Friday, October 5, 2007

Bailey 's Rant...and Other Grey Matters

This clip is an overview of the recent season 4 episodes. I LOVE this show! It feeds my surgical groupie addiction! :)

Meredith is my favorite female character and I identify with her on some levels. I hope Derek doesn't give up on her. She has commitment issues but she is a wounded soul and just needs someone to be her champion. Her mother was cruel and her father was weak! Her father says he loved her and maybe in his own way he did...but apparently not enough to be there for her.

***If someone really cares...they will break barriers, overcome obstacles and reset boundaries ...doing whatever they can to be there for that person. The things that really matter...are always worth the effort.

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?

I loved it when Dr Bailey was blasting Dr Karev-Alex (great hair/sideburns this season) for not following protocol. He lost his temper, thereby alerting the parent/drug dealer which compromised the safety of the baby as well as his and potentially could have been much worse.

She had aspired to be chief resident and has taken it hard that Dr Torres-Callie (ortho doc) was picked over her. Now her interns are residents and she has not been able to boss anyone. She has been angry, disappointed frustrated and stifled.

Alex wanted her to put him in his place. She stopped herself and then boy-OH-boy did she let him have it! When she appeared to be practically orgasmic for her! She missed doing it so much and Alex needed to hear it. Great scene and I cracked well as shared in her release!

Cigarette anyone?? ;)

I can't wait for George to divorce Dr Torres (Callie) although I do feel sorry for her. I think even she knows the relationship is doomed and that they got married for the wrong reasons. She's too beautiful, intelligent and talented to waste her energies on George. She should be with a guy who is more fiery, challenging, sexy and appreciates her!

However, who among us girls hasn't at sometime in our lives gotten starry eyed and made a few poor romantic choices? It happens.

George is a great guy but he shouldn't get romantically involved with Izzie. Yes, they do make a better couple than he and Callie, but I think they are better best friends. And is she rebounding from her patient/fiance, Denny Duquette?

It is obvious that at some point in time they should pair George and Lexie up. Just look how good they look together in the video.

I was glad to see Mama Burke actually encourage Christina. I will miss Dr Burke's character
and while McDreamy and McSteamy are eye candy in scrubs...this girl does wonder who will replace Dr Burke?

It will be interesting to see the relationship between Meredith and her sister Lexie evolve. The eternal peacemaker in me wants to see them bond, ultimately fostering healing between Meredith and her father. And on that note...I am also glad to see the relationship of childhood best friends McSteamy-Dr Mark Sloane (plastic surgeon) and McDreamy-Dr Derek Shepherd (brain surgeon) beginning to repair.

Also of interest- watching the residents instructing their new interns. Although, the deer scene was a bit much. Then again, one of our ER Docs checked out a patient's dog because they both fell off a cliff while hiking on the Appalachian Trail. She was an excellentER Doc-tough with a big heart. :)

And finally, I was moved by Christina's compassionate response to the the guilt ridden/frightened drug dealing woman who's life was crashing down on her. Christina, known for her ice woman, self absorbed, robotic responses- appears to be experiencing a thawing of her chilled heart, no doubt exacerbated by her own recent personal grief and perhaps Mama Burke's honest assessment combined "this time" with encouragement.

***And isn't that what life is all about? I mean it should be anyway. Hopefully, we grow during our setbacks and disappointments, so that through our pain- we gain wisdom, knowledge and compassion and then as opportunities arise; constructively impart our experiences to others for the purpose of enabling them to do the same....continually putting forth the ripples of good.

The potential plot lines look promising and it will be interesting to see where the writers take the original characters while developing the new ones.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I've got it recorded, but haven't watched it yet. I was out of town today. I'll have to catch up.

SeaSpray said...

let me know what you think of the show. It's my favorite!

I still have to watch the 1st two seasons of the show. Hey, I thought of another reason that becoming ill with this ureteral stricture did a good thing for me. I discovered Grey's Anatomy while laid up! ;)

I knew it was on but because I worked every other weekend on the 3-11 shift, I didn't like watching shows that continued into the following week. I could've recorded them but just didn't.

And Mad Men- which disappointingly will be wrapping up on Sept.18th until next year. I am hopelessly hooked on that show for so many reasons!

Also, anxious to see Amazing Race.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I like the show so far. I have never watched it until now. I was looking at McDreamy and McSteamy and wondered..have you ever had two great guys and not know what to do about it? I have these thoughts pop in and out on occasion.

peggy said...

you really need to watch the first few episodes!! they're the best! And for the record i can't stand meredith, daddy issues or not - she's acting so stupid. There's only so much you can blame on your childhood. The girl should just get into counseling or join a convent.

and if you want madmen on dvd or anything, let me know because I've got the episodes. I've only watched through episode 5 though.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy-yes I do still need to watch the 1st two seasons of Grey's.

I agree, counseling should be a priority with her but if she went into counseling and it helped her then we wouldn't get to watch those "dark and twisty" plots anymore.

I think she would get kicked out of the convent but then that would be good because that could enhance the dark and twisty plots! :)

I am current with Mad Men and Ohhh how I love that show! I am disappointed it will be going off so soon until next year.

SeaSpray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel- You said,"I was looking at McDreamy and McSteamy and wondered...have you ever had two great guys and not know what to do about it?"

No, because I was usually only interested in one at a time. I've dated a few at one time sometimes (and they knew), but it wasn't anything heavy and when it did go that way-where someone is more special...then I gravitated to only one naturally wasn't a major decision that was hard to do.

I would REALLY have to have a major attraction to someone before I would want to kiss them (feel the chemistry first) and so if I got to that point, then I was just interested in that one guy.

Meredith had McDreamy and McVet competing for her attention and one morning she woke up with this hot dream about the 3 of them. :)

BTW that is a fun fantasy to watch and it fun to get the attention but if equal deep feeling emotion was involved in both-YIKES!

My nipples freeze just trying to decide which frozen food to buy!

I can't imagine having to choose between to equally great guys you feel you love and to know you could only stray with one. The pressure and 2nd guessing on picking "the one" who is right for you for ever and ever and ever and then knowing your hurting the other one and maybe all of you in the end if you choose wrong.

SnowLite said...

Correction: I didn't mean STRAY with one but STAY with one!

Don't anyone get all Freudian on me now! ;)