Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ever Ask An Embarrassing Question?

Have you ever asked someone an embarrassing question? The kind of question that you know you are embarrassed to ask and possibly embarrassing to them too, but you really WANT the answer? Although really, physicians have probably heard and seen it all.'s different when it is you doing the asking.

I have wanted the answer to this question since the summer of 2006. Actually, I have had the question since the days that the Phil Donahue show was on but I basically blew it off and forgot about it and that is when I first heard about it-in the 1980's.

So, I have googled it but nothing is conclusive. I asked a couple of girlfriends. One said she didn't know. The other one said yes. After doing some personal research- I still don't know. I think it is "possible" but so many variables.

The medical conversation kind of provided an opening and so I decided to take the plunge. I guarantee you I am not someone who has a difficult time communicating but it probably took me a good minute or more to work up to the question after I announced to him that I wanted to ask this question. He was patient and I can only imagine what must have been going through his mind as I was saying everything but the question while trying to work the courage up to ask.

He contained himself and remained professional and I am thinking that in all his years of training and practice, no one has ever asked him that. It's possible- but I doubt it. (honestly-it would be a funny blog story from a physician or as dinner party conversation (definitely would evoke chuckles and comments) so long as pt was anonymous. The humor of this doesn't get past me!

That being said-I was really serious. I really wanted/want to know. He didn't know the answer and he said it wasn't mentioned in the medical literature pertaining to his field. I had reasons to think there was a possible connection.

So, this inquiring mind still wants to know, but I am thinking that his "I don't know" probably is the answer....that there is no definitive answer. Besides if true- I would think it would be obvious and common knowledge wouldn't it?

Well...for sure- since I have asked this question, I can honestly say there isn't a question that I will ever be too shy about asking. Liberating in a way! :) I then asked a couple more and I have 1 more to ask and possibly revisit question 2 and 3 I asked today. It is important to me and oddly it ties in to something else that I am considering, although even if it didn't ..I still want to know.

Really...I don't know how doctors keep straight faces sometimes. :) What is their secret? is there a "No Laughing" 101 course in med school? And if there were such a class...what would they have to do to pass? Would they be faced with a daily barrage of the most outlandish and hilarious scenarios and then penalized for laughing? What about a smirk when looking off to the side? Although, I suppose if you even run the risk of losing it all together. I know...Seaspray's imagination gone wild again. ;)

Actually, I do have a funny story about a PCP I used to see who was dying to crack up at something I stated (as relayed to me by someone else) and then questioned. I swear he was turning magenta and looked like he was going to explode while still trying to answer the question. would have relieved the tension in the room if he just would've given in to his heaving shoulders, magenta face oh and dancing eyes. Well, I'll save this story for another time. :)

* I liked this pcp but when he and his partner split I went with the partner because he (my current pcp) liked to talk during the appointments and I like the extended visits and not being rushed. Conversely, this pcp who I am talking about in this post was more of a wham bam -thank you mam type. Real nice but in and out and rushed.

Btw - this statement and question had NOTHING to do with the question I asked my Doc today- 2 totally different topics.


Chrysalis Angel said...

For crying out loud Seaspray...what the heck are you talking about! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel- I know...and i really WANT to know! ????



John McElveen said...


He asked unknowingly!!!!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Now that Mcelveen guy, is saying what I have to you Seaspray...we want to know what the question was....girlfriend!

Hope I can stay up late enough to watch it. I've had a heck of a meeting after work today. Be glad your home's a jungle out here. I repeatedly ask my self you fought so hard to stay alive why??? Stupid survival instinct..should have been left out of the programming!

SeaSpray said...

Hi John and hi Angel- I know you do...she says with a do I! ;)

John - I just want to say thank you for referring to me as "SeaSpray the encourager" in one of your comments to one of my posts. That was sweet of you to say. I think you have a gift with that too! :)

Angel,I am sorry about your day. It just means there are better ones coming. That's what I always tell myself when the bills or whatever happens. You know like we have to go through the valley to appreciate the mountain top?

I guess I am just one of those there is a silver lining behind every cloud kind of girl.

Survival instinct-good thing!

Speaking of jobs, I opened my e-mail this morning and found that I got mail from the assistant pastor of my church. (I am surprised that he remembers me since I have been MIA for so long!) Well actually I did e-mail him to put me on the prayer chain about getting that job I wanted so much and so he thought of me for this job. It warmed my heart to know he thought of me and has confidence in me. :)

I will forward the e-mail. If you can, try to e-mail me back before work tomorrow because I know I shouldn't keep them hanging.

The timing is off, but if I do pursue it,I will be open about the fact that I just have to have 1 more renal scan which the doc is moving up for me and so I should know soon and really- I believe the scan results will be good. I just have to get the test scheduled, but it depends when the hospital can do it and when my neighbor is available.

So,if he is willing to work around that and still consider me then maybe it is the right thing.

It would be exciting to work with someone starting their new business from the ground up. Ha! I always wanted to be Consuela on Marcus Welby, MD! Of course she was a nurse but I just liked that camaraderie between her, the Docs and the pts. That feeling of being part of a team and helping people but more so than in a big hospital. Of course hospitals are interesting too.

It is for receptionist/biller. I don't do billing but I am sure I could learn. I am good with insurance companies/coding and medical terminology. I've done accts receivable and I do our taxes, etc. plus I have worked in my own sales business.

I just typed a whole bunch about this but maybe I will post it in my other blog. I am not sure WHY I am keeping that blog up because this is "THE" blog and my favorite but I might put my more personal thoughts there.

Am I supposed to take this or am I meant to go elsewhere? I am concerned it might not be as interesting as a busy doctor's office or a hospital. On the other hand maybe it is exactly where I am supposed to be?

I hate to miss a good opportunity but I have thought about working in the one place for so long or in a hospital again I am not sure what I think about this. The one door was shut and how does it go?

When God closes a door, he opens a window. Is THIS my window of opportunity?

I guess I have to call to get my answers. My heart isn't in it but it might be because I was recently at the place I really want to work at. Oh my God, the camaraderie that I have with the staff there is phenomenal! I know we would work well together but unfortunately the bosses didn't have the same vision.
But darn! It would be such an interesting place to work and fun too. And even though there would've been commuting involved that didn't bother me at all.

Oh well, my aunt would say,"Patricia, there's no point in crying over spilled milk." Also, one of my favorite quotes which is in my profile is by Charles DuBois which is "The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are, for what we could become." :)

Jenster said...

So you're not going to tell us the question?

If the question is:

"Does a man stop peeing in midstream if his butt is smacked?" - then the answer is yes. I know because I tried it on my husband. I don't recommend it. Not only do they stop peeing, they get mad. I guess you could say they go from pi**ing to being pi**ed.

If that's not the question then I'm no help to you.

SeaSpray said...


I haven't read anything in a while that has caused me to choke on my drink but your comment just did!

Very funny although...I guess HE didn't think so -KILLJOY! ;) I'm kidding-I know he has said you crack him up! :)

No...not the question but thanks for the lesson. :)

scalpel said...

I have a headache.

SeaSpray said...

Hey Scalpel- funny!

Suffice it to know that on Wednesday I probably surprised my doc and on Thursday he surprised me! :)

Wednesday was my long pent up question (2 decades)which as I said he handled it professionally, but if he laughed (which he didn't) it would've been fine too. And then Thursday-well that was pertinent to the exam and was glad to be a part of the learning process.

Blogging is a great way to release some energy! And I just like to have a little fun! ;)