Friday, November 16, 2007

Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

Wow! I don't see that many late night shows but when I do, Craig is my favorite. I give him a lot of credit for taking the stand that he did. In the 2nd shorter clip he is interviewed about the stand he took. It is refreshing to see someone want to take the high road. (Be sure to watch the top clip first and then you will appreciate the interview in the lower one.)

This is a powerful monologue particularly because it was through this medium, from a source (comedian) you wouldn't expect, as a guy who has walked the walk and has earned the right to talk the talk. However, Craig being Craig ...there is humor laced all through this and yet he remains on track with his important message.

In self disclosing about his own past he demonstrates sensitivity and gratitude along with compassion toward others, particularly Britney Spears because she was making the headlines at the time (sadly, still is). His candor is refreshing as is his wanting to be supportive of people floundering in their addictions by not knocking them down with with jokes, etc.. I agree with him. We are all human. Sometimes we make poor choices. Sometimes we make these choices over and over and over again. But there is always hope for a new beginning. Kudos to Craig Ferguson!

I was just looking up tickets to go to the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet in December at (I would love to bring little Devan to see it) when I came across tickets being sold to see Craig Ferguson in February. I couldn't find tickets for the ballet but will check with a local book store. I would really like to see Craig Ferguson and hopefully I can get some other people to go too. He had me with his Scottish accent before I even realized just how funny he is. He did a monologue on VP Dick Cheney shooting his friend that was absolutely hysterical. (of course not funny to get shot...just Craig's version) Maybe I will post that if I can find it.

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