Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8 Facts or Habits About Me

http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/detail/03/83/23118303.jpgpremium box fan, 20in.
Alternate communication devices used by SeaSpray.

1. I like to speak like an alien through the back of a running fan. (Reminds me of life back on planet Beldar) I have to fight the urge to do this in public when I am near a fan. Speaking in a halting and altered voice, I like to say something like, "Greetings... you... earthlings... you! I have just returned... from... the planet... Beldar... where I have consumed... my nuclear... food." and so on... (drop certain words a bit lower than the others) Through my travels I have observed that you can discern an alien's origin by the intonations in their voices when speaking in complete sentences, not unlike how we can determine our own kind by their accents.

2. I am really good at keeping secrets. People would be surprised if they knew the things I knew about them and others that I have never told them or anyone else, ever. Some people would probably get orgasmic if they could gossip about the things I will be forever silent about. Sure I have gossiped (I am as human as the next person) but then there are those things you just don't betray and I would hope people do the same for me.

3. The 2nd sip of any alcoholic beverage goes right to my head and I start to feel that warm fuzzy buzzy feeling. I am guessing this is because I rarely drink. My favorite drink is a gin and tonic with a lime twist, which I was 1st introduced to when I was a 20 year old nanny to a state trooper's children. It was a summer job before I got married in the fall. Every night he came home and fixed us both a gin and tonic and we'd chat for a bit at his dining room table and then I'd go home. One night he came home, went to the freezer and then said" There's no ice, Pat...did you make ice?" "Ice? No Bob... I didn't make ice." "Pat the MOST important thing you HAVE to do is MAKE ICE!" "O.k. Bob, from now on...I'll make ice." :) and every nite as he was walking up the stairs with a big smile he'd say, "Pat...did you make ice?" "Yes Bob..I made ice. And I took good care of his girls and the house too...but priorities...ya know? ;)

4. My uncle was good friends with Captain Bud Lewis, the copilot of the Enola Gay...the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. It is weird to me that my uncle was connected to someone who was in such a prominent role in the turning of world history on many levels, mass destruction beyond anything the world had ever known, resulting in an acceleration to the end of the war and the beginning of the nuclear age. The family homes had backyards that were adjacent to each other in Ridgefield Park. They played football together while at Ridgefield Park H.S. They maintained their friendship through the years as did their other friends. Maybe I will post about this sometime. It just hits me profoundly that my family knew the Lewis family and how things in life happen. No one could have ever imagined that these boys playing football were going to be doing the things they did in WWII. I am always in awe of the connections and timing of things, their significance, the ripple effects. My uncle continued to go to the Ridgefield Park High reunions until the summer of his 80th birthday at which point the class decided too few were able to make it.

5. Once, I did something that I would NEVER do out in the open because I believed what I read in a "fictional" book that no one could see this under these circumstances. NOW that my naivete blinders have been lifted, I just cringe to my core with embarrassment when I think of this and how many people could have been watching.YIKES! (This one IS blogworthy, but I won't)

6. Water conservationists may hate me but I take really long showers. I would do everything in water if I could. I love drinking it, looking at it and being in it.

7. I have a weakness for anything with cinnamon, nutty, minty or cheesey. Oh and dark chocolate! I love anything that tastes or smells like cinnamon. During the fall and winter, our home often smells like cinnamon and spices baking because I like spiced candles or I am baking. Thanksgiving is the best because I bake the pumpkin cookies then. If a recipe calls for a teaspoon of cinnamon , I put a heaping tbs in. I put fresh mint leaves in my water and my favorite ice cream in the world is chocolate chip mint, especially Breyers. And there is something else Minty I discovered thanks to another blogger but i'll leave that one alone. ;) My favorite coffee is hazelnut or I like to add cinnamon to my regular coffee and I like amaretto teas/ coffee and baking with nuts.

8. One of my favorite things is decorating the Christmas tree. People have said it looks like the Macy's Christmas trees. 10 foot tree with hundreds of ornaments and hundreds of white lights, scalloped gold beads and a little tinsel and an Angel on top. We usually get a Frazier tree because the needles hold well, and branches are firm to hold all the ornaments. I have collected the Hallmark dated glass Christmas balls since 1975. The tree is eclectic with homemade ornaments, school project or sale ornaments and ornaments given as gifts. If the ornaments could talk they could tell some stories. Every year as the ornaments were/are unpacked, I remind husband and boys about the history of the ornament. The boys would say"I k-n-o-w Mom." Someday when they are older they will probably have some fond memories of some of them. Memories passed down.

9. I like to eat the holes in swiss cheese. I know #9 but technically goes with #7.

I have been overdue in doing some memes. I DO like memes. The first meme was supposed to be the 5 things I like about blogging which I was tagged by Dr Gwenn to do back in April, but I am saving that for my 1 year blogoversary next month.

So, tonight I decided to do this 8 facts or habits about me which Monkeygirl and Jenster tagged me for back in May and June. Maybe I'll tag ya back! ;)

I have 3 more memes to go. I am not really tagging anyone now because this has been around awhile but feel free to pick it up if you like. :)

P.S. I really do speak into a fan that way sometimes. :)


MonkeyGirl said...

Sara Lee Chocolate Mint Cream Pie.


Chrysalis Angel said...

(This one IS blogworthy, but I won't)

Seaspray! Stop doing that, you tease! Inquiring minds want to, have to know..

I can't believe Thanksgiving is coming up for us soon. I love the holidays. I love making M&M cookies and sitting in front of the tree with all it's lights on. I'll just sit there in the dark and look at it. Now, stay away from those fans! You'll get that cute little nose sliced off.:)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Monkeygirl-Mmmm...sounds HEAVENLY!

My m-i-l makes a cheese cake cherry pie with whip cream and when Devan was 4 she named it heaven pie! :)

Hi Angel...I know...bad SeaSpray...BAD! I just can't help myself sometimes! ;) Besides for as much as I know everyone would "appreciate" this story...it doesn't just involve me. :)

M&M's are Devan's favorite candy. I should make those cookies with her...she would be thrilled. She has been asking to make the pumpkin cookies but I don't do them until November. I have always made them for Thanksgiving only(as a tradition) but then last year I broke tradition and made them in December for urodoc and his partners/office staff. I will post the recipe in November.

Yes Christmas lights...I'm there with you. There are so many white lights on the tree and I also have them scalloped on one of the ceiling beams, that we don't need to use regular lights unless we want to read. I am thinking of putting the outside Christmas lites (white) on the bushes before Thanksgiving so that they are ready to turn on the day after Thanksgiving. It is always a challenge doing them for one reason or the other and I am the one that does most of it. (for a laugh-see last years post just after Thanksgiving)There is something so relaxing about being around a Christmas tree ONCE it is up and decorated. :)

Stay away from the fa-n-n-s? But Angel...you DON'T understand.. ever since the space ship incident...

Chrysalis Angel said...


Jenster said...

Oh! I need to go find a fan and talk into the back of it!! I haven't thought of that in years! LOL

SeaSpray said...

I know...it's fun! :)