Monday, January 14, 2008

Glad You're Not Burning the Bridge!

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I was perusing the blogosphere when I came upon a post by Dr. Schoor from The Independent Urologist. Be still my heart!

As I was reading through his post I was getting a sinking feeling that he was closing his blog, especially in conjunction with the pic he has up. I saw this solitary man leaving to cross a new bridge, going off in another direction. "I.U. ...please... just don't burn the bridge.", I said to myself. While I can't speak for you... I do think you have a lot of good things to say and don't forget about the "genius" rating. ;)

*I have thoroughly enjoyed his blog and enjoyed sharing in his enthusiasm as he devised and carried out his plans for his solo practice. I am relieved to know he is keeping it open. However after I read his post, I immediately began to write this post for him to let him know he made a difference being there and I wanted him to know why. Now after reading some of his other comments in response to the post it is apparent he has for other people as well. I have said this before, but we never know who is passing through or hanging out in our blogs, but it is nice to think someone's writing and comments can make such a difference. :)

I got a kick out of how upon reading one of my comments to one of your posts one morning in which I discussed something my urologist staff does in his office at registration, that within the hour you e-mailed and told me it was done and you implemented it right then. flies on you! I also marveled at the wonders of the internet. :) Since then you have added one more step. Although maybe there are different requirements between NY and NJ.

You mention it was therapeutic to write as you were setting up your practice and I just want to tell you it has been therapeutic being able to comment in your blog about all the things I did. It was helpful for me to discuss my work experiences as they pertained to your posts. Haha! And sometimes they didn't.

Sometimes, when I was feeling scared about the impending just helped to be over in your urology blog because even though you weren't my urologist were a urologist that I had gotten to know through your posts/comments which told me that you were/are a compassionate doctor who cared about the quality of care he gives his patients and in some abstract way that just helped me to feel better. You were one of my blogosphere anchors during my time of uncertainty when I was stented (11 weeks and then waiting for the scan which I also began to avoid!) afraid and wondering as to whether or not I was having the re-constructive Psoas Hitch surgery. I also want to be clear here for anyone else reading never dispensed any medical advice as you are not my physician...but you were supportive and I found a safe harbor of familiarity in your blog. :)

Also, commenting about my work experiences helped to reaffirm them in my mind and so I don't feel as out of the loop as I otherwise would be right now. I am currently going through a shy, timid phase about looking for work and have temporarily put it on hold...til Monday anyway. It would be worse if I hadn't been frequenting your blog. :) I have also appreciated learning about the dynamics of an office practice vs hospital since at some point I do want to work at a doctor's office.

Then when I was feeling so discouraged last put up with ...all those long comments in your 8/31 post. That actually helped me tremendously. I chuckle now at the image of me with tears streaming down my face as I was telling you in that very long post that I didn't get the job I had hoped for. I went back to read them and you can actually see where on Friday-I was wondering what to do but decided to take action, then grieving at rejection, Saturday I was frustrated and by Sunday I came to terms with it and found a resolution to it all. You were supportive then too and thank you very much for that. :) Interestingly, I didn't go for work when I said I would but I was also waiting on some tests. I will know more this week too.

I think it is wonderful that everything is going so well for you in your solo practice. You are a busy doc with your family and your career! :)

"Letter to the Editor" is one of my favorite posts , as is this HILARIOUS one,"The Road to Harvard Starts in Commack" and so many more....o.k. and "Sorry!". It seems to me I.U. that between your family, profession and personal interests that you will have a lot of good things to time allows for you to do so. BTW...I am envisioning your infant son with a stent in his hands now. ;)

In case anyone is wondering...I have a wonderful support system in my personal life that helped get me through all the ureteral issues and other things as well. I will always be grateful to my wonderful and skilled urologist who was in the trenches with me, my husband, family and friends. They all really came through for me but they couldn't be with me 24/7 and that is why the med blogs were such a Godsend. And with written can go back to read over again if you want to. I think that my frequenting the medical blogosphere, particularly the special blogs that really did become anchors in the storm for me were part of my healing process. Thank you! :)

P.S. have to keep your blog open because YOU are going to be the 1st person I tell in the blogosphere (before my own blog even) that i got my new job! will happen in our lifetime. ;)


The Independent Urologist said...

Thanks for the kind words. No, the blog will remain open and running, just not with daily posts. Probably weekly or so,as inspiration hits. Keep on reading and posting.

SeaSpray said...

Your very welcome I.U. and I will. :)