Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carol of the Bells claymation special :)

I found my Christmas bells! I LOVE this! Hope you enjoy it to. :)

If anyone knows of any good Christmas music w/only bells playing-please let me know-thanks!

Next post will be O Tannebuam! - Part II ;)


passionstamper said...

I do! I do! The church you got married in...now has a bell choir! They will be playing on 12/23 and at the Christmas Eve service!!!

This was so amusing, seaspray! I love the Christmas bells songs too...maybe I'll just go and put some on right now-I'm paying bills and could use some "cheerful" music..

SeaSpray said...

Hi there! Hmmm...maybe I will go there instead of our church. Oooohhh BTW not OH but ooohhh-don't know how to convey that in type) bel-l-l-s-nice.

But what about some CD's-who do you recommend?

I have played this one quite a few times.

I hear you with the bills...but music does have a way of elevating ones spirit. :)

Oh...P&J got their tree across from the A&P. Is Heaven Hill farm where they work? She said prices were good but I really prefer the Frazier trees. Although they aren't as aromatic. Kattermmans is pricey.

Going to Costco later. :)

Oh and urodoc appt tomorrow and I will get results! Of course we are supposed to have a storm but as long as not ice I am still going to keep appt.

Tree is definitely crooked in the stand. Wait until you hear what I did to prove it-wish I thought of it years ago! :)

MarlaQuack said...

Applauding wildly!!!

Now linking you right above the Snoopy Christmas song.

Dr. Deb said...

THANKS for this. I have to send it to everyone on my email list!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Marlaquack-Glad you liked it! I'll come over to check out your Snoopy song. I love Snoopy and woodstock Christmas comics. :)

passionstamper said...

please come to church! I'll be singing and dd too! What a treat that would be! BTW, convinced dh and ds that the Christmas tree really does NOT need to buried under 10 inches of snow and frozen to the driveway! So...since they got home earlier today, convinced them to move it. I say "move it" because it still hasn't made it into the house! Now it is standing upright on the deck next to the front door! (at this rate, I'll be decorating on Christmas eve!!!!!!!) and you think YOU have problems with dh and that Christmas Tree stuff? Hmmmmm..think I got you beat this time..everyone around here is dragging their heels with everything lately! ho hum...glad you made to appt ok today! DD and I were out earlier-went to get stuff to make homemade chicken soup-it was the PERFECT day for it! Yummmmm..I am SO mad-I TOTALLY FORGOT to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight! Can you believe it? I was here, home and forgot???? I was working on my blog (had a problem with creating a page and just lost track of time-at 10:00 I realized it-imagine that? Hope you tvoed it...I will need to come and watch it-soon!

About the bells-I think I have a CD with bells-but too late to look for it now...later,

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's a good one Seaspray. I love that one too.

SeaSpray said...

Marlaquack also thank you for the link and your kind words. :)

Debbie I guess we all march to different drummers and the guys just don't feel compelled to put the tree up right away. We have had it a week and he just "straightened" it yesterday. I will post on it soon.

I want to go to your church. I get all sentimental when in there because we got married there. However, P&J do Christmas Eve and so I need to work out time. I know the Presbyterian Service is at 7 and Christian Faith has I think a 5 and 7 but have to check cause haven't been there in so long. jenny tells me they are packed in every service and need the new addition. Anyway...i have never heard chiming bells in person...they must be so beautiful.
It would be neat if Devan could go. She'd probably like it and the candles at the end.

Ahhh...so you made another homemade soup? They're good aren't they/ You must've liked your turkey soup? :)

Grey's was a repeat.

Hi angel-I know that one is so good. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)