Friday, September 28, 2007

BAJINGO On Display!

Not sure what to say here and I am tired and would surely have bloggers remorse if I typed and posted now. However just typing the title gives me a release. Now I can go to sleep. :)

O.k. -I'm back (Friday night now)

A while back I joked about my nether regions being exposed so much over so many months that I was surprised that I don't automatically assume the stirrup position as in some Pavlovian response every time I now see a white coat or blue scrubs. I then joked...well at least they haven't seen the girls! Then not long after that statement, I was in the ER getting an EKG by a guy named Ralph and later blogged that even the girls weren't sacred anymore.

So...what else could possibly happen? Everything has been seen. All barriers broken. Nothing else could possibly embarrass me. Right??? Hahaha....ha! I can be so naive sometimes. :)

Nothing like the element of surprise in getting a girl to say yes! As a matter of fact after I agreed, someone else was discussing something with me and for any of you that watch know how JD gets that look and he is visualizing something in connection to what was said and he hears this dialog in his head regarding the topic. Well that was me yesterday. I saw the person's mouth moving while she was explaining something before the audience arrived, I was trying to listen but admittedly was having a whole other scenario/dialog in my head. (stress will do that or a vivid imagination)

If I sold tickets, I could've made some money. Oh, heck I'd do it again...anything to further the cause of medicine. It was both interesting and helpful and time will tell for sure. But dang! It wasn't even just a matter of being on display...action was involved too! Interesting, educational and even kind of fun being part of the process.

However, if anything embarrassing is gonna is gonna to happen to me. I think it is one of the universal laws. Makes me wonder if there is anything to this "law of attraction" stuff...then what the heck did I do in my life that I attract all these embarrassing moments into my life??

Sometimes when it comes to my own personal stuff it takes a little while to register. I'm not sorry I did it. I am glad-seriously I am..that I helped...but...GEEZ!! :) And believe me, while it is actually a serious matter, the humor doesn't get past this girl and is why I am posting about it.

And ...I am VENTING! Blogging is an excellent tool for venting! Y'all know my rule. I never tell personal details or give descriptions that would violate anyone's identity under any circumstances. No one did anything wrong here either-just unusual for me. No I will never say what I am talking about. Yes, I know I am being cryptic. Tell you what...if you guess? Maybe, I will tell you what I was doing. Or I won't. ;)

P.S. I am not sure...but I think I am already reaping the benefit of what I learned. Again...time will tell.


John McElveen said...

Need your prayers for Shhh-God's Talking. I'm making a stand between Full=on and Shhh. Need prayer and I know you will totally understand the battle!!!

In His Service ,


SeaSpray said...

Hi John - glad too and I will come by to visit. You are putting a lot of effort into both and so that is draining.

I think both are good. Do you have to choose?

I am just playing with the 2nd one.

Chrysalis Angel said...

My head is spinning just trying to read that. Sometimes, your like a sweet little whirl when you're walking along a street and suddenly see before you one of those little dirt tornado's that rustle the leaves and spin them all around in circles. You just have to stop and watch it. Love ya Seaspray..

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yes, your site loads much faster. Let me know if you have any problems with mine. I know right now the promo for Michael might slow it down, but those clips are worth it.

SeaSpray said...

ha ha! Hi Angel- i know that was confusing. I just wanted to vent and I use humor to do that.

Besides..I am someone that just sees humor in stuff. We never know what a day is going to bring us and that was a surprise to me. :)

It was after I came home that I felt what I felt. I am still glad I did what I did and if asked I would do it again...but it was weird at the time and surreal to think about.

And when I think about it...I think it is nice that I was perceived as approachable enough to ask. And I am truly glad to have helped.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Orcadia has left you a comment on my site. She liked what you had to say on the one post. Just letting you know.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel :)

Jenster said...

Oy! I'm pretty sure you didn't have to smack anyone's behind during some bodily function or another so I've got no idea what you had to do. The imagination is boggled. (Sorry to have made you spew yesterday).

I hear ya on the humiliating things. I had no idea what embarrassing was until I started the reconstruction process. But after reading this post I will not say "Nothing can embarrass me now." I figure that's a risky opening.

Jenster said...

Seaspray/Snowlite :o) - Please, please, PLEASE tell your friend not to play the "what did I do wrong" game. I'm praying for a benign result and most likely that's what it is. But we all play the What If game to no good purpose.

Please let me know how things turn out for her.