say it - he did, the 1st time around. :)

Can one spelunk if you are a spelunker that spelunked while spelunking? Just wondering. ;)

shooky @ hummus blog said...

No way an industrialized packaged babaganoush could substitute the real homemade original. And it's so easy to make that everybody should.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Shooky -You have definitely peaked my interest in making hummus from scratch!

I am currently looking up recipes for our garden tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

I want to make salsa, gazpacho and stuffed cherry tomatoes.

Homemade hummus will be next on my agenda. :)

patientanonymous said...

I'm so glad you ate it! It's wonderful. I've been eating it for years. Where I am we have--well, pretty much every food from every country available?

It's yummy.

MarlaQuack said...

Last Saturday I bought both Babaganoush and Roasted Red Pepper Hummas YUM!

SeaSpray said...

Hey PA! How are you? Yes I do like it although do prefer the hummus. Still it is good. :)

"Last Saturday I bought both Babaganoush and Roasted Red Pepper Hummas YUM!" Too funny Marlaquack because these could be my words - maybe they are. I wonder if we were in the stores at the same time last Saturday perusing the hummus and BABAGANOUSH?? :)