Monday, December 31, 2007

Come Join SeaSpray By the Fire :) Thank You Special Bloggers

Welcome! { Hugs for you} ...Come on in and lets visit in spirit to share some good thoughts and a toast to the New Year!

* First (Before you read anything else) activate the fire in the 1st clip and then scroll down and click on the 2nd one -the Happy New Year clip ( so they are operating simultaneously) for a little music to add to the ambiance. :)

Would you like some champagne or do you have another preference? How about some appetizers? I have it on good authority that all your favorite things are here. ;) Do you like to dance? I am guessing some other bloggers do and so do I. Please...feel free as the music inspires you. And above all...please make yourself comfortable. :)

I would like to share some thoughts about you. This is to the medical professionals and to the other bloggers. I want you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your blogs and e-mails. I appreciate the deeper friendships that have developed with some of you and I look forward to even more friendships in the coming New Year. You have caused me to laugh heartily the point of tears sometimes and you have been there to pick me up when I was shedding tears. Aside from in the comment sections of our blogs...some of you wrote "letters" of encouragement to me through e-mail as well as trusting me with your pictures and personal information. Thank you for that trust.

I have learned so much during these last 15 months of blogging, primarily in the medical blogosphere but also in the private blogs. I have learned from both professional and patient perspectives.

Last winter, when I was AFRAID to have the re-constructive uereteral surgery (because of risk factors), it was a comfort to be able to read your answers to my comments in your blog or an e-mail. And it was a comfort when you responded to any of my posts where I expressed concern. I am thinking of one special Doc (you REALLY helped me to feel better about surgical things when I was scared.) who took the time to answer my concerns through a couple of specific posts he wrote as well as e-mail. It also helped me to hang out at the urology blogs. You would think I would want to run the other way but I soaked up everything they a sponge. I of course was most interested in the things that pertained to my experiences but I was and still am interested in their other cases/experiences too. I really appreciated Dr Keagirl for mentioning how difficult stents are! I was also interested in what other urology patients had to say. With all my heart...I do believe the medical blogosphere helped to make my medical concerns more bearable. Your doctor, friends and family can only do so much...and they did but then it just helped to have another place to go to regarding medical concerns.

One sweet doctor reviewed my resume I sent to him when I was feeling down this past fall and gave me encouragement through an e-mail. And yet another took the time to leave a recommendation for something. I could go on because so many of you- med professionals and others have been a such a blessing and I just want you to know this girl is appreciative! Since laughter is supposed to be the best medicine and with the exquisite humor that is so pervasive throughout this is no wonder that I healed and was able to avoid the surgery! Of course thanks also goes to my wonderful and skilled urodoc. :) And most of all thank you to God who worked through him and from whom every good and perfect gift comes.

Some of the doctors have questioned as to whether or not their blogging makes any difference. YES!! That is a resounding YES to DO make a difference! We never know who is passing through or lurking in our blogs. Not unlike in the movie "It's A Wonderful Life", where we see how each person has value and can make a profound difference in the lives of others.... there is power in our words. Power to evoke laughter, joy and peace or to teach, guide and inspire. There is so much wonderful collective knowledge to be shared through this medium. I have often read through a person's blog and thought that they should be writing a book...and some of you have or are working on one. And then I thought, "Why am I writing when these people write so well?" Then I remind myself that it is a hobby and it is for me too. :)

And while I haven't been mentioning names (I will now), I am going to mention Fat Doctor (FD) because she is the first person to blogroll me. I had only written 5 posts at that point and she left a funny comment to my "McDreamy Eyes" post and said she was linking to me. Well you would have thought I got a notice in the mail stating they were going to publish my book! I startled my family when I loudly exclaimed, "Fat Doctor is LINKING to me! She's linking to me and she's a DOCTOR! She must of thought I wrote something good! She linked to me!" I could tell they didn't get it by their looks... once the fright cleared off their faces. :) I think you have to like to write to really understand the draw to blogging. (Yes I know she said it was because of Grey's anatomy but I also figured it was because she thought I was link worthy.) So while Urostream, Surgeon'sblog (scroll down and read Dr Schwab's "Taking Trust" post) and her blog were the catalyst to cause me to peruse the blogosphere and comment, FD was the fuel to the fire. :) I have mentioned my educational inferiority complex because I didn't go to college and so that is why it jumped out at me that it was a doctor linking to me. I appreciate all bloggers and all the blogrolls. Frankly, I am still amazed that people blogroll me or link(Scalpel (My stats skyrocketed and they are still coming in to read about the glitter) from the Scalpel or Sword blog) to one of my or not. Actually, one day I was surprised to see all these people in my stats for days coming in to read my lay person's post regarding socialized medicine and then was shocked to see Dr. Crippen from across the pond linked to it in his NHS Blog Doctor -BritMeds 2007. He introduced it as More insight from across the pond. At first I got scared because I thought he was lumping me in with what he calls WANKERS! But you can't be a female wanker can you? I decided he wasn't but then I got scared that so many people were actually reading it. I think if I went back to read it myself I might be embarrassed because I was really just thinking out loud with that one because I was totally irritated with Michael Moore's Sicko. I believe The Angry Medic referred Dr. Crippen to that post - thank you AM. :) I was also amazed when Dr Carone from the Medfriendly blog asked me to do the November guest post from a patient's perspective. ( I had fun with that) Dr A of the Dr Anonymous blog started a 2nd blog called Blogaholics Anonymous for anyone else who would like to post over there. In November, I finally did my 1st Blogaholics Anonymous post over there. (Dr A has also been doing live blogtalkradio shows. Dr Schwab, Dr Wes, Kevin MD and some other docs will be guests in 2008-check it out.) I am also amazed that you all have let me leave such long comments (some people consider that hijacking) to your posts. Ha! Maybe that should be one of my New Year's resolutions-shorter comments! :) I think Dr. Schoor from The Independent Urologist probably holds the record for having the most and the longest comments from me. (Hard to believe you say? You think you hold the record?) I shared in his enthusiasm for setting up his solo practice, which also stirred up my own professional experiences which helped to keep them alive in me and so I haven't felt as detached from the medical work environment as I otherwise would have been. Although...I AM feeling shy about going for a job but I have begun to open some doors-now I just have to walk through. Of course the ED blogs have kept my memories fresh as well, if not thoroughly entertained. This hilarious post was written by ED Dr WhiteCoat (Thank you for the increasing my stats too), although it is actually about a private doc's on call night. :)

As we bloggers already know..there is so much information in the land of blogdom. We communicate with each other across the country and around the world or from across the pond. I have loved the exquisite humor but also the intellectually stimulating posts and comments as well. Whatever our interests or mood, the diversity of the blogosphere assures us that there is something out there for everyone of us at any given time.

Thank you to everyone who has crossed my path, making a difference for the better. And a very special thank you to the very special people who have really been there for me. You know who you are. :) I hope I have done the same for you.

To all...the number 8 is the biblical number for new beginnings and so may this New Year of 2008 be a wonderful and exciting year of new beginnings for each of us. May each of us and our loved ones all prosper, be in good health and experience and benefit from wonderful opportunities and abundant blessings. And may we also see good things happen around the world- on the humanitarian fronts, politically, financially, and last but NOT least spiritually.

I never make resolutions. But I am going to make a few and share them here. Who knows? maybe I will start feeling some universal accountability by putting them out here. :)

1. Get a job or jobs that I find interesting/stimulating and in which I will be a blessing to the employer and co-workers and they will be to me too. In my perfect world NO SUNDAYS or HOLIDAYS! But...I will do what I have to do.
2. Get out of debt - pay off med bills and other bills and start saving again.
3. Hopefully, when back on track financially...get another vehicle for me. (Maybe by fall)
4. Actually start using my Y membership again(and any other healthy thing that comes to mind)
5. Make amends and restore friendships I let slide. I don't know why...but while going through the medical stuff...I let some "wonderful and important to me" relationships slide. I think I have hurt some friends with my absence in communications and that is so unlike me. I guess I needed to pull inward. I do value each of them very much.
6. Go back to church and try for more than 4 times a year! I DO enjoy it. :)
7. Organize... and get rid of unnecessary items.
8. Redecorate our bedroom.
9. Find SeaSpray some signature turquoise Bajingoland glitter! ;)

And now a couple of toasts to the New Year...

We've Holidays and happy days,
and memory days galore
And when we've toasted every one,
I offer just one more
So let us lift our glasses high,
and drink a silent toast
To the day, deep buried in each heart
that each one loves the most


As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.


Chrysalis Angel said...

That was beautifully said Seaspray.
(clink of the glass) Happy New Year!

OHN said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also have one that gets out of school at noon each day (he is a senior and has already taken all his required classes to graduate) so I really only have alone time from 7-12. Believe me you are not alone with being addlebrained when they are around. All of my IRL friends feel the same way...for some reason when the men are around it really throws us off our game!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Angel. You know you are one of the special ones. :) And don't ya just love the pretty sound of the glasses clinking? I am always playing with them before and after I wash them. :)

Happy New Year! :)

Your welcome Ohn. I saw that and I said "Yes...that's me." Then I felt like an ingrate once I posted it because I know I am blessed.

I have always joked that I have OCS
(only child syndrome) Ha ha!

By that I mean that being raised as an only child I am used to calling the shots in that everything I did was according to my time table and there was never interference except of course I had to be obedient to the adults in my life.

One of my co-workers has 5 children and she could paint a room with them all around and even hanging off her but she was raised with a lot of siblings and a big family. I on the other hand will lose my focus and am easily distracted when I am home...depending what it is.

Interestingly...when at work...the more busy or even chaotic and I thrive...I feel like my skills are even sharper. I guess when working I am just in a different mode and when's work and not distracted to do something fun.

I have heard of women feeling it when their husbands retire. And actually I was feeling a huge empty nest syndrome for a while even though younger son is still living home and going to community college.

Even when working the 3-11 was nice to come home to a quiet house after a busy shift vs when i did 7-3s and would walk in the door and everyone wants something. I think everyone needs that downtime when they get home from work. (I RARELY have down time except late.) I try to keep that in mind when my husband comes home from work and other then a kiss/hug hello and how was your day I "usually" follow his cues and don't barrage him with "stuff" unless I have too.

Glad to know I am not alone with my feelings. :)

Seriously though...blinders and headphones not a bad idea. ;)

I also hope I never have the kind of life where everything is TOO quiet and given a choice well of course I would ALWAYS choose to be with my family.

patientanonymous said...

Hey you, all the best to you in 2008. And thanks for the fire...I'm freezing!

That was a really great post.

Take care,

SeaSpray said...

Hey P.A.! Happy New Year to you to-it's nice to see you! :)

Thank you...I'm glad you liked it. Yeah...I was in a cozy mood when I was thinking about the "ambiance". :)'s cold out tonight. I'm making a big turkey roaster pot of homemade soup right now. It's for tomorrow's dinner but son 's friend is home from college and is over now and neighbor (who I swear has a homing device for food) is here too, so if they want I'll throw on some biscuits and feed them. (Yes Passionstamper-it's your son with the homing device. He hasn't been here in a while but seems to luck out with the "good" food when he comes over. haha!) He was happy about it! :)

It warms my heart when I know they like the food! I still smile at what Vic wrote in son's year book about my cooking. :)

Peanut butter and chocolate brownies just came out of the oven. Funny thing...I specifically asked my husband to bring home MINT morsels for mint brownies and he came home with peanut butter and chocolate morsels. I'm sure they will be good. :)

PA you take care too and thanks for stopping by. I know i have been MIA too. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Tag, you're it!

Deb said...

Wishing you a great 2008!

SeaSpray said...

I will pick it up. Tags are fun and now I will add it to my list of others to be done. :)

Thanks Abgel!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Deb- Thank you for your well wishes. Wishing you a wonderful New Year in 2008 too! :)

Jenster said...

Happy New Year to you, SeaSpray. And thank you for your humor and insights and encouragement!

SeaSpray said...

Awwww...your sweet Jenster...thank you for the same. You've been a blessing to me. :)

Happy New Year! :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
You must have posted the super post of the year. You have everything in this post. You started out making your readers comfortable by inviting them in your fireplace with soft music, champagne and dancing. Then you rattled off with the memories of your first blogging experiences complete with the names of the bloggers that made profound impressions on you. And then you capped it all with a positive expectation of a bright year for 2008. What more can we ask in a post? Thanks for the heartfelt and soulful post. God bless and have the best of everything for 2008.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mel - you did it again. You left a comment that warms my heart. You always appreciate the blogger's message and are gifted in the way you articulate your thoughts so eloquently. We are kindred spirits in that we both enjoy being encouragers. :)

I love to read your comments when ever I see them anywhere. You have a wonderful blog too. :)

Thanks for the comment and the well wishes. I wish the same for you. :)