Thursday, September 20, 2007

MAD MEN! Have you seen that show? I LOVE it! It's written by the same guy who wrote "The Sopranos", which I never did see one episode of, but heard it had a large following. It airs Thursday nights, EDT at 10p.m. on the AMC channel (Channel 45 for us locals) and there is an encore presentation at 11p.m.
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It's about the men who work at a Madison Avenue advertising agency and their jobs and personal lives- affairs, friendships and families. The lead guy, yes I'll say it, sexy-Don Draper is my favorite along with his wife. Great show!

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I am all for equal rights for women but also love being treated like a lady and I cringe at how women were treated back then. We've come a l-o-o-o-n-g way baby!

The mores of the time were different and the double standard favoring men was very much in tact. Not that these things didn't happen, of course they did but were taboo for the good girls or were supposed to be.

They do a great job with the sets, going out of their way to keep everything looking authentic 1960 and before.

The women evidently wore very pointy bras back then! Doctors smoked in their patients faces and it seems everyone smoked. Liquid business lunches were commonplace and accepted. Can you imagine going back to work just a bit sloshed?? The women smoke and drank while pregnant! If someone drove drunk, no one seemed to think twice about it and no one used seat belts and certainly not child restraints. It brings up issues and concerns that I had long forgotten about or I just take the knowledge for granted now.

The agency is busily promoting Nixon for president, while helping to secure the cigarette companies hold on the market regardless of the newly released information that smoking causes cancer, among other advertising campaigns.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I am personally intrigued by their thinking processes for advertising their products.

My cringe-o-meter alarm goes off several times in an episode because of all their erroneous perceptions and subsequent actions.

In one episode, the Draper children were playing with a plastic dry cleaning bag. The little girl was in the plastic bag and their mother's only concern was that her clothes had better not be wrinkled. She lets her little daughter go running off with the bag over her. (Everything in me wanted to lunge through the set to rip that plastic bag off of her!)

Then aside from all of that there is another plot evolving about Don's past. A past so painful and secretive that he changed his identity and no one-not even his wife knows this. But that will probably unravel in some way because his half brother has surfaced.

In this girl's opinion, Mad Men is both entertaining and thought provoking! I'm glad that I am who I am in this era but it is fascinating to take a peek backward into this familiar yet seemingly oh so distant time.


Chrysalis Angel said...

"I am all for equal rights for women but also love being treated like a lady" This quote made me think of a comment I received. A self proclaimed male chauvinist. Left me a comment. I thought of you and wondered what you would think of it.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - where do I check it out?

I do love it when men do all those nice things. I always had negative connotations when I thought of feminism - the more in your face stuff and men got confused and they didn't know if they should still hold a door open or other courtesies.

I love being a woman. I appreciate men and their masculinity. :)

I guess they had to go to the extreme to break out of the mold we women were in but now I think it has come back to more normal yet with more equal rights.

I mean dang- we sure as heck should be paid equally for the same work and women certainly are capable of holding those high positions that only men held in the past.

Personally, I never felt the need to prove myself that way as I wanted to be a stay at home mom and my most cherished memories are of raising my family, etc.

I am glad women have equal opportunities. Everyone should have freedom of choice.

I just appreciate being appreciated by the opposite sex. :)

peggy said...

lol i just saw the episode with the dry cleaning bag over the girl's head.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy- didn't that just make you crazy? it's so weird to look at that stuff and know that I was little back then and lived with all of that and then to realize how far we have come.

Of course some stuff was better than now.