Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thank you!

Break Out Blogger Award
Thank you for the Breakout Blogger Award and for being so thoughtful Angel. I saw this at the perfect time as I was feeling kind of down. (Just tired of being sick) You didn't know it this time, but you always seem to know just what to say at just the right time and your friendship is greatly appreciated. I love coming over to your blog too.'ll be Ethel to my Lucy? That's funny. Ha! If you really could take that on then you would probably be as tired as my guardian angel is because I know I have kept him busy too. :) My next funny story is just for you. :)

Also Dr Whitecoat warmed my heart with his saying that I have encouraged him in his writing... which BTW is not at all hard to do because he is such an awesome writer. He covers a variety of topics (He's an ER doc...need I say more?) but the one's that melt this girl's heart every time are the posts in which he discusses his experiences with other people ...both in the work environment and his personal life. He is a guy who knows what is most important in life, loves and appreciates his family and cares about his fellow man. He has a keen ability to profoundly inspire his readers through the sharing of his compassionate insights that he conveys through his writing. Thank you Dr Whitecoat. :)

November 13th was my 1st blogoversary! I was going to put a post up in the form of a meme that I was tagged with back in the spring and I will still do that at some point. I have strong feelings about blogging and I believe it is one of the best hobbies. I can't believe I never payed attention to the word "BLOG" until accidentally discovering Dr Keagirl's Urostream blog while googling urological information or that after reading her entire blog that weekend I would become totally and forever hooked into the blogosphere. I discovered her on the weekend of October 6th and just read the blogs until my 1st post on November 13th and even then I had no idea I would take to blogging as I did.

I am grateful for the blogosphere friends that I have made and for the close friendships that have evolved with some of you. I am grateful for how some of you helped me through some tough medical concerns I was experiencing last winter and even some more recent concerns. I have a lot to say about this and as I said will do it with the meme at another time. We never know who is passing through our blog or the profound affect our writing can have on them. I do believe in the ripple effect and so ultimately...we never know how our writing can affect the people they come in contact with and so on. Personally, I hope some of what I write will lighten their hearts with laughter or maybe encourage them or help them to be appreciative or just think about something with more clarity. So many of you have done that for me. :)


John McElveen said...

Congrats seaspray! I can't think of a more deserving award for you than this!!!

We have an awesome extended family here in Blogdom!!


SeaSpray said...

Yes we do! Thanks! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you really deserve that award, along with John. You are such a light Seaspray. I think YOUR blog is the best female blog to start a year ago. I love coming here! You are sincere and you deserve more notice for yours. You just have such a way of making us shake our heads and chuckle. I like yours because you don't think it's cute to be mean, and are never disrespectful to your readers. It takes a lot more class to write and find other words than those blogs that like the F word. Keep up the good work Seaspray, and just keep being your wonderful self.

SeaSpray said...

Ahhh yes...but we do know I have that impish side that gets out every now and then. ;)

Thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment.