Friday, September 14, 2007


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Pic above - Bordello Moulin Rouge and the pic below is Vamps Bordello. Both are guest rooms at the Magnolia Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Historically, bordellos have been known for their forbidden pleasures of fine tobacco, whiskey and women. So what am I thinking about that would prompt me to post on this topic?

Well, I was over at the veterinarian’s office today picking up medicine for Bob, our German shepherd. I was talking with the receptionists and commented that they must have some funny stories to tell. I told them that I had worked at the hospital with the original vet’s wife and that she had said someday her husband is going to write a book about all the comical things that have happened in the practice.

To this the receptionist said, “It’s the people! The animals are normal!” So I asked her for an example.

She said they had someone call them to schedule an appointment for their dog to get a BORDELLO VACCINE! (emphasis mine)

I LOVE it! Boy…some people will do anything for their dogs! Of course what the owners really meant (one can only hope) was that they wanted to schedule their dog for the Bordetella vaccine to help protect against kennel cough when their dog is boarded.

She then said that another person called to schedule an appointment for their pet to get the DISTEMPERAMENT shot. DISTEMPERAMENT shot??? The owner thought that giving the DISTEMPERAMENT shot would make their pet a nicer animal! LOL!!


John McElveen said...

OM Gosh How awesome!!!! LOL


Elaine said...

Just love it! :-)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Hey, Seaspray..what about a Vet's office? The patients are always cute and they are grateful when you say good-bye to them. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi John- I knowwww...too funny! :) I'll stop by sometime this weekend. Your new site is going to stir up some good conversation. :)

Hi Elaine - Glad you liked it! I'll drop in for a visit this weekend too. I'd really enjoy some of that tea with raspberries and biscuits you serve. MMMM:)

Hi Angel - I had thought about that once but call me crazy...I really do like working with the human species. I can't say they are always cute and grateful though which is no doubt one of the perks working in a vets office.

I am going to look into setting up that other google account this weekend. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yes, then I'll have someone to chat with.;)

patientanonymous said...

That's funny. And I know what the second one was that the owner wanted.

Distemper...which also does kind of sound like getting rid of your pet's angry disposition...

Ms-Ellisa said...

Cool... :-D

SeaSpray said...

Hi PA- Glad you liked it. :) Right like dissatisfied,disillusioned or disengaged. It's the DIS!

Hi Ms Elissa - yes - I thought so. :)