Saturday, December 29, 2007

O Tannenbaum - Part II ~A little Background

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Not my tree but I think it's pretty. :)

Three weeks ago, in O Tannenbaum Part I... I lamented over the fact that my husband is not Mr Christmas and he does not like to go get the tree, buy the tree, set it up or decorate it. Oh and God forbid I should ever so meekly utter the words "I think it "might" not be straight!" I am certain the word "straighten" is not in his vocabulary or at least it doesn't compute in his brain as being in the same sentence in which the words "Christmas Tree" are used or he would understand what he needs to do. He's a smart guy and he is far sighted and I know he can see the tree after it is set up. (I'll come back to this) I was also lamenting over his acting shocked that we were going to get the tree that night and then even worse grouchy about it. I told him the night before and I know he knew we were doing that. I left you with my having to pry his fingers off the door frame he was clinging to as younger son dragged him out with us.

Now I know I can be particular about the tree. I also know that my quest for the "perfect" tree may be somewhat unrealistic. They're all different and beautiful in their own way. It is possible that my indecisiveness on the tree lot is what makes him crazy...I admit it. But...the last time I let him go alone and with my blessing to pick out the Christmas tree was Christmas of 82. Yup-it was the last time because he came home with a tree so short that our then 2 year old was half as tall as the tree. Son was off the growth charts but he wasn't THAT tall. What was he thinking...really? I know he loathes shopping of any kind...even for himself. Well he does like to buy meat...he's very primal that way... but that's another post. Ha! I just had an epiphany moment-Next year I should have a pot roast braising on the stove and the moment he walks in the door... lift the lid and let the site of the meat pleasure his eyes while the aroma wafting up toward him sedates him like an opiate and THEN remind him we are going to get the tree now and we will come back to have this pot roast AFTER we get the tree home and in the stand. Sounds like a good plan to me. ;)

I never once complained about the munchkin tree but I have always gone along ever since then. And we were still just starting out and I didn't decorate as much back then. Now... getting a tree like that would be akin to a national crisis in my mind or like Bush becoming president to a liberal or Michael Moore implementing a new health care plan to physicians or Rush Limbaugh having to announce post election that Hillary Clinton is the new president of the United States. Now you understand how important getting the right Christmas tree is to me. The Christmas tree to me is like the train collectors train set with village, the artist's creation or the Donald's real estate deal. We all have our thing. :)

I don't ask for a lot...really..I don't. Decorating the tree is fun and I derive great pleasure in decorating the tree. I've learned a lot about Christmas trees over the years and so I know what works. It has to be big...9-10 feet tall with firm branches and needles that don't prick you. Frasier trees are my 1st choice. It has to be able to hold hundreds of lights (clear), hundreds of ornaments which are then topped with gold beads scalloping the tree followed by tinsel and there is an angel on top. When decorating with family around or when talking with others admiring the tree, I like to point out certain ornaments that have special meaning because they are a reminder of special people in our lives, most still with us while others have passed on. So many people have given me ornaments over the years. Seriously...if you didn't know what to give me for a could never go wrong with a pretty or sentimental ornament. (Just don't EVER give me an electric vegetable peeler...but I digress) I cherish the boys ornaments and pictures. Every year since they were in preschool I wrap the ornaments they made and pack away safely in tissue paper until the next Christmas. I think it is just another way of reaffirming our roots and remembering who and what is important. It's never just a tree to me. :) We also have ornaments I buy every year - shiny cheap ones ...because there is always some collateral damage from the dog and cat and sometimes we humans. I try to minimize it with a plush velvet Christmas tree skirt but a German Shepherd's tail or wild eyed cat can lob a glass ornament pretty far and hard onto the tile floor. I expect it. :)

Before we left the house I asked my husband if he wanted his gloves (it was frigid out and the needles prick you when dancing the tree around) but he said "No","Are you sure... it's cold out?"..." No!"..." Ok-a-y."

The 4 of us(husband, me, son and granddaughter) are now en route to the Christmas tree place...3 of us happy and one not or maybe he was just driving with a purpose with both hands firmly planted on the steering wheel, brooding and non communicative until he announced that I am never going to find the perfect tree and we are not spending a lot on a tree and I just agreed with him but I knew better and so did he. I turned the Christmas music up louder ...falalalalalala. And now we arrived at the lot. It was frigid cold, dark and windy. Devan and I were gleeful and younger son was happy. To be continued....

I will stop here for now as it is late. Family is nestled under the covers, Bob is sleeping near my feet (Bob is our dog) and I have been enjoying the Christmas music on the seasonal TV channel, a hot cup of tea and the cozy glow of the Christmas tree while typing this. (Son is letting me use his laptop) I do so love this time of year! And even though my husband gets all cranky about the tree... once it is up and decorated...he appreciates it. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

9-10' tree....think that might have something to do with poor hubbies reluctance to haul that thing into the house and set it up? ;)

I think the roast idea is a good one...incentive my girl, incentive.

SeaSpray said...

Maybe ...but that has only been the last 10 years and he has always been grumpy about it. It's just not his thing and even if I am a bit of a PIA (I'm a nice one)'s CHRISTMAS!

That being said...I know that if a person is NOT interested in doing a particular thing it is torture to have to endure it. BUT...I also think it is once a year...just step outside yourself a bit when you see how happy and enthusiastic others are. I wonder if other women are particular about the tree? Are you?

Yeah...I'm lovin the roast idea (put it on my sidebar under amusing concepts)...and I'm plotting ...I mean why stop at Christmas. ;) Of course there are other ways to get his cooperation but it wouldn't work with the Christmas tree. :)

Passionstamper's tree was 14 feet but they had to cut 2 ft to get the angel on it. I hope to go see it before New Years. I'm afraid of heights in certain circumstances. Might go up but then they would have to pry my fingers loose from the top of the ladder to get me back down. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I know do know I had to tease you.:)

I do like the tree full and pretty, but I'm not one to take forever to choose. I like to get the heck out of there too!

Wow, 14', dang! That's a big tree. I thought my 7' one was huge. ha.

SeaSpray said...

Yeah ...I think she said something about the clouds covering the
angel. ;)

Funny thing. We both bought the same angel except hers has gold and mine has silver. We didn't go shopping together either. She prefers gold and I prefer silver but we wear similar colors. :)