Sunday, January 6, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me ~ Meme

This looks like my beloved salad fork now MIA. :)
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Cheese pic explained in #7

I've been tagged by Chrysalis Angel for this meme. She has a wonderful blog, is one of my favorites and is a great place to visit. Here are the rules:

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Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

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1. I like to eat cold lasagna the next morning for breakfast. I like to pull it apart 1 layer at a time with my favorite fork.

2. I have a favorite fork…make that in the past tense HAD a favorite fork but it got thrown out with about a 3rd of my good set of silverware during son’s graduation party this past summer. (There were tons of plastic utensils-it was a barbecue???)

3. If I am by myself I would rather eat dinner with a salad fork than a regular sized fork.

4. That the first 3 weird things about me (and now this#4) involve a fork.

5. I purposely leave our Christmas lights up (clear lights) outside until February or March and then turn them on when it snows or is dark and rainy outside.

6. I like and even marvel at how my feet fit together so perfectly when lying on my side. They just mold right together and I like that feeling and every morning when I first wake up and before I get out of bed…I like to lie on my back or toward side and lift my legs straight up in the air, rotating them slightly…one leg at a time. I like to look at the entire length and shape because my feet, ankles and calves look thinner in the morning. Plus I like the way it feels.

7. My newest weird thing- I just discovered 2 days ago that I LOVE laced Swiss cheese. I really like how the lacy cheese feels on the tip of my tongue….so much so…that I will never want to waste it on a piece of bread or mixed with anything else, nor as a whole big bite in my mouth because I don’t want to miss the texture of it on my tongue. Instead I just want to eat it one little piece at a time so I can feel it more and it lasts longer. Ha ha…I think I could be addicted to the feeling! Correction...I AM! And what is extra weird…I actually like the feeling more than the cheese, although I do like the cheese. I don’t think I will buy this too often (oh…I want to tho) because I don’t think I could stay away from it. Like the old potato chip commercial where they say you won’t be able to eat just one…that would be and was me with this lacy cheese, which btw was sliced perfectly thin (and it must be sliced thin to have that effect) which made it even better and more addicting. And what is extra, extra weird is that I have devoted an entire paragraph to my eating cheese. :)

P.S. While looking up lace cheese pics, I discovered that there are clothing accessories that look like swiss cheese - holey shoes ...and I don't mean blessed and triangular swiss cheese dangling earrings. Interesting concept. Match your clothing and accessories du jour to the food du jour you are consuming. Hmmm...I love long dangling earrings but there is no way that I am hanging cheese from my ears! ;)

So now I am tagging 7 of you but anyone can pick up the tag if they wish to and no one has to play if they don't want to ...just know that you have been thought of. :) Also, if you don't have to tag but can leave it open for anyone to pick up.

1. Scalpel from Scalpel or Sword

2. Dr. Deb

3. Nurse K from Crass Pollination

4. WhiteCoat from WhiteCoat Rants

5. Happy from The Happy Hospitalist

6. Elaine from Old Age Is a Bitch

7. Dr. Keagirl from Urostream


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you did a good job with that.

I hope you didn't mind my tagging you. Sometimes, it is kind of can learn more about the person. I had the most excellent person tag me, so I wanted to do it for her. Thanks for playing along.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you and no not at all. Your welcome. :)

I think they are fun. I remember ER Dr Rob did a real funny meme once.

Some people are totally serious with them and some good around. All fun.

But some people see them as chain letters but I don't at all.

Chain letters are those God awful threats you receive saying something bad will happen to you if you don't comply with the senders wishes.

That'll be the day I send that stuff to anyone. I delete them immediately. I know some people are actually afraid of them and don't want the "curse" and so forward them. I am NOT the least bit superstitious and refuse to succumb to that garbage. God not God? I think he is somewhat above a pithy chain letter. :)

That being said...I do these because I like them. And I am still behind by 4 memes. Ha ha! All in due time. :)

Deb said...

1. I can write backwards - as in mirror writing.

2. I take a nap every afternoon for about 45 minutes.

3. I don't like being barefoot when walkin garound. Gotta have shoes or socks on!

4. I'd take the artic cold over the summer heat anyday.

5. I love rainy days.

6. My favorite thing to drink is ice cold water.

7. I dream in color a lot!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Deb - I'm in awe of your #1 because I can barely write in forward motion.

Siesta is supposed to be good for you and good for you that you manage to fit that in your busy schedule.

Eh...regarding # 3 ...I must be part bohemian. :)

I am totally with you on numbers 4,5 &6!

I don't know about color but I have dreamt in French. I used to have 2 reoccurring dreams. I was awful and the other one started out fun but then ended scary but not bad. Had them for years but probably not for over a decade now. well the latter one I have on occasion but not the bad one. And now I have a new reoccurring dream that is fun but a little sad when I wake up and realize it isn't true. Probably been having that one for about 4 years.

SeaSpray said...

P.S. Thanks for playing! :)

SeaSpray said...

CORRECTION - recurring! GEE...I do know better! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I love the 45 minute nap a day. We Americans are go, go, go. It's no wonder so many have health problems. A nap a day might be a great way to aid the immune system and our approach to life as well. Good for mind, body and spirit.

SeaSpray said...

A nap...mmm...sounds like a good idea right now...except time to start dinner. Meatloaf,potatoes and a salad tonight. :)