Thursday, December 13, 2007

I still don't know and Stuff!

Sudden snow storms, high winds and ice make navigating the roads treacherous in winter but putting together a disaster supply kit for your vehicle can make you better prepared to cope with emergencies. (Photo Credit: Leigh-Anne Dennison/American Red Cross)
Sudden snow storms, high winds and ice make navigating the roads treacherous in winter but putting together a disaster supply kit for your vehicle can make you better prepared to cope with emergencies. (Photo Credit: L. Dennison/
American Red Cross)

I LOVE today even though I white knuckled it all the way over to urodoc's office today. I was scheduled for something in the office and was also looking forward to getting my renal scan results.

We are having snowy, icy weather today and I wrestled with canceling and they would have understood but I wanted my results and I wanted to get this done while my deductible is met as I didn't want to have to do this in the new year because it would be out of my pocket right after Christmas. Of course I don't know if I have to have another one but if I do at least it wouldn't be right after Christmas when funds are low. (This girl is thinking she should forget about part time and get a full time job instead next year-2008. Husband wants me working yesterday...although he is being patient with me. I can't believe it ...but I am feeling shy about looking for a new job and being the new kid on the block after working in this arena for 20 years -but that's for another post.)

One of the nurses called when I was about half way there and said if I wanted to cancel I could and I said as long as I wasn't going to cause them to stay longer that I would come in. Since they still had another pt coming in after me I decided to continue. But by the time I got there it had turned to ice. Some of the office women were leaving as were some of the other medical offices in the building. I was really nervous about ice building up but I wanted to get this done under the deductible and was vacillating between decisions. First staying -then going- then staying but I went back out to see if ice was building and it was. So I told them I would think about it while cleaning the van off. I asked a man outside what he thought of the roads and explained my concern. He said the roads are bad. OK then I decided to go... but then while cleaning the snow/ice off he came over to me and said that he didn't think the roads would be that much worse in a half hour and sometimes it's better to let them plow, salt and sand more. S-o-o-o ...I went back in and said I would stay so long as I honestly wasn't keeping them there. *It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. ;)

I think urodoc must've gotten hung up in the OR or on the road because he didn't make it in before I left. Fortunately the nurses were able to follow through and I got it done under the deductible. Yay!
So...I will see him for my follow-up on the 26th and then I will get results of scan and of today.

I had the scan on October 17th but I had to cancel 2 appointments (not the norm for me) but this is getting to be funny now. I do know I have good results because I feel good and I feel healed and if something was wrong I know he would have called but I just want to hear the official clearance from him. I want to hear the news from him in person. And then I want to celebrate! :)

I get along so well with the women in this office. I actually have fun with them in spite of what I have to do and thank God because I really think it would be drudgery/torture in any other office. Whoever is responsible for the hiring there has selected well. After everything was done I was sitting up on the exam table chatting with 2 of the women that work on the clinic side. Then another woman that works in the clinic side came in and with a big smile said, "Are we having a Pat party?" which tells me she has enjoyed my presence there. Awww-warms my heart. :) I have such good chemistry with the ones I have gotten to know on both sides of the clinic doors. If the money was right...I would consider it to be a blessing to be able to work there with them, the docs and the patients. However, like the e-mail says..these are people that have come into my life for a purpose and a season. I just hope I have blessed them in some way too.

I had actually planned to bring them a large Christmas Longaberger basket filled with treats but by the time I came home from shopping last night I was too tired to make the cookies. I made the cookie dough this morning but I just didn't have enough time to bake, put it together, get ready AND go trekking through the snow. They only have a half day tomorrow so I told them I would drop the basket off Monday. And then I will go Christmas shopping! :)

Another urologist came into their office while I was standing at the reception area. He dropped a Christmas bag off for the urodocs. I said hi to him but I felt awkward because obviously I am not seeing him anymore but this group instead. However, he isn't on my plan and so I shouldn't feel guilty. He rescued me from my first kidney stone and I will always be grateful to him for that. :)

Then I white knuckled it and PRAYED on the way back home. I know I annoyed a lot of people because I was going so slow but I don't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It looked like there were about 10 or so vehicles behind me. I drove in 2nd gear and never went over 22mph and I dropped down to 3rd going down a couple of hills. Haha...I told an ER doc once that I drove in to work going 6 mph and he said..."Anyone driving 6mph shouldn't be driving on the road." and maybe that's true but I have always gotten there. I would have pulled over but didn't want to get stuck and I could feel myself sliding quite a few times. If I cracked up then they would really be delayed.

*** I can not stand seeing people with the larger 4 wheel drive vehicles driving as fast as they do. Sure they are better in snow but do they ever take in to consideration the fact that snow can be slick when packed and also the ice factor...that EVERYTHING slides on ice? Also, they will probably be alright if they are hurt but do they EVER think of what will happen to the people in the smaller vehicles after they collide into them?
This weather makes everything seem so Christmassy. Even the air seems pregnant with the anticipation of Christmas. :) When I finally got home, I was happy to see that younger son had all the Christmas lights turned on and all the candles in the windows turned on as well, even though it was still daytime. We have a split rail fence that runs along the front of our property and Christmas wreaths on every post, each with red ribbons. They look really pretty with snow on them. (need to take pic in the morning) We also have fresh wreaths on both front doors with red bows and also large red bows on each side of the main door on the brick and then in the alcove of the front door there are white lites strung around the door which also shine through the glass on each side of the door and so looks pretty from the inside. (I used to put colored lights there because even prettier on the inside but I think the only child personality in me has to have every thing matching but I do love colored lights too and enjoy seeing everyone else's.) Then these are kind of cheesey but I have 2 small plastic soldiers with the white pants from Babes in Toyland on each side of the door. Older son used to love that movie and always got excited when the soldiers got wound up and started marching. I still put them up because I have such fond memories of him jumping up and down when they started marching. For his Kindergarten Christmas program (they called it a "Christmas" program back then) he was a toy soldier and he was so proud of his costume. :) There are also white lights on most of the bushes in front of the house and white lights on a little pine tree at one of the far ends of the property. Some day I would love to have a goos quality nativity scene on the hill by our house.
Then white candles in all the windows and a fresh poinsettia between white candles in the living room window. On the side window in that room we have a small Christmas tree with white lights. In the bow window in the kitchen we have another small Christmas tree with white lights and single candles on each side as well as a collection of snowmen and smaller Christmas trees (wooden, glass, metal, ceramic and a pine cone painted and decorated as a tree made by younger son when he was little) surrounding the larger tree and candles. I leave this window set up all winter. Then in the family room window- 2 candles, 2 poinsettias (I admit to fake this year) and usually 2 fabric snowmen which are still MIA in our Bermuda triangle attic so I substituted with a small Christmas tree -no lites and then small stained glass Christmas sun catchers that we made when the boys were little.

We have garland with white lights extending over two doorways in the kitchen and hang cards under the garland and along the wall frames. There are also white lights across one of the beams in the family room and the big Christmas tree in the family room will have hundreds of white lights and hundreds of ornaments.

*Speaking of the Christmas husband just straightened the tree today! Yipee! Now we can decorate! Yes...I know...we did buy the tree last Saturday night. I have one other little thing to post and then really will continue with part two of O Tannebaum. :)

I am excited because I will be doing the Christmas dinner and don't have to work...hence no rushing. I want to make some special things and I am open to suggestions. The traditional holiday meal is my favorite!

I collect Longaberger baskets and pottery and I will be using my Christmas Longaberger dishes along with the paprika dishes. My main dish set is the woven traditions blue and cream admit I went a little crazy and do own 3 different sets of Longaberger pottery -I think I am addicted....and then there are the baskets and wrought iron pieces. ;) That will be one of the perks in going back to work...buying Longaberger again. :) I still have to do more Christmas shopping although we are cutting back a lot on presents this year but that is o.k. because most importantly we have our health and each other. Also...Aunt Dee who has been wrestling with cancer since her diagnosis of breast CA in September of o6 doesn't have to have anymore chemo until after Christmas and so she will be able to be here and that is the best Christmas blessing. :)

Devan will be staying over night Saturday night and I am very much looking forward to doing some fun things with her. It is so much fun to see things through her eyes and to share in her wonderment and enthusiasm she has during Christmas. Actually it is fun all year to share in her experiences. She is an amazing and beautiful little girl...all around, inside and out. Such a sweet yet impish little spirit and a wonderful blessing to our family. All children are. :)

Now I am going to bake those cookies but bring them to my PCP tomorrow and then I'll bake a fresh batch Sunday for urodocs and staff. Tis the season to be jolly...falalalala...lalalala! :)

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