Sunday, October 7, 2007

Laughing Baby

Is this contagious or what? Is there anything better? :)

We should all have those special moments filled with the thrill of anticipation... pure joy and sheer ecstasy resonating within us, birthing the most heartfelt belly laughs- bursting forth with reckless abandon.

Isn't it just the best when your with someone who gets your humor and you get theirs? You know.. someone you just click with? Especially with the people closest to you. They especially understand you. :) I have certain friends that...OMG...we just crack each other up every few sentences when we're on a roll. I have a lifelong friend who laughs at the exact time I laugh and will sigh at the exact time I sigh which will then start the cycle all over again until we wear out!

I worked with an ER Doc (one of my favorites) that had the driest sense of humor. He would come out by me or if I was passing by him inside, he could just say 2 words or shoot me a look... and I would be leveled! He was really quiet when he first started and he is a low key kind of guy.
I think he must've warmed up to me a little faster than the others because one morning I commented in the break area about how funny he was and one of the nurses exclaimed,"HIM?" and they seemed surprised. But then believe me everyone got to appreciate him and his humor. As a matter of fact he is the Doc that after months of me going over baby names for our second child said that I had 2 choices. "You can name him Maurice Shallot (my husband gardens) or Pene Grande!" Guess what the ER consensus was? ;)

My husband had picked the girl's name and in the end we didn't go with Maurice or Pene but then one night our 8 yr old son Jonathan, after hearing my husband discount all the names I had picked that began with "J" broke in and and asked,"How about Christopher?" We all looked at each other like it was an epiphany moment or something and agreed that it would be a good name...and it suits him perfectly. :)

And isn't it so much fun when something is so funny that you are laughing so hard that you cant just can't breathe and the tears are streaming down your flushed face? And have you ever laughed so hard that you just collapse forward, backward it doesn't matter with shoulders heaving...just reduced to a puddle of laughter? Those are the belly laugh moments. I think medical people really know how to laugh hard and have a good time. I KNOW the ER folks do! Of course people in other professions laugh but I am just grateful for all the amusing hospital moments over the years.

Laughter is universal. Laughter is healing to our bodies. It is a gift from God...who must have the ultimate sense of humor! :)


Elaine said...

You just can't stop laughing with that baby, can you? Thank you for that.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine-No I can't! It makes me laugh every time!

I had an aunt an uncle who never had children. He was an airline pilot and so they got free airline flights plus he owned his own planes that he kept up here at our little local airport. Needless to say they had great houses, cars, traveled often and lacked for nothing. It was a happy marriage too. When he retired they moved out to Arizona into a community that didn't allow children except of course if visiting.

I think it is wonderful that they were happy and they did what was important for them. I just never understood how someone could never want to be around children.

I think that children have a way of breathing life into us in so many ways. AND seeing life through the eyes of a child...nothing like it.

I know there are exceptions but if you raise a child with love and guidance with an attitude of teaching and not with criticism and not a punitive mind will raise a terrific human being and enrich your life along the way.

Even if I didn't have my own children...I would still want children in my life.

Loved the video! Glad you did too!:)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I love that little baby! He is so hilarious. What a great video. I've seen this a few times before and just love that little, round face.:)

SeaSpray said...

He's adorable!

My girlfriend just found out her son and d-i-l are having a boy in February. I'm excited right along with them because she is the friend I am referring to as far as laughing and sighing at the same time. We are very close, only children and like aunts to each other's children. I already have a baby toy picked out that I saw on some one else's blog recently. Baby Neptune ocean adventures play gym. We ALL love the ocean and spent many summers at the beach together since childhood and then with our kids too. :)

Jenster said...

I love that kind of laughing! I try to do it often.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jen-me too! :)