Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WHAT is in MY MOUTH???? - Part III

Thankfully, when I arrived at the hospital, things were slow in the ED and I didn't have any patients to register. I promptly called down to the lab and the tech I had spoken with earlier came right up to pick up my specimen. He was sincerely concerned and empathetic. He said he would let me know what they find as soon as possible and downstairs he went.

After that, I had a few patients to register, which was good as it helped me to get my mind off of the specimen, well, somewhat anyway.

I did decide to tell a few people and amazingly, no one cracked any jokes - no not even one - which told me how bad they felt for me. Instead, they looked repulsed while yet still trying to console me. You know that look we all get (in varying degrees) when something is repugnant? You know when one's face doesn't reflect the words coming out of their mouth? Their body language said it all!

One co-worker came back to me to tell me that sometimes the little creamers are old and can be slimy and that perhaps that is what was in the bottom of my cup. (Oh, if only it was old cream slime!) I immediately discounted that as the cream blended nicely in what I thought was my Oh so perfect cup of coffee.

Later, that same person came back to say that maybe someone poured fresh coffee into an old coffee pot that hadn't been cleaned in awhile. They said that sometimes if anything is left in the bottom of the pot that it could turn into a big piece of old slimy mold.

Oh, please God - I could deal with old slimy mold in my mouth! However, I ruled that out too - I just knew it wasn't.

Finally, the lab tech came back up and he said they had ruled out semen. I actually realized that early on, for various reasons. I jumped to that conclusion because of the way the unfriendly man who had given me the coffee behaved.

The tech said that he and the other tech looked at it under a microscope and had been going through some books trying to match it up to some pictures. He said they thought it might be sputum - that it sort of matched what they saw on the slide to what was in the book. (actually, as I think of this now - I don't exactly remember if he said sputum, phlegm or mucus. How could I forget?) It was this big, slimy, chunky with varying textures F.B. in my mouth, so I will let you medical people ponder that. Mucus is thinner though - right? So - not that then.

It was now 10p.m. and I was in between patients and I decided to call the State Police again. I had to explain the story to him and then told him I wanted to get it tested. He said that I would have to be able to prove that someone intentionally tampered with my coffee and that an employee didn't just hock something up into a cup that another employee then picked up accidentally. (wasn't feeling real good again at this point) The officer said that I could call the detective in the morning.

Early the next morning I called the State Police barracks again and asked for the detective. I told him the story. He said they couldn't do anything with it forensically. He then said it would have to get sent out to another county and that they can't even get their own stuff analyzed.

Next, I called the county Health Department to see if they had looked into it yet. The person on the phone told me that the some people from the Health Department were inspecting the Kentucky Fried Chicken right as we were speaking and to call back later.

So, I then brought the other half of the specimen to my doctor's office. Both nurses at the front desk were immediately grossed out. (by the way - that was only half of the specimen) They said they would send it out and that the doctor would call me with the results.

When I got home, I immediately called the health Department. It turned out that the KFC had several health violations that had to be immediately corrected.

(It is amazing how many people told me (after the fact) how dirty that place was. Ugh! I had only gone through the drive through and who would think something would be wrong with a cup of coffee?)

My doctor called me a few days later. He said the specimen didn't test positive for T.B., but that's it. He didn't indicate that there was or wasn't anything else - just that it didn't test positive for T.B. .

So that's it. There was never anything conclusive. Still a mystery.

In retrospect, I think it was someone's coughed up sputum and it was MAN SIZE and nothing that ever would've been in my mouth.......except that ......IT WAS! I KNOW - YUK!

Over react? Who Was THAT Man? Law Suit? After Thoughts.

Did I over react? You would have to have had this in your mouth to really know. I could have gotten past the disgusting part - really, I could have. In my mouth? Spit it out. Done deal. The idea of being exposed to some potentially serious disease IS what freaked me out.

I do think that I over reacted regarding the crime and forensics. I remembered how odd the man who gave me the coffee was. He seemed so unfriendly. (of course serial murderer Ted Bundy was charming) The C.S.I. show is what gave me the idea to analyze it. Unfortunately, there are people out there that do twisted things to others - we've all heard the stories. My thinking was, that if we knew that I was exposed to something then we could take measures to counter it's effects.

*** About a year later, I saw pictures in our local newspaper of the employees that worked in that particular KFC. It turns out that some of them were on a work program through the Association of Retarded Citizens. The man that served me the now infamous cup of coffee is developmentally disabled. He didn't understand how to respond to me because he didn't have the cognitive skills to respond appropriately.

(Years back, I had worked for ARC and I know first hand what a wonderful program it is. So, please don't think I am critical of it in anyway.)

1. LAW SUIT? I have no doubt that given the climate of today's litigious society, that I would've had an open and shut case and that I could have won a sizable amount of money. I don't know what the legal jargon would be, but I was certainly experiencing emotional upset. That could've been proven with all the phone contacts and also the fact that KFC failed inspection, miserably. Even though I gave up the specimen, I had still saved the cup with some remnants of the specimen in it.

Didn't someone win a lawsuit against McDonalds because her coffee was too hot? Call me crazy, but when you order HOT coffee - isn't it supposed to be HOT?

And didn't someone else (correct me if I am wrong) win a lawsuit because the fast food was making them FAT? Gee - it really that much of a challenging concept to understand that FAST FOOD MAY ADD TO YOUR BEING OVERWEIGHT?

*** Well - I am not that person! I think our society is too litigious! (I'll post more on this another time) People make mistakes. Things happen. I know of someone who looks for reasons to sue to gain money and will even trump up the damages where possible. That is abhorrent to me!

2. I could've (maybe should have) contacted KFC headquarters - but I didn't. Ha! - Maybe I would've gotten a free bucket of chicken! Thanks but NO THANKS!

3. I could've (maybe should have) contacted the manager at that KFC. I actually hold him and other managers responsible to oversee that there aren't any violations. I didn't - i just wanted to be far, far away from there!

4. Here's the kicker! I PAID THE LAB BILL! I know that at the very least, that they should have paid that, but I just wanted to move forward and forget about it.

In the end, it was one of those things that I gave to God. I am just grateful for all the blessings in my life - the things that really matter. :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

WHAT is in MY MOUTH??? - Part II

So many awful thoughts flooded into my mind at once. Like a dam had burst and all the water rushed out. Except that my brain put up a 2nd barrier that had just enough of an opening to let my sense of reason out so that as my tongue felt the texture it screamed (it would have if it could have) to SPIT THIS SLIMY,THICKISH and GROSS THING OUT!

The brain really is amazing. Aside from spitting and thinking OMG - WHAT is this? At lightening speed I simultaneously felt repulsion, panic, fear, anger and shock. The image of the unfriendly man who gave me my coffee appeared. I was sure he sabotaged my coffee and that a crime had been committed. I felt violated! I was thinking semen! I was thinking phlegm! I didn't know what to think! I was thinking disease. I was thinking T.B. and Aids! ( I knew the aids virus is fragile, but still!) I was thinking hepatitis! I was thinking this isn't good! I thought I would vomit! The moment was surreal. Everything happened quickly, yet was simultaneously in slow mo.

I didn't utter a sound. I quickly put the lid back on the cup containing the mystery mass. I gathered my shopping bags and my purse, got out of the car and locked the doors. As I was walking to the door, every thought that was jammed up in my brain wanted to burst through, announced 1st with a primal scream that probably would've reverberated off the mountains.

Instead, I stepped inside and smiled , saying "Hi Honey" to my husband who was sitting in the family room watching TV. I turned away from him, packages in tow and laid them on the kitchen table. I then (while in total silence contained my emotions) proceeded to get a small metal baking strainer. You know, the kind you might use to sift some powdered sugar. I took the strainer along with a disposable plastic cup and the cup of whatever and headed for the bathroom. On the way I smiled and said hi to my son who was watching TV in the living room. I was on a mission and I was scared. I was afraid of what I was going to see.

I closed the bathroom door behind me. I took the lid off the cup and poured it's contents into the strainer which I had sitting over the plastic cup. I really thought I would be ill when I saw this collection of something, but I couldn't make it out because it had taken on the coffee color.

I went back out to the kitchen to get a toothpick, still in silence not letting on to my family what I was feeling. When I got back in the bathroom, I proceeded to poke at the "mass of whatever" and it was slimy. I could stretch it a bit, like bodily secretions can be stringy, sort of. I wanted to run water over it but I didn't want to compromise it in any way. So, instead, I obsessively (and feeling queasy) tried to figure out what it was by letting it slide back and forth between the cup and the strainer. I gave up. I threw the strainer in the garbage, picked up the sealed mystery cup and brought it with me into in our bedroom.

I proceeded to make a phone call. I wanted to get it analyzed by a lab. So, I called a local hospital but not the one I was working in.

I loved the people I worked with. My coworkers would be empathetic and the lab would help me if they could. However, they also have wonderful senses of humor. So do I - says me! But this event was ripe for the picking. They would not be able to resist teasing me. I am someone that can always see humor in all kinds of situations. I get the black humor when things are going really bad at work. If you don't crack a joke to break the tension - you'll crack. However, I was in no mood whatsoever to be teased and I knew the jokes would fly and so that is why I called a different hospital.

The lab tech said they couldn't do anything and that I should call the police or my doctor. Normally, I would've known that the lab can't just do a test because someone off the street requests it - that they need an order, but I was thinking crime and I wanted to get it analyzed! Ok, maybe I had seen one too many CSI's - but I wanted to know!

So, I called that town's police department, which happened to be the town that the Kentucky Fried Chicken was located in. The officer listened to the whole story but then said I would have to call the State Police Because the business was under their jurisdiction.

I called the state Police barracks and after listening to the whole story (everyone wanted to hear what happened) that officer told me to call the county Public Health Department.

I was still containing my emotions and every vile thought

I called the Public Health Department. After a couple of transfers, I finally get the right person, a nurse, who after hearing the whole story (which is now building because I am now relaying the order of people/agencies called.) tells me I should call my private doctor.

I called my PMD's office and thank God I got them because it was the end of the day and they were about to turn their phones off. I now relay the whole story to his nurse, who then has me hold for the doctor.

(It was not helping me when after telling the story, that everyone recoiled at the thought(including the men) and I could easily visualize the look of disgust through the phone based on the intonation of their voices.
No - their collective rxn was causing my internalized horror to exacerbate to the phobic side of the fearometer!)

My PMD is wonderful and I am blessed to have him for my doctor.

As I began to tell him what happened - I broke down like a little girl, sobbing. I was desperately trying to tell him everything through my tears and wavering sobs. He is a patient and reassuring doctor and he didn't react with repulsion, which helped me immensely. He's one of those doctors that you know really cares and he looks out for you. His British accent doesn't hurt either. Although, believe me, at the time I wasn't thinking about his British accent!

He told me to refrigerate it and to bring a sample in to his office the next day and he would send it out.

Still in the bedroom - I was able to regain my composure and I decided to call our lab - the lab in the hospital I worked in. I had to know about this thing that was in my mouth. Maybe they could at least rule out SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

After AGAIN telling the entire story, the wonderful tech said to bring it in, call him when I got there and they would take a look at it and they would do it on the side and no one would know.

(Even though I am digressing a bit, I will say that one of the perks in working in the hospital has always been getting pregnancy tests and Ua's for free or finding out about lab results before even the doctor's knew. My OB Dr. called my house one nite for something and he asked me for the results of my glucose tolerance test when he heard that I had my own printout. Of course, now the rules are more stringent since from even a few years ago - so I don't think that could happen anymore.)

I had regained my composure and I took the now specimen - evidence back out to the kitchen. I divided it up, placing each half in separate zip lock bags and refrigerated them. I took the cup (Thinking forensics could always analyze the cup if they had to - seriously!) and put that in a bag and stashed it in our bedroom closet.

Next, I went out to the family room to tell my husband. In retrospect, his expression was both priceless and alarming! He tried to reassure me, but I could see by the look on his face that he didn't believe what he was saying, so he didn't help. (Maybe if he had a British accent! Just kidding - I really was not thinking about accents at that time.) The truth is I couldn't be consoled. If you had that stuff in your mouth - you would understand! I had rehashed the entire story and it would've been ad nauseam if it were not for the fact that I HAD to get dressed for work. My eyes were puffy and I was totally drained, but you have to do what you have to do.

After getting ready for work (make up is a gift from heaven) I grabbed the specimen, stashed it in my purse and drove up to the hospital.

To be continued....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WHAT is IN MY MOUTH??? - Part I

WARNING: The following story is gross, but true.

A few years ago, I went over to our county seat for a mid afternoon doctor appointment. After the appointment I went shopping. It was a dreary November day that looked like something in a Currier and Ives picture. It was the kind of day where it feels good to be inside, all cozy and relaxed at home, but instead I had to go to work at the hospital that night. I was filling in for someone and was scheduled to work 7-11 pm.

I was feeling really tired and decided that a nice hot cup of coffee would perk me up. So, I pulled up to the drive in window at the Kentucky Fried Chicken and ordered a large cup of coffee.

When the man handed me the cup, I immediately appreciated the warmth in my hands, while eagerly anticipating drinking the coffee. With sincere appreciation, yet purposely and with a smile, being overly grateful in a joking way - I said " I am REALLY HAPPY to have THIS cup of coffee! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" He just stared at me. I was charming (says me) and in no way did anything offensive. I am always very friendly (I even won Miss Congeniality in a beauty contest once) and am always the supportive type and would never intentionally insult anyone and certainly didn't do anything to him other than be friendly.

So...okayyyy - I thought and drove away. I put the cream in my coffee before I got on the main road. I put music on and was thoroughly enjoying the picturesque ride home while appreciatively sipping my cup of coffee.

I pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. I was now totally relaxed, yet alert and ready to start getting dressed for work. The cup of coffee was almost empty and so I took one last gulp that was left in the bottom of the cup. And too my abject HORROR... I now had SOMETHING... an obviously significant in size, foreign body of some sort SWISHING AROUND IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Someone Else's Post

I put a long comment on the Independent Urologist's post called "DaVinci's Other Code" and so I have exhausted any desire to post anything now - other than this. Actually, I have put other comments on his site as well. I enjoy reading about how he is setting up his new practice and other things he shares regarding business ideas.

Since I don't have a penis and my husband's prostate is in good shape, I don't relate to most of the medical posts on his site as yet.

I also appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude!

Also, I am a bit under the weather today as the stent is bothering me and I am getting a cold.

p.s. I found his "Letter to the Editor" post to be both amusing and fascinating, but it might be one of those - you have to be in the business to appreciate it. :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Never Deny Someone the Opportunity to Say Yes!

Never deny someone "the opportunity" to say yes!

Sometimes, people hesitate in approaching someone with a sale or a request, especially if they (the person asking) are the ones who will benefit. I struggled with that in my early sales days.

Give me a cause to collect money and I'm your girl! I can do anything for someone else's cause, but back when I started my business I was sometimes shy and didn't want to impose. Now - I know better!

One should never assume or prejudge what another person may or may not desire or need. You could be providing a service or have something that person would appreciate having or doing.

**Yet, if you don't ask - you will never know. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007



It will be the start of new episodes and the previews for this week look good. For one thing it looks like Alex and Adison get together tonight. I love seeing the surgeons in the OR doing their thing, even tho as Dr. Schwab pointed out in one of his posts that they don't do things the way real surgeons do. I also have this thing for those surgical caps they wear (of course it's the McDoctors under them too!) - think they are cool. :) McDreamy and Merideth tonight? Hope So!

I just love the Grey's CD mixes my d-i-l made for me!

Happy Girl :)

I am a happy, happy girl because we finally have some cold weather! Even saw snowflakes the other day. So invigorating! :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Apprentice - a Bit Much!

I did not care for the "new" revised Apprentice that was aired on Sunday night.

I didn't like how they have the leader of the winning team sitting in George's place. Bill Rancik or any other former Apprentice winner is ok because they paid their dues to get there.

I also didn't care for the vibes in the board room. The energy didn't flow. There seemed to be a disconnect. Maybe it was me wanting to disconnect!

I don't care for having the losing team sleep in the back yard - it seems so" survivorish" looking at them through night vision, but definitely not as good as survivor. Maybe it will end up being hilarious - who knows?

I don't like the idea of "the haves" and "the have-nots". I guess this is supposed to make the losing team really hungry to win.

It seems that Trump is going for the sensational to boost his ratings. I found it to be quite boring (yawn) and do hope they pick up the pace with interesting projects.

I just prefer seeing their strategies for winning, their skills in use and more focused on how to win the next task, then the fact that they are both physically and emotionally miserable because of the decadent lifestyle flaunted in front of them by the winning team verses the meager and inconvenient conditions the losing team will remain in until they turn the tables and win.

Yes, on previous Apprentice shows, they did get sleep deprived, had to work hard and were miserable because they didn't get to celebrate the win. Then they had to go to the board room, but the past shows seemed more professional and didn't depend on the sensational.

However, this backyard version of the Apprentice is a bit much in this girl's opinion.

Monday, January 8, 2007


I am at such an impasse in my life!

I feel totally trapped!!!

I just want to BOLT!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Success is dependent on effort.

The Apprentice Tonight! :)

Yay! The Apprentice starts tonight! I am looking forward to sharing opinions/predictions with fellow bloggers as to date there hasn't been anyone in my personal life that watches the show. I do have one friend that may watch it and if so it will be fun to exchange opinions with her as well.

I don't like how Donald Trump seems so full of himself or that he brags. I don't like how sometimes he seems materialistic and the way in which it is promoted as the ultimate goal and definition of success in life.

*The truly important treasures can't be measured in dollars.

That said - I am intrigued by his ingenuity, determination and competitiveness. I do respect his work ethic. I also like the way he seems to have raised his kids to also have a strong work ethic, get a good education and to be respectful and productive in society.

My favorite part of the show is watching the enterprising Trump assistant wannabes. I enjoy seeing how their competitive spirits propel them forward to win. It is fun assessing which job candidate is most likely to succeed.

I was the little girl who collected the most UNICEF in 2nd grade and sold the most magazines for the H.S. senior trip. Give me a cause and I LOVE to collect money! I have experience in sales and I know the thrill of getting the client, making the sale (and money) and recruiting people onto your team. I would love to see how well I would do raising money in the various competitions he sets up.

This girl is looking forward to another interesting "Apprentice" season! :)

I Just Miss the Snow

Yesterday, I took a shower (and the window covering STAYED up- see older My Blushing Face/Rudolph post) with the window open. "Yeah? So?" you say. I took a shower with the window open - in January - in NJ - and, I wasn't cold. That was because of our heatwave of about 70 degrees and slightly humid. We also had the windows open and no one was wearing jackets. There were gnats hovering over the water on the pool cover and my husband was considering mowing the grass - in January. Moths were still fluttering about. Do the bears stay in hibernation when it gets unseasonably warm? Do they hibernate because of an internal time clock or are they affected by the weather? By evening, a friend and I decided to visit another friend in the neighbor hood and I couldn't wait to get out of my house because it was so warm in the house and the heat wasn't even on.

I know that sometimes there is a January thaw in the weather cycle. I know some people are downright giddy with this weather and they are tortured souls when the first snow flake hits.

Not me. Call me crazy, but I don't like wearing sweaters in 70 degree weather. I want to wear my winter clothes and accessories. I am the girl who put the A/C on in the Patient Access Dept. every shift I worked in the winter! (I will tell this story in another post)

I LOVE the cold weather! I LOVE SNOW! I like it when it is frigid and you can see your breath and you crunch through the snow while walking. I especially love the silence in nature while the snow is falling and the snow and ice is transforming everything into a seemingly magical winter wonderland. It's like entering another world for awhile. I appreciate the beauty of snow on the mountains, contrasted by the trees, the rocks and the sky or the occasional red cardinal resting on a tree branch. My absolute favorite thing - is a full moon shining across a snowy landscape, illuminating the country side with it's silvery light cascading down upon the sparkling snow. I am so profoundly moved by these moonlit nights, that I wish I could absorb them into my very being, becoming one with nature through some form of cosmic osmosis.

The laughter of kids while sleigh riding, building snowmen and snow forts, ice skating and snow ball fights - followed with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows - all fun.

I shouldn't admit this, but speaking of snow ball fights - years ago, we had a quick snow ball fight in the ED and hallway while on the 3-11 shift. It was later in the shift and obviously, there weren't any patients. That could never happen now - but it was fun - and then we had to clean it up.

I love that cozy feeling of being nestled in a warm house while outside the wind is howling, whipping the snow around and sharing a good home cooked meal, curling up with a good book or watching a good movie or whatever other activity pops up.

In my perfect world people wouldn't freeze to death in card board boxes and under bridges. Everyone would have a warm home to go to. People wouldn't come into the ED because their fingers got chopped off in a snow blower, they got an MI from shoveling snow or fractures, sprains and lacerations because they slipped on ice. No one would be driving in fear or get stranded in blizzard conditions.

We still have heating oil in the tank from our September delivery. We can go through a tank of oil in a month when it is really cold. Since we are a one paycheck family right now - ti's a good thing!

I will count my blessings.

I just miss the snow :)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Eros Will Have...

Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities.
C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What IS This Blogging Thing? /Blogging Boundaries?

Part 1

What is this blogging thing? Why do so many people blog? Why am I blogging?

As I stated in my very first post "New Blogger and Feeling Shy", that I discovered the blogging world while looking up medical information. That weekend, I became totally addicted to medical blogs (They are informative, interesting and totally amusing! Also, having worked in the field for so long , I definitely relate to so much of it) and I found that I wanted to comment on the different blogs. (Now, I also enjoy non medical blogs as well.) At the time, I thought I had to set up a blog in order to do that. I didn't realize you can post anonymously - but I never do. When I set up my profile, I put way to much in there, but was having fun. One of my favorite profile answers is from Charity Doc's "Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice", where in his profile under interests, he says "FingerPainting." That's it. Short and sweet. :)

I don't like using IM or text messaging for anything more than a couple of sentences. It is so much faster to just talk on the phone.

However, blogging is different. Blogging is creative and I suspect draws people in who like to write and share their thoughts through this medium. Perhaps some bloggers like communicating with anonymity. I have found some blogger's posts to be as evocative as picking up the evening newspaper editorial. You know, the kind of editorial you would thoroughly enjoy discussing with people over a cup of coffee (or beverage of your choice) somewhere? Instead, in the blogging world - you post a comment. It gets really interesting when several comments get posted in response to a blog - I enjoy that back and forth thing.

Dr. Keagirl had some interesting responses on her Urostream blog regarding her post on a Jehovah's witness patient, which sparked a lot of comments. I would've posted a lot more (I find theology to be a deep well of revelations, inspirations and controversy.) but, I was too busy at the time.

I wasn't sure I was going to personally keep blogging, but then Fat doctor linked up to me and she has me on her site as SeaSpray's Wonderful Life, which surprised me, but also gave me a shot of confidence and then.... I got scared. Scared because I thought "Oh No! What will I say?"
However, I always have SOMETHING to say - whether or not it is interesting, is debatable, but I am having fun with it. :)

Part 2

I am still trying to figure out my blogging boundaries.

It is a given that I will never reveal anything personal or identifying about anyone other than myself. I will never say anything mean spirited about any person, place or thing. (I know to some - it already sounds boring ) I would never want to hurt someone in that way - ever. O.K., I don't make any promises that I can't keep during the next presidential election, yet I would still vent constructively. Yeah, about that... I am only human. I do get totally addicted to the talking heads when the presidential elections come around and I find the political climate fosters some "interesting" discussions. :)

As for myself, I am questioning whether or not I have posted things a that are a little too personal about me - nothing bad - but you never know how something can come back at you. I find myself pulling posts - then putting them back. I just pulled one out today that I may or may not put back.

Many bloggers don't tell anyone they have a blog because they really vent on them, at least that is my take as to why they keep it a secret. Too late for me! I have told some people and I know they read it because they comment directly to me, yet they won't post. (I wish they would, but apparently not their thing - yet, although a few have.)

We have had a computer in the house since the 1st windows 95 came out. Other than at work, I have never cared to learn any more than the basics. Now- I want to learn everything! Pictures, links, and sound, etc.

Maybe blogging is a hobby, like ham operators, communicating with mostly strangers and some friends - just a different medium. Either way, for now - this girl IS addicted! :)

You Don't Have a Soul

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C.S. Lewis

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!/ I Refuse to Make Any Resolutions!

I refuse to make any New Year's resolutions - because they are like rules - just begging to be broken. It's like the proclamation of a new diet plan - doomed to failure.

Life style change might work - mind games - don't be specific - abstract thinking.

Something vague - furtively entering my mind - perhaps an epiphany moment- birthing ideas anew - culminating in the exhilaration of a fait accompli!