Sunday, January 6, 2008

(Revised) I'm Sorry!

I am not apologizing for the YouTube I put up with all the arty and sensual lips...but I am apologizing for all the borderline (in my opinion) pornographic YouTube clips at the bottom of this clip. I am pulling the video because I don't want my blog affiliated with those other clips...and again...I- am - sorry.


The following is what I said about the clip I put up in the previous post I just pulled: SeaSpray hopes the sensuality of this isn't offensive to the people that usually come in to visit or anyone else. But...she is so drawn to this video. She LOVE'S lipstick, glosses and lip liners... those girly kinds of things. She used to actively sell make up and skin care. She still does on occasion although she operates at more of a hobby status for the discounts she gets.

She LOVES the colors and the way they painted the lips. know SeaSpray is not only attracted to the idea of sparkling turquoise Bajingoland glitter...but also the sparkling lips and the sugar coated lips. Frosted sugar coated lips..neat concept! :) Jewel tones are beautiful too although SeaSpray's favorites are in the pink and plum ranges. She also wonders how they got them to look so shiny? SeaSpray thinks the video is arty in a fun way and hopes you like it too. :)

So now I just want to say that I have been watching this video on and off for about a week and have it saved in my favorites. I also showed it to a friend last night because I thought it was neat. I have been intrigued with the arty shots. I notice different things every time I look at it and I like the song too. It evoked positive and fun feelings. Yes...I know it was also sensual, but I think the whole thing was tastefully done. I am keeping it in my collection.

I posted the video earlier tonight and then I went out to a friend's and just came home around 3 am. I got washed up for bed but thought I would check my blog before going to sleep. So of course I decided to watch the video again and then happened to notice the clips that show on the bottom and so I clicked on a title that raised my curiosity. Suffice it to know that about 20 seconds into it, not even... I practically became apoplectic...but I watched it and it got worse. So I checked a couple others and didn't stick around for the whole thing. I am not at all a prude or I wouldn't have put the 1st one up. But I would NEVER have that other stuff in my blog.

P.S. For anyone interested in seeing the painted lips video, go to YouTube or google and type in "Sexy and sensual lips...Kiss me".


Elaine said...

Missed the post. Sorry, as Ithink I might have enjoyed the lips, but DEFINITELY would not have enjoyed the others.

You took the correct action.

ps love your blog - don't comment often. but I do lurk.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Good for you Seaspray! I missed it too.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine-I'm glad to hear you think you would have liked the video because I was concerned that I was pushing it a bit to even put that clip up...although I would do it again. :)

Thank you for your kind words and I enjoy yours too. Lurkers always welcome. :)

If you want to see the video you can go to YouTube or google it. Type in: "Sexy and Sensual Lips...Kiss Me" and it will pop up with a pic of plum lipstick colored lips with a pale pink feather boa near them.

Hi Angel-thanks. Check it out and tell me what you think of the video...if you want to...not everyone's cup of tea I am sure.

I am appreciating the colors, the way they highlight certain ones and of course the artier stuff.

you know how I am about the sparkle...i swear if it were fashionable to have jeweled sparkley lips like in the ruby lips I'd go for it! Also the glitterized lips and sugar frosted ones. Ha ha!
Love what they did with color, objects, poses, etc and the song too. :) I am watching saying..."I'd wear that...and that...and ooooh look at that...Iwant THAT color, etc. :) I use mostly tube lipsticks now but for a longtime only lip brushes. I think with lip liners it is easier to be precise so it doesn't matter but i think makeup artists prefer brushes.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I didn't check out the video, but Avon at one point did have a lipstick type thing, that was like your lips were shiny and coated with sugar. It might have been just a quick promo type thing. Now...imagine if it tasted like sugar...then, they might be onto something.

SeaSpray said...

Ha Ha! That's what I meant.

I had a favorite lip gloss when I was dating. It tasted like sweet peppermint. I liked it and a couple of guys I dated before my husband did too. But then I met my husband and he doesn't like any kind of lip stick flavored or not when kissing. I love it and I just deleted a lot here cause I got just a wee bit personal. Lipstick in my opinion is a sensual product. Anyway... we compromise.

I really like that video. :)