Saturday, September 1, 2007

Riding the Cotton Pony
So...Mr. SeaSpray comes home yesterday and no sooner gets in the house when he exclaims," There are MORE choices for SANITARY PADS than there is YOGURT!"

Well that was a news flash to me....after almost 32 years of marriage (October 25th), I find out my husband peruses the yogurt section! Go figure- he doesn't even eat yogurt! :)

Oh wait...his point was the choice of feminine products, specifically the sanitary pads that are otherwise known as sanitary napkins. BTW -what is up with that? I have never used them when I set the table. I can see it now... "Honey, please put out the crystal glasses and use the good silver and oh...don't forget the good sanitary napkins, you know the ones with wings?" And I have yet to wipe my mouth or any other orifice with a sanitary "napkin". I don't care how sanitary they are!

He hates when I ask him to pick those things up but it's not MY fault he works only a few doors from a grocery store. He reminded me that he has told me to buy extra pads and why don't I because I buy EXTRA of EVERYTHING ELSE?! But everyone knows that when you are saying your vows at the alter, after the clergy says "until death do you part.", they then in hushed tones whisper "and the husband will buy sanitary pads per his beloved wife's request."

That being said, he goes on to say, "There were long ones, short ones, light, heavy, with wings and no wings. There were too many there...I was just staring at them! But then, when women came down the aisle, I turned my head and pretended I was looking at the shampoo. The thing is the way he demonstrated what he did, he left his body facing the feminine products while only turning his head behind him to the shampoos opposite the feminine products. I'm thinking they figured out what he was doing.

Which by the way, when I am looking at the feminine products and all those men come down the aisle to look at shampoo, I am guessing that THEY are also there to pick up a feminine product per their wife's request. It's in the vows. :)

So did he come home with the right ones? No- but he got 2 out of the 3 features important to me right and so I was happy. What? What did I want? Sorry, a girl's got to have some secrets! :)

Speaking of secrets-o.k., so now the www knows I am riding the cotton pony this weekend. Is it any worse than sitting through a Viagra commercial with your grandmother while they discuss a 4 hour erection? I think not. ;)

GIDDYAP! (SeaSpray is now riding off into the sunset whistling the Bonanza theme song.)


Chrysalis Angel said...
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Chrysalis Angel said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that little picture. I can see you are feeling better! Good..there are too many sand castles that need to be built. (Sorry, private joke)

Poor men, God love them for the sweet things they will do for those pretty women in their lives. Remember to reward! ;)

I used to just die when those stupid commercials would come on and my boyfriend (in high school) would be there. Geesh...was nothing sacred!

SeaSpray said...

Ha!ha! Glad it made you laugh. :)

Better? Yes and no. Tears of a clown, I guess.

Ohhh, I DO! ;)

I remember when kotex and tampon commercials were a big deal.

Before you know it we're gonna hear about mint tingle condoms while the family sits down to watch TV! There are some images you don't want in your head around the parents. :)

Someone was talking about "mint tingle" condoms in her blog and I like the concept. Love anything minty! ;)

Elaine said...

No comment whatsoever re the last comment! :-)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Angle draws line in the sand.;)

SeaSpray said...

What can I say? ;)

MarlaQuack said...

Too Funny!

Chrysalis Angel said...

We luv ya Seaspray.:)

SeaSpray said...

Glad you liked it Marla Quack. :)

Medblog Addict said...

You and Amanda. What am I gonna do with the two of you and y'alls mint tingle condoms. Geesh.

Boy, I've been away for awhile and have a lot of catching up to do. As usual, you are entertaining.

SeaSpray said...

Welcome back MA!

Haha! Funny MA! and I hate those things ...but...MINTY...specifically mint "tingle"...well that just got me a tad curious. ;)

Who knows maybe my husband will start calling me Peppermint Patty! ;)