Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Tannenbaum!

I am so excited right now because we are going for our Christmas tree shortly! If I am Mrs. Christmas then my husband is the antithesis and is not...I repeat NOT Mr. Christmas. He never has been...never! I am not saying anything he would not say himself.

The Christmas tree is one of my favorite things. He has been all growly since after he got home from work this afternoon when I reminded him we were getting the tree when younger son got home from work. REMINDED being the operative word here. He knew the plans last night!

What is it about men anyway? They can KNOW the plans weeks in advance. You could talk about said plans everyday up to an hour before....erroneously thinking they KNOW the plan...BUT... when it is time to implement said plans AND they don't want to do it, they will predictably act SCHOCKED...SHOCKED I tell you that they are now having to do this thing! And my husband will be grouchy on top of it! I love's just the way it is. Where is the joy here?? Fa lala lalalala! (I am guessing this isn't the "F" word that went through his mind earlier.)

Okay, SeaSpray admit's she can be a little particular about the Christmas tree. (I will come back to this later...After we get the tree home and up! :)


passionstamper said...

we are hoping to get our tree tomorrow before the ice storm rolls in...of course you know we HAVE to go and cut one down! Now that ds and dd are working at the tree farm, we couldn't think of going elsewhere! Also have a dl holiday party in the afternoon and tons to do to get ready tonight for that plus making a cake in the early a.m.! Guess I better get off this computer, huh! Have fun getting your tree! (try not to make dh check out too many before making your decision) ha! ha! You always do end up with a beautiful tree though seaspray..except that one year when you just couldn't accept how nice and tall it was and you kept hacking off an inch here and an inch there, and a little more here and there until it looked like a Charlie brown tree (you were so upset-it may as well have been!) But it really wasn't that bad... (you have missed your vocation my dear-you would have made a great hairdresser-cut here, cut you have the chatty personality to go along with it too!) :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Ah, I put mine up today. I was not fa la la-ing either after a bit, and I love the lights and when it's all done! I do all of it though, except haul it in.

Your poor guy, he didn't forget - he was hoping "you would." ha, ha. I do love this holiday though. It's my favorite!

SeaSpray said...

That was Chrismas tree 1996! But it wasn't the height, well it was at first because the Angel wouldn't fit but than it was because I had to cut so far down that the trunk was too big for the angel to fit over it. I call that one our bird nest tree. :) You gave me an idea for a post passion stamper. :)

Passionstamper I was hearing the Carol of the Bells in my head while reading your busy schedule. :) It sounds like fun though. Ice storm? I didn't know. We got the tree up I should say husband and son did. I'll post about it. Your trees always look pretty too. Happy tree hunting tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to doing Christmas dinner this year and NOT be working! Unless Dee doesn't feel good because of chemo -then of course we will go there if she wants like last year but then I will pick another night for Christmas dinner.

Thanks for the vote of confidence but do you REMEMBER what that tree looked like?
Cutting hair would not be my strong suit. Plus when I do get scissors in my hand I never want to stop cutting. :)

Hi Angel-yeah he was definitely hoping I would forget. quite frankly...if he was ever cheery about getting a tree I would think something was wrong. once it is in the stand and the lights and angel are on it he basically doesn't have to do anything else for Christmas except bask in the glow of it all until the tree goes back out the door. He's good about helping with Christmas dinner though and cleaning. he appreciates the real meaning of Christmas but just not the "festivities". I am the polar opposite and of course the Christian message is most important but all the other is fun too. I might be the female equivalent of Chevy Chase in the American Christmas. :) I think that is what it's called.

I'm glad you got your tree up. We will put the lights on tomorrow night but then i have too many other things to do before I decorate. I hardly did anything for the 2 weeks I was sick and so I am backed up with cleaning etc and that must get done first. Then I will enjoy decorating the tree. holiday ever! I had fun saying Merry Christmas to everyone at the tree place. :)

BTW-It felt so good to be out and feeling so much better again! Still have it a little but really much better and i will be able to keep my urodoc appointment and! Yeehah! :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
Please post a picture of your Christmas tree when its all done. We're just too excited to see it. Regarding your husband's attitude towards household chores (like helping set up the Christmas tree),
most working men are like that. They regard home as a place of relaxation and rest and they will fight every attempt to move them away from such a relaxing state. But in the end, men capitulate to their wives with regards to household chores. You just have to convince them that its all worth the time and effort that they will be exerting and that it will thoroughly please their wives if they do. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless and have a wonderful and pleasant day.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mel...thanks for the insight.

The thing with him is he just doesn't care for Christmas...all the commercialization, etc. but and most importantly he DOES believe in the real meaning of Christmas...Christ's birth.

I on the other hand want to live in Bedford falls (It's a wonderful Life) and run through the streets like Jimmy Stewart shouting Merry Christmas!

What I don't get...even after all these years...he knows we are getting a Christmas tree and he knows he has to set it up. Why resist and complain? Just prolongs his agony and is a momentary damper on the rest of us that are looking forward to it. He did lighten up on the way home though. :)

He's good about helping with cooking or other chores...just not the Christmas stuff.

Thanks for stopping by Mel and God bless you too. :)