Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Things could be worse. :)


Elaine said...

That is sooo funny!

SeaSpray said...

Yes and true. Matter of perspectives.

Medblog Addict said...

I just saw where a new Amazing Race starts on Sunday. YIPPPEEE.

Happy Halloween!

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'd think you were with me at my job this week Seaspray. Your posts come at just the right time for me.

SeaSpray said...

Hi MA-I agree...YIPPPEEE! That is the best reality show in my opinion. We will watch it tonight. wishing you a belated Halloween too! :)

Awe, I am glad to hear that. I believe that kind of thing.That we are meant to have certain experiences 9the tiny moments) at just the right time and those little things can totally redirect a path or a mindset for the better. :)