Wednesday, November 28, 2007

10 Pound Hairball

Here is a link to a short article about surgeons removing a 10lb. hairball from a girl. There is a link in the article to click on if you want to see just what a 10 lb hairball looks like. I found the shape to be interesting as it seemed to mold with the shape of her internally. Fortunately she got the help she needed and is doing better.

Years ago the lab at our hospital had specimens in jars that they kept on a shelf. One of them was of a hair ball. I used to like to look at the stuff after I dropped off the OP specimens. Gross but intriguing. Anyway, this hairball was a large oval of bound up hair that had been removed from someone and I couldn't imagine how someone could have swallowed all that. It certainly wasn't anywhere near 10lbs.

One night while I was watching Devan I got really concerned because she seemingly started gagging for no reason. She was only 3 and I thought maybe she had put something in her mouth that she shouldn't have. While I was making dinner, she and younger son were having a pillow fight with stuffed animals in the living room and that is when she started gagging. I immediately went in to see what was wrong and asked her if she swallowed something. She shook her head no, that she didn't. She was distressed. I had her go into the bathroom to swish water around in her mouth and spit it into the sink. She still was gagging. I asked more questions, looked in her throat and still nothing. So I reassured her and said it was time to eat. I watched her like a hawk and was contemplating a trip to the ER. (I know that was probably an over reaction but I wasn't convinced there wasn't something else.) Younger son had said stuffing came out of one of the animals and that it probably had gotten in her mouth. I was just concerned that maybe she inhaled a wad of it and is why I thought maybe food would push it down. She was breathing just fine. But it was hard to see her reacting that way but she settled down. A little while later older son came in to pick her up. I told him what had happened and he chuckled a little and said that if she gets even the tiniest hair in her mouth she will start to gag. He asked her if that was what happened and she nodded that is what happened. She got some of the animal stuffing in her mouth. I had asked that too but she was more focused on getting it out. I never did see anything.

Personally, I can't stand to have even the tiniest piece of hair in my mouth. I can feel it instantly and am uncomfortable until it comes out too. Guess I am with Devan there. :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten my Keeping Secrets post. It took a different twist than I had originally planned and have been editing things out and just rethinking it a bit. I wanted to present a hypothetical situation and just wondering what others would have or would do and then other stuff. So...I hope to put it up soon.

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