Friday, September 21, 2007

Blogged Out?
I think I am blogged... out?


Or maybe I am just tired?

Yes, I did leave some long comments in other blogs yesterday But that's it. Oh and the Mad Men post. But-I've got nothing. Maybe it just drained me because someone's post put me in touch with a difficult time in my life, one where I had to be the strong one and keep MY emotions in check. (It did have a good ending though)

Usually, ideas are popping into my head everywhere I go no matter what I am doing. Thoughts always come along that suggest "this" experience is blog worthy. Now, I am not saying the ideas are or aren't good- just that they pop into my head and I am always thinking about a story of some sort. I suspect the same thing happens to any serious blogger who gets bitten by the blogosphere bug. At the very least I should be able to come up with a quote or a YouTube. But I've got nothing. The well is dry. Maybe I sapped myself opening the other blog. I don't feel like reading a post. I don't feel like writing a post. I don't feel like even sitting in front of the computer.
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I feel like Forrest Gump must have felt when he was jogging across country to "run" away from his emotional pain of losing his treasured wife and lifelong friend. He ran and ran and ran and ran, until one day he just stopped. It was like a light bulb went off in his head and he just stopped. My creative well is dry.

It doesn't escape me that the irony here is that I am blogging at this very moment. :)

I did want to post on my experience as a recent ER patient and I had/have some special people in my life that I wanted to blog about. But inspiration is key and no where to be found right now.

I suppose this would be a good time to catch up on the FOUR memes I was tagged to do and have yet to comply. (Thank you for the tags-I like memes)

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the blogs I visit, appreciate the blog rolls and comments, along with having learned so much from some wonderful and learned people from all walks of life who frequent the blogosphere, sharing in their collective knowledge and laughing often and hard at the exquisite humor. It is an amazing hobby!

I also greatly appreciate and value the genuine friendships that I have made along the way.

Maybe I am just tired. Tired because I have been living like a Bohemian this past week as my urine diary will bear out. (yes-I said URINE diary) I am not working and for whatever reason, I have totally flipped my schedule this last week and have been going to bed when the birds wake up. I am a night owl by nature but this has been extreme, not to mention it has caused me to squander time that could have been used more productively. It's a fact that I get way more accomplished the earlier I start my day and finish early.

I have plans and this bass ackward routine of reversing my hours surely doesn't work for me. Do you ever wish that you didn't have to sleep because you just want to keep doing things? Personally, I love the beautiful early (when the sun comes up) morning and cozy late nights- just can't have both. And I don't like staying up until the birds wake up-it just worked out that way.

It's 01:49 now, but EARLY to bed least on the other side of midnight! :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray. Get to bed! Get some rest and get back here.

This is one of my favorite places to come and visit. You are truly, a sweet and wonderful person. I so enjoy your antics. I have giggled and laughed out loud, and have enjoyed reading your posts.

Your site and Sisyphus' site together used to be the start to my day.

I'd grab my green tea with honey and visit the two nicest ladies in blog land. I loved reading you both. You didn't talk about other people, or link to all these other sites, you just wrote your own stuff.

Just get some rest my friend. I'll check for you later. I have commitments tonight, but I'll be looking for you in between them perhaps.;)

John McElveen said...


Check my post time- $ something and I worked tonight from 3:00 till 11:30!!. I'm sooo there with you right now!. Except right now I have so much going on in my head about Our Lord that I can't post even a 1/4 of it. I'm not sure where to go with our Shhhh Blog! I too feel tired but mine this time is a good tired from working hard and staying up and spending a lot of time thinking/praying about Shhh.

Rest in the Lord my dear. I pray that the Holy Spirit of God will visit you in your sleep and minister to you as only He can the next few days. May His power fall on you and be like a new wave of creative energy. Right now I feel in my heart He is saying to you- BE STILL- (LISTEN for direction/instruction) and KNOW THAT I AM GOD!!!!

I think He wants to talk to you on an intimate and extremely personal level about an exciting and glorious rebirth back into the kingdom of God! Of course It could just be GAS I'm feeling- LOL! But I think it's the former!

Satan comes at us when we start moving towards the Living Water, and you my dear have been actively seeking and discussing God!!! uhhh can you say- Flaming Darts. I'm glad I didn't type that backwards LOL. Nope-- Gas! My bad- that was the Dog! Sorry!

You are getting Sleepy- Sleepy! and you will dream dreams and see visions- and I will pour out on my handmaidens to paraphrase--- a Former and Latter Rain! You are fixing to receive Fresh Fire from above! Get ready to rally!!!

Nothing is impossible with God and He will equip you with and for the mission He has for you! You are special in His site and He has work that ONLY seaspray the Encourager can do for Him.

Rest and then say- "Here am I Lord- Here am I! and I'm ready!"

God loves you and so do we,


SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - thank you for your kind words. Your blog is one of my favorites too. :)

Hey John- You've got me cracking up over here!! LOL! I look forward to readding Shhh too. :)

I feel so much better. I am not doing that to myself again! One night isn't so bad but consecutive nights just did me in.

Amazing what a few nights of good sleep can do for us. :)