Monday, January 14, 2008

Bajingo Mouse?

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SeaSpray didn't think it could ever happen but there is something that tops/equals (hard choice) the humor of the Throckmorton Salad Bar Test. She read the link to this post over at WhiteCoat Rants last nite. She started giggling while reading WhiteCoat's intro to it and then just cracked up all the way through the post. Then she read about someone's glitter giggle experience right after that. Even the image of someone trying not to crack up causes SeaSpray to laugh!

SeaSpray went to bed not long after that. Suffice it to know that even though SeaSpray was real tired she couldn't fall asleep for a half hour after getting in bed because every time she was just about to fall asleep...the images popped back in her head and she started giggling and sometimes laughing out loud all over again! She also was picturing the many places she would NOT want to be when the Bajingo mouse image comes to her interview, church or even in pre-op "if" she has the elective name a few ;) Ya just can't explain that one to people you don't know very well! She also woke up, thought of the biting Bajingo Mouse and started giggling all over again! :) L-O-L!! This one is still sending SeaSpray' giggleometer around and around. And the poor about ruining a good thing. And the two of them ...what were they thinking and their faces... priceless as they pondered over this. And the ED doc having to keep a straight face-LOL! :) If you can't already tell...SeaSpray is giggling all the way through typing this post. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL! :)

Bajingo Mouse definitely made it into my Amusing Concepts sidebar! :)

Link to The ER Stories blog here.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Well, I have to say...I was beginning to worry about you. I then went over to your friends site, and then his link, and discovered what the heck you were talking about! I was thinking what a the heck, an IUD? I hadn't expected a needle! That poor guy... That would take care of that. I would think the dang thing was protected by barbed wire and stay the heck out of there!

SeaSpray said...

Am I a cruel person for thinking this is hilarious? Cause I DO!! I told this to my hairdresser today and she was automatically sensitive to the couple. and didn't laugh (we laugh a lot!)and there was an awkward silence and I told her the ED doc told the story so much better (which is true)I felt like JD in scrubs because as she is rinsing my hair I was thinking "Think of something quick! Change the subject!" It was about 10 seconds or so of the most awkward silence and me chatty Patty couldn't think of anything! Finally I jumped in with the most lame dialog but the whole time we were talking I was having this other conversation in my head..."Oh great! What if someone heard me talking about a schwing schwong schwing schwang (I'm kidding-I really said penis in my head)and what if they think I am a perv for talking about penises,vaginas and mice up there and what if there is a guy in here on the other side of the partition (I didn't know it but there was one at the other end of the shop and it's not a big shop -shoot! shoot! shoot!)and what if everyone in the whole shop heard it because I was talking louder because you can't tell how loud you are talking when your hair is being rinsed and maybe they will think I am cruel????

And as we walked back to her station which is right by the front I saw the guy there but dove right to her section behind the partition. I really didn't need to stay there (leaving with wet hair so I could set it at home-I usually use HUGE rollers but trying the next size down)but I didn't want to walk by him to pay my bill and so she was working out my next date with the receptionist. I feigned a question about my eyebrow (I really knew the answer) and kept talking about it hoping he would go to the back but he didn't. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Usually I say hi to everyone but I averted my eyes when I walked by him. I was dying a thousand deaths! Sigh!

To my defense...passionstamper cracked up when I read it to her! Of course I "read" the ED docs version to her. :)

I kept trying to think of something to "fix it" but decided leaving it alone was the better choice. And who knows maybe she would've laughed if other people weren't there. I thought the shop seemed empty but you really don't realize how loud the high pressured water is when it hits your head and the sink.

Of course I would never want anyone to be hurt like that but the thought of a mouse up there and really ...what the heck COULD it be??? then the whole Idea of presenting to the ED doc that it feels like a mouse bit him. OMgosh...a mouse lying in wait. the whole inaneness of it. The ED doc trying to keep a straight face.

I do wonder though...why was the needle RUSTY?? Don't they use stainless steel? And I am guessing he may have needed a tetanus shot or does the fact it rusted in her body mean they don't have to worry about tetanus.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray...your giving me a headache, doll. (You know I love ya though)

Anonymous said...

See, now isn't laughter the best medicine -- even if it causes insomnia? :-)
The picture of you giggling while trying to go to sleep made me laugh.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Whitecoat -yes...I agree...laughter is the best medicines. It's even biblical. There is a scripture that says laughter does the heart good like a medicine..or something like that. I love to that is in my favor. It's probably why I do more funny posts then serious, that and I have plenty of material just using myself. haha! :) makes me laugh to know your laughing at my laughing so much I couldn't sleep.

I do feel for the guy and his wife but really what would you or any guy think if you had that experience? as a woman i would be wondering what was going on with me that I am seemingly biting him and causing injury. But still the images are funny. I can't help it. :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Angel...just remember...your Ethel to my Lucy. :)