Saturday, October 13, 2007

This May Be My last Post ;)

This IS it! I don't know if I can post beyond this-just enjoying Snowball's Cockatoo Dance TOO much! The preceding post/YouTube (Cockatoo Dance) is absolutely, positively, beyond any shadow of doubt my favorite YouTube video ever! This trumps any Grey's Anatomy or Scrubs video and for those of you that know what a medical/surgical groupie I am -that's huge! :)

This "IS" the video equivalent of Trenchy's, (so perfectly timed one liner) "Throckmorton Salad Bar Test" ER Doc and author of Trench Doc blog-now closed. Nothing has trumped that as yet- it still levels me. :) Then there is "Chinese Pager Torture" by ER Dr Whitecoat author of the Whitecoat Rant blog, "Veggie Tales" by ER Doc, author of Scalpel or Sword blog and "Tricks of the Trade" by ER Doc (Charity Doc) author of the Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice blog. *Scroll down to May 4th for this post (There are many, many great posts out there in the blogosphere and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all!)

As I predicted, I am playing Dancing Cockatoo repetitively and have cranked up the volume. I have been dancing around the house to this while doing chores today.

While fun...t'is not a good thing because I may have a partially torn my meniscus in my r. knee although the medrol packet has helped me tremendously. I had a partially torn rotator cuff once that healed on it's own and so my wonderful ortho doc (saw him Monday) thought there was a chance this might work on my knee. I could not walk for 5 days without tremendous knife stabbing pain and now I am dancing around! I know I should not, but I- can't- help- it!

But I digress.

Has anyone tried doing exactly what Snowball is doing right along with him? I Did!! It's fun! I know... not good for the meniscus right now, but dang it is fun to dance with a BIRD! (he could be working at the Y or a health spa. :) It is also fun to shake my tuft...ahem with him. Couldn't ya just see him in Dirty Dancing? I think I have a crush on him...but shhh...don't tell my husband! ;) His little legs...aren't they just so precious? I could kiss and cuddle him forever...that is when we're not dancing! :)

Well...back to work and dancing. I hope when family comes home they don't mind too terribly much that I am dancing and squawking right along with Snowball. Of course they will probably just ask me to stop singing... P-L-E-A-S-E because as they would most assuredly tell you I am not real good at carrying a tune and they will probably think Snowball sounds better than me! But... I'-vvvv-e got rrrr-h-y-t-h-mmm ...who could ask for anything more? ;)

I can't imagine anyone not liking this video and getting in the mood right along with snowball. If this doesn't cause you to smile and at least tap your foot or fingers...then you may want to check your pulse. If you don't know how to check your pulse then I strongly recommend that you get right in to see your PCP or go to the nearest ER because....YOU'RE DEAD! ;)

***Seriously...I think this would be therapeutic on an oncology ward or in any healing facility area. Well except for ICU...because it might be too uplifting (if that is a concern). Laughter sends healing vibes throughout the cells of our bodies, promoting wellness in many areas too numerous to mention here. Laughter? T'is a good thing!

I think it would be fun to start an aerobics class with this video playing and if I were the instructor...I would have them do it for a warm up! :)

ROCK ON Snowball!!

It has been a while since I posted this earlier, but as I previously stated...I have been replaying this frequently and it occurs to me that there is a good chance I may dream about this bird tonight and hence surprise my sleeping husband with a SQUAWK or two! ;)

(Once I YELLED "FIRE!, FIRE!"...but that's another story. :)

P.P.S It has been about 12 hours since I wrote this post but just wanted to say that not only am amused but I am also both and impressed and intrigued with Snowball. I want to know what he is saying when he squawks and chirps to the song. Frankly, if I hear that song again without the bird...I will think something is missing! He adds something to it. :) I am intrigued by his movements and the way he seems to throw himself into it just like we would when we are having a great time and dancing with abandon. Am I reading to much into his actions, tainted with my human perceptions? What makes him pick up his left leg, then right at certain times? How is it that he has perfect rhythm? Why does he swing or bob his head to the music? Does he have an ego? He seems to relish in the praise. What motivates him? It's a great beat...but he is a bird! I am going to look at the birds differently the next time I see them all lined up on the telephone wire outside. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Loved the dancing bird!

Your post has me confused. Are you saying you're going to stop posting? I'd be lost without my Seaspray.

Who has shut down their blogs? I'm getting at a loss here with so many of the good ones closing. Luckily, I've found some new ones I really like. Some I really like, but don't dare post a comment to. You know I don't stay where I'm not wanted.

SeaSpray said...

Awww...that's sweet of you to say Angel. Ditto about you too. :)

N-o-o-o, not really...that is why I put a smile face after the title. I just meant that I am so satisfied with this YouTube that nothing else could be as good and I hit the pinnacle of YouTube watching! There's no more to look at and no more to write. I will be perfectly content to just come back and play that video. :)

Only Trench Doc closed his blog and I think that was back in June. He was one of my favorites and so I miss his stuff! :( Every now and then he appears in the blogosphere. And Charity doc is taking a break he has been busy setting up a clinic if I remember correctly.

There are so many good blogs that it is hard to keep up the reading. I am still doing my Chanson D'hiver blog but that is low key and just for me. No stats or anything. It's not private but just different from this-maybe more personal info or...well I am still not sure what it is or will be. I'm happy when I look at the colors and the sparkling snowflake. :) maybe that one is more of a journal or will be.

You are always welcome here and I can't imagine that you aren't elsewhere.

Chrysalis Angel said...

You're a sweetheart Seaspray.

I never read Trench Doc, just never came across the site. I miss Charity's site, Flea, Doc Around the Clock ,Dr. Charles and some others. Luckily I can stay in touch with a few. I only stay around the ones that are nice. I like the guys and gals that answer you and you can learn from. Not to mention the ones that are funny and I learn from. (Dr. Rob falls in right about there)

Glad to hear your not closing up. I would miss that zany free spirit.

SeaSpray said...

Trenchy was great! My favorite thing about his site was that he somes times used his humor with an element of surprise. One liners that would just zing right through me. As I said the Throckmorton salad bar test so took me by surprise one morning because it was originally a post about germaphobia and I asked a question. Then of course you know me and my imagination when something hits me funny. I could probably write for JD on scrubs!. It ended up being a very funny comment section thanks to Trenchy and other contributors and me too. He said he had been a stand up comedian at one time. I believe it! He also wrote some serious stuff and is a family guy -just seemed real nice. Oh..and he also started the monthly calendar docs (male residents) where persuasive nurse got the male residents to pose and he posted the pics. All in good fun nothing bad- I wouldn't look or comment if it was. It was just a fun/interesting blog. Another one was red velvet cake where he talks about a schizophrenic pt that had put rat poison in said cake for her family to ingest at a family picnic where relatives came from out of state to attend. At first he figured it was the schizophrenia causing her to say this. But she proudly showed him the packets of empty rat poison in her purse. I think daughter was with this elderly woman too. So now his good day was now turning bad and he went somewhere (I want to say call room not sure) shut the door and just flung the clipboard because he was so aggravated. This now meant he had to get in touch with EVERYONE who attended, local and out of state and I think he said speak to their physicians but I could be wrong about that, Arduous task no doubt! Obviously it was a very serious situation but the way he told it was absolutely hysterical! AND...I can never go past a box of red velvet cake mix in the store without thinking of THAT post.

Did you read Whitecoat's Chinese Pager Torture yet?

Why did Charles and Doc Around the Clock leave? I enjoyed them too.

I need to go over to Rob's more. I end up going to the same ones and should branch out more.

Yes, agreed the blogs where the author's respond at least a fair amount of the time are the biggest draw. I do go to some that are good that don't respond and I read them for the interesting or amusing post or a link but they are not as much fun.

I am really disappointed that Nurse K closed up shop and i hope it is temporary-she was great. She cracked me up a few mornings ago. I went into her site with my cup of coffee to see if she responded to the comments yet (she was good about responding) and she referred to me as ...SPRAYAGE!!! let me tell you ...near miss with the nasal coffee lavage! LOL!

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop with the humor and be more serious. Things in life move me profoundly a and I have always thought of myself as a deep thinker. But for some reason here I usually relay or put up something humorous. As you know, I will often display my serious side in other blogs..not always though. ;)

Zany free spirit..Indeed! Just like to have fun...and yet I do have a quiet more serious side...just depends on what is going on.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I know you have your serious side. One of the things I like about you is your free spirit. You let your hair down and joke. (Sometimes we may get misunderstood because we joke around, but what can you do?) I can't stand uptight all the time. I've had enough stress in my life.

Poor Trench doc having to contact all those people. Those poor people if they ate it! What a world..

I don't think we read the same people to much. Every now and then we land on a site together.

Dr. Charles is pursuing other things, I believe - last we spoke. He's a busy guy, as are most these days.

Doc Around the Clock -just didn't feel like doing it anymore. I wish he'd kept his site for his paintings. He is really good. I think he may be doing something with that, as well as his regular work. Both of them are missed and both we so very kind to me.

That calendar thing is interesting..have you ever noticed you never see a calendar put out with other certain professions? I never hear "Oh, have you seen the new accountants calendar...oh that's one to buy...check out January." haha No offense to the accountants..I'm just joking here. Fireguy was an accountant so...some are pretty hot.;) Have a good day Seaspray.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. The calendar thoughts are amusing. I immediately started picturing April accountant.

First I pictured him frazzled, drained and exhausted surrounded by tax receipts/forms and of course covering his credentials but then I pictured April Accountant surrounded by lots of money, also covering his credentials gleeful,energetic and... :)