Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Excited About My Next Post :)

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I am excited about my next post because one of my favorite blogosphere ED docs has given me permission to put up one of his posts from last year, including all the comments. The post is interesting and the comments are both interesting and most entertaining. ;)

Hint: There are clues somewhere on this blog page. ;)

Then I may take a little break from the blogosphere for a bit. Of course you do realize that a break for this MIA blogaholics Anonymous member might only be 5 minutes but ya can't blame a girl for trying. ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I hope you don't break for long. Without Sid, Rob, Moof and you...I'll have to find new friends. Thank goodness John, Mike and Miss Bee still write.

SeaSpray said...

As I said ...might only be 5 minutes. ;)

This is a wonderful hobby. Wish I could get paid for it.

Thanks Angel :)