Friday, August 24, 2007



Chrysalis Angel said...

That show is so wacky. Where do they come up with it all? It's great when your watching something and realize you have a smile on your face.

SeaSpray said...

This is one of my favorite shows. I loved Frazier and Everybody Loves Raymond too. Oh and Seinfeld - Soup Nazi one of my favorite episodes.

I was a little down last night and so I started watching the scrubs clips. Needless to say I perked up. :) I hate the finality of death on this side.

And WHERE is the sun??? I didn't do anything fun last (except for older son's party trying to force feed him the Babagannoush after his party)week as I was preoccupied with my quest for younger son's car and had other stuff to do. I was MELTING in the sun on the car lots and now tis week it's been to cold to swim. At least it is warming up so maybe will swim later.

I am feeling a bit guilty because I got a call from the woman from the Toyota dealership wondering if we were still interested in certain cars and she was nice. Still - it was what it was and even son commented about it not being a customer friendly place. I told her that when I go back to work this fall I will be in the market for another vehicle once I get established in the job - which shouldn't be that long.

There's some monarch butterflies on the zinnias outside the window. I always feel hopeful when I see a butterfly, like they are a kiss form God and a symbol of good things to come. :)

I was over at your site this am but couldn't comment on your interesting post as I was accessing through son's computer sign on and for some reason those comment boxes won't expand so that I can read the entire comment or leave one. Anyway, I have some thoughts about what you are feeling because I was there too re; the ER job. I was getting a restless feeling even though everything was good like I was supposed to do something else but just didn't make the change and then this illness hit and it was decided for me. Someone I worked with up there recently asked me think about coming back, which warmed my heart for sure but I want to go in other directions for now. I actually have a strong feeling that I am supposed to follow a different path. I think I was feeling it in my spirit back then but was too used to comfort zones and I am sentimental and really cared about everyone.

Saturday, son and I drove past there while up at the car dealers and my heart strings were tugged in a huge way when I saw the hospital. All these memories came flooding in! I was there 20 years! The new ED entrance looks really pretty and I was on the new ED committee for a year and always thought I would be there when it was completed. I still run into patients who remember me and again I feel the pull but I still know that I know I am supposed to do elsewhere. I know never say never but for now...

This stuff is all very much on my mind Angel. I have been reviewing my resume and this change is just around the corner. I will come back to your site tonight and post. probably will me a long one. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Yikes! Whole bunch of errors in my previous comment! Didn't proof it.

Jenster said...

Thanks for my Scrubs fix!!! LOL

LOVE that show.

That JD is nothing but a scooter-riding poo-fainter! :o)

may said...

thanks for your kind words...

Chrysalis Angel said...

"That JD is nothing but a scooter-riding poo-fainter!"

That was funny Jenster.:)

Take heart Seaspray, I can relate.

SeaSpray said...

Glad to accommodate you Jenster! LOL! Funny about the skooter riding poo fainter! :)

Your welcome May. :)

yes we seem to be kindred spirits in many ways. :)