Saturday, November 17, 2007

How To Handle A Kitchen Fire (34 second clip)

The following is the other part of the e-mail:

At the Fire Fighting Training school they would demonstrate this with
a deep fat fryer set on the fire field. An instructor would don a fire
suit and using an 8 oz cup at the end of a 10 foot pole toss water onto
the grease fire. The results got the attention of the students.

The water, being heavier than the oil, sinks to the bottom where it
instantly becomes superheated. The explosive force of the steam blows
the burning oil up and out. On the open field, it became a thirty foot
high fireball that resembled a nuclear blast. Inside the confines of a
kitchen, the fire ball hits the ceiling and fills the entire room.
Also, do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup creates the
explosive force of two sticks of dynamite.

A friend (Thank you Linda) recently sent me this clip in an e-mail. I really burned my hand today and so got thinking about this clip and am posting it since most of us will be doing even more cooking in the kitchen now that our holiday season is upon us. I didn't know this was as simple as putting a squeezed out damp dishtowel across the top of the pan. I did have a fire extinguisher at one time but would stop to read instructions - this seems quicker providing it is still contained in the pan.

I was cooking something in a big stainless steel frying pan today and when I removed the meat I didn't realize I had pushed the handle around so that it was heating over a candle flame. (Yankee candle Christmas cookie scent) So I firmly grabbed the handle while lifting up the pan which I quickly just dropped onto my glass top stove. *Mental note made...pot heavy-glass top must be strong. I burned the whole rounded padded part of the hand at base of thumb, the entire padded upper part of hand at base of all the fingers most of my middle finger and my entire ring finger which got it the worst.

They say not to do it but I have kept my hand on a big ice pack (that has now melted down) all afternoon and took my last percocet from last winter. I'm glad I had it but that was supposed to be my emergency back-up for a kidney spasm or kidney stone which I know I don't get anymore. The thing is I have only had 2 kidney stone attacks while home. Both were in 2004, 2 weeks apart and I knew immediately what it was because I had seen pts with the pain. I called the ER to say I was coming in but could I take a left over Vicodin I had from knee surgery a few months prior -they said yes. Two weeks later,the second time I had actually had a stent removed that day and so had a percocet in me but began spasming at home. It was so horrendous that the doc said take 2 more. The pain was exacerbating, I was vomiting and in tears. There were 3 more stones. So believe me when I tell you that you are fortunate if you happen to have this kind of medicine in your cabinet if you get a stone..'tis a good thing. I will admit that this burn has me thinking about going to the ER and I'll see how I am doing when the percocet wears off. As it is now as soon as I take my hand off the ice I feel like it is on fire. :(

And about that anyway...years ago, one of the nurses at work told me to keep ice on a little burn I had for as long as I could stand it and I wouldn't get a blister. He was right and I have done that every time since then that I have burned myself. You can always tell when I have been cooking or baking something-there's usually physical proof on me as I seem to have a propensity for branding myself.

I have since read though that you are not supposed to use ice on a burn but I am not sure why. I am not able to tolerate a burn without almost constant ice. I will be surprised if I don't blister this time even with the ice.

It has been tough doing an e-mail and putting up these 2 posts and they are mostly copy and paste. I am a righty and have been trying to do this with my left hand (type and mouse) but have also been using my right hand quickly and even though I try to dry it off have been getting water drops on the keyboard and the mouse. I couldn't get electrocuted, could I?

And what is it with family leaving one ice cube in each of the 4 trays? That's why my hand is now in a melted bag of ice water right now. The ice bag evidently has a leak and so that is in a plastic bag and my hand is in the mix. I guess there's always frozen vegetables.

Well that's it. All prayers welcome for quick healing. Thank you. :)

P.S. On the up husband finished cooking the dinner and will do clean up.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
Thanks for the video tips on how to handle a kitchen fire. It will sure come in handy in emergency situations. I'm sad that you got burned in your hand while cooking. I do hope that your hand will heal soon. I also pray to the Lord that He will finally heal you from your kidney stones. It's a very painful sickness especially when you relieve yourself. Here in the Philippines, we drink a lot of coconut juice to melt the kidney stones. There are a lot of herbal remedies for kidney stones in our country, some of them coming all the way from China. Thanks for the practical post. God bless and have a wonderful and accident free day.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mel-your welcome. Thanks for your well wishes. My hand feels much better today and the only part still hurting is my ring finger, particularly the tip. at least I avoided the ER!

I really believe I would have blisters all over my hand if I didn't keep it on the ice all day and night. I just took it off briefly until it felt like a red hot fire was on it and then back on the ice. They say not to do it but I can't imagine not icing it. The only part that still might blister is the tip of the ring finger.

i will be baking a lot during the next couple of weeks and so I will be sure to wear my oven mitts oh wait I only have one. I just hate them.

I am curious about your ancient herbal remedies. Could you share sometime? I don't have a tolerance for coconut in any form. Not taste, smell or texture. but I would still be curious and about your other ones. Thanks and you have a great day too! :)

passionstamper said...

That is very sobering...thanks for sharing the video! I'm so sorry to hear you burned yourself-you poor thing! May God bless you with a speedy recovery and healing!

SeaSpray said...

It is just my finger now or if I put pressure on my hand it stings a bit - so I don't! Thank you. :)

patientanonymous said...

Oh dear...I am so sorry you got burned! I hope you feel better soon.

There is a firefighter training building near where I live and if you didn't know what it was when you were driving by, you would swear you were watching dire emergencies happening while they were learning what to do.

They even have this burnt out school bus so yes! If you did not know what they were doing with that, you might indeed panic!

I sometimes wonder if they've received 911 calls from passers by...and if so, how many.

Anyway, you take care okay and I hope you'll be alright and heal up fast! Well, as fast as burns can heal.

SeaSpray said...

Passionstamper and daughter - thank you so very much for your wonderful care package and as you saw ya made me laugh!!

They came over with a pretty mitt/potholder set and she made and personally stamped a gift bag complete with bows and buttons and gift tag. Inside was a little chocolate, popcorn, hot cocoa mix, some cookies and a can of Campbell's chicken soup with a pretty bow around it. You both warmed my heart. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Passionstamper has also been my main ride to my urological procedures/tests when I couldn't drive myself. I don't have words adequate enough to thank you for all of that and of course the best part there is all the laughing and sharing we do while en route to or from, waiting in the docs office (I really OWE you after that last wait)and our fun lunches/dinners.

This is the time of year for remembering and being thankful for our blessings and so I am thankful for you and our friendship.(20 years) :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi P.A.-Thank you for your well wishes but I am doing fine now. Just the one finger and a little stinging. ICE! ICE! ICE! I kept ice/ice water and ice on it for 11 hours with little tiny breaks. I can't believe how much better today. Last night with a percocet in me I thought the ER was a possibility and I have to be hurting or think I am dying (not kidding)to even consider that.

Yes, I would wonder what that scene was all about if I came upon it. the hospital had mandatory fire training for all employees and we would each have to put out a small controlled fire in the parking lot. then they stopped doing that but I think the hands on is so much better than just instruction. I find hands on is always better for's like the new information I am taking in/processing is then birthed through what my hands do and makes it all the more concrete for me. But I digress. they stopped doing it and I am guessing that some neighboring homeowners may have been concerned. I have heard a lot of people say to throw flour on it.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

passionstamper said...

I don't mind bringing Seaspray to her appointments (except the last one was just a wee bit over the top with the wait time...:)) The best part truly is the time we get to spend together talking, laughing and reminiscing over past memories! We used to have a favorite place to eat-until one day when we showed up there, it was closed-for good-out of business! So now, we have been trying a different place each time-the last one was awesome! We actually sat down to a full meal at a wonderful German restaurant I went to years ago with my husband. The atmosphere is great, the service was wonderful (we had the waitress almost all to ourselves!) and the food was delicious! Thanks for the memories, Seaspray...we are building them over urology appointments! (sounds funny, but true!) As much as I want to see you go back to work again because it's something you really want to do, I will truly miss those outings-and they will become treasured memories! (we really should bring a camera though and scrapbook all this!!!!!! :)) that's the stamper in me!

SeaSpray said...

haHa! yes we do have some memories!

Like that we found out the restaurant was closed the day (August 1st)I started thinking something was wrong after the urology appointment. Thank God they were closed or who knows what would've happened if I tried to stay in the restaurant.

There would be some interesting scrapbook pics if we had done that. actually a neat idea.

Anyway, you have just given me inspiration for a funny post and yes about urology, ETC. and I know YOU will be amused.

And I have 3 words for you...


Chrysalis Angel said...

Thank goodness there is someone in the flesh to look after you Seaspray! ha,ha. I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. Burns are painful.

When I was a latch key kid, I came home from school and wanted to make myself some soup. I didn't know about grease fires. I turned on a burner with a pan that had grease in it.( I hadn't realized it) When the fire started I put water on it. I never saw anything like that in my life or since! Darn near burned the house down and my hands off. I'm lucky I have no scars from that. My skin was black and the pain was intense.

Chrysalis Angel said...
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SeaSpray said...

Ha ha! Yes...i do have some pretty neat people that look after me. ;)

I am so glad you were alright. That could have been disasterous. What prevented it from spreading?

At first I got scared when I saw the black on my fingers and hand but then I realized it was just the soot that built up on the handle. DUH! except for the fingerprint part of my ring finger i would never even know anything happened. i don't care what they say. Just keep the burn on ice for as long as you can stand it, take a brief break and repeat for hours...then no blister. I have one burn that I cal my percocet burn that I got in May of o6. I call it that because I was on percocet because i was stented and burned my forearm on the oven door while cooking dinner. because of the percocet already in my system it dulled my sense of needing to keep ice on it. It wasn't as bad as what I got the other day and I did ice it but didn't stick with it because I was busy. It ended up blistering and I still have a faint scar (fading) the size of a small gauze pad. If I iced it like I usually do that never would have happened.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I was just a little kid, I grabbed the pan with my bare hands and ran it outside, and put it on a set of concrete steps. There were fire balls flying out of the pan everywhere. It had just missed catching the curtains on fire. That's all I knew to do to protect the house. I ran to a neighbors from there. Grease fires are bad.

SnowLite said...

Sounds like you had a guardian angel protecting you!