Friday, November 30, 2007

My First Blogaholics Anonymous Post-Addicted to The Web

I joined Dr A's Blogaholic 's Anonymous group this past summer but never wrote a post for there until now. The post is self explanatory. The post is called Addicted To The Web which really is the name of the Winter Wonderland ditty that gave me the courage along with Nightime Theraflu to go over there to write. We'll see how SeaSpray feels about it in the morning.

If I don't get into bed right now I am going to fall asleep on the keyboard...Y-A-W-N x 10 while just trying to write this paragraph. is that one of the criteria for being a blogaholic...faalling asleep on the keyboard? ;)

P.S. I just want to say that I called one of my docs today to ask about OTC meds I've been taking because I have been living on Theraflu around the clock and was wondering if I should switch to Robitussin or something. He said I could keep taking the Theraflu but to drink tea with honey and lemon. Oh my gosh!!! What a wonderful difference. I feel like it opens up the airway so much better and is coating my throat blocking the drip from starting the God awful cough spasm that makes me feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out while simultaneously expelling my bladder! Just the Theraflu was making me uncomfortably dry but in conjunction with the tea/honey and much better. Now I may end up with brown acid eaten teeth before this is over with but at least the cough will be under control. I am going to drink so much of it tomorrow that the mug will appear to be a permanent appendage to my body. :)


Elaine said...

Why didn't you give us this recommendation a few days ago? - I could certainly have done with it!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine- I just got it yesterday from my doc.

The thing is I have heard about this before but never did it-never had to.
This uri is relentless and I am still FANTASIZING about ANTIBIOTICS...even though I know better. BUT if I don't start to turn around by Tuesday with some kind of improvement then I am going in to gravel...maybe. It will be 13 days by Tuesday. Nothing has improved-not worse but not better. I was supposed to make homemade chicken soup and just didn't have the stamina so all I did was blog..not that that was torture or anything. ;) I did make a rosemary chicken the night before..hence the soup. I got the Christmas lites up Sunday but that's it. I have fresh balsam wreaths on the table that have been there since Sunday but didn't put them up because we have to get the bows out of the attic. the whole house would be decorated inside by now except for the tree. if I don't have it done then either I am working a lot (no-not this Christmas season) or I am down for the count. it is actually torturing me to see some of the stuff and not do anything with it! and do you want to know exactly how I feel about it? well if I may borrow one of your words...all SeaSpray has to say is PIFFLEBUNK! I hope that was the word. ;)

I hope you are feeling better.

Medblog Addict said...

Hey Sprout. Hope you are feeling better. I like your Christmas lights. I'm going to try to do some blog decorating tonight.

Chrysalis Angel said...

You've received an award Seas-p-r-a-y.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you must be feeling pretty under the weather, I hope you kick that nasty cold soon! I've got a little something for you to pick up when you're ready. :)

Rositta said...

I don't know about Pifflebunk, but I use piffle a lot. My first visit to your blog. Just a word of caution about OTC cold remedies. They raise blood pressure as I had the opportunity to discover which is not a good thing. We in this household have had two bouts of bronchitis and I'm still not over it. Lots and lots of tea with honey and lemon work best of all...ciao

Rositta said...

Oh, I forgot...I'm going to borrow your Reindeer quiz since I'm having blog block, gives me something other than our storm to put up...ciao

WhiteCoat said...

I get a lot of relief from a few hits of NeoSynephrine/Afrin followed by a nasal wash. No affiliation with the company, but I like the following products:
If the cough and congestion is bothering you a prescription for cough meds with codeine should help quell the cough a lot better than antibiotics will. And don't forget your flu shots!

SeaSpray said...

Hey M.A.- I checked out your site and really like the Christmas banner and blog colors too-nice decorating! :)

Awww..Angel...that was very thoughtful of you and Thank you. I will put it up as soon as I am up for expending energy. I know that sounds weird but I am worn out from this and any energy I have is going in to decorating or getting things done inside. I am just checking blog but haven't been blogging at all.I have lots of ideas though. :) I am going to give you a Lucy story or two. :) I haven't been returning any phone calls either because just more than a few sentences - talking... sends me into coughing spasms or whatever. Just so drained. Anyway...I am going to doctor tomorrow.

Welcome Rositta! What a pretty name! I do know that about the OTC remedies. Years ago my PCP had told me he didn't want me to take Theraflu because of that and I think he said (Coricedin? not sure of spelling)was ok because it didn't interfere with BP. Anyway...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and so I have been taking the Theraflu. Last week I did tell a different doc's receptionist what I was doing and he said I could keep taking it but to take the tea, honey and lemon. That IS the best stuff! :)

I am sorry that you have not been feeling well and do hope you heal quickly. Thanks for stopping by Rositta. :) Also, I will drop over to your place sometime soon. :)

Welcome Whitecoat! - I appreciate your suggestions and I have bookmarked the site so that I can print it out later. (I like the little teapot)I have never tried a nasal wash and am willing to try anything. Do people do nasal washes even when they are healthy to prevent getting sick? Thought I heard that somewhere.

It is my upper chest at base of my throat that never feels like it totally clears and I feel like that is what is sucking all the energy from my body. I do feel like antibiotics will work...because I know my body BUT I am going to go in and immediately state that I don't want antibiotics if not necessary but am coming in just in case. I am just getting edgy about this because if this doesn't get better soon I will miss next week's urology appointment which would be 3 in a row and I need to get in there. (end of year and all that)And of course want to go Christmas shopping too. :)

I have never gotten the flu shot and I admit that I have always been afraid to ever since the swine flu shots. 70s? I want to say 1977? I never got the free shots for the hospital employees. Always wanted too but then chickened out. I have had the flu 3 times in my life. I will ask doctor about that to.

Thanks for stopping by Whitecoat.

Boy does feel good to blog. Maybe younger son will let me use his laptop later. I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Nice to hear something from you Seaspray. I'm sorry you're still not feeling good.

Afrin is wonderful if your in those stuffy stages of a cold. Don't use it more than 3 days though.

Hope you're better soon. We all miss you.

Anonymous said...
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