Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Singing Guy :)

Scene from The Barber of Seville
The Barber of Seville

After leaving Urodoc's office today...I decided to go to Walmart to get my prescriptions filled. I always call mine in ahead of time but neglected to do that and I also had a prescription to fill from urodoc. I was surprised to see that I was 5th in line. While still waiting...the lady behind me came up beside me and started grumbling about the woman at the counter for holding up the line. I was embarrassed and hoped that neither the pharmacist or the woman thought it was me.

And then I heard him ...the singing guy! Just a little bit. Then I heard him again. I said to the woman, "Did you hear that?" Here what", she said. "Singing guy!" "Who?" I said,"That's the singing guy. He has a beautiful voice and he likes to sing opera. He works here and every now and then he sings. I don't know his name so I just call him singing guy." :) She smiled and said she was too busy grumbling and missed it. He had stopped singing. The line moved forward and as soon as I dropped my script and other med container off, I headed straight back to the other side of the store to see if I could find him.

My thoughts as follows: "Nope not in pet supplies...not lawn and garden either. What? They're putting lawn chairs out? Ugh's still winter. Not in Christmas either. Hmmm...maybe he is outside where they store stuff now." I then went through the doors and spotted a guy with his back to me on the far corner to my right. "Hmm...I wonder if that is him? Kinda looks like him. He looks familiar. I wish he would sing." And then he started singing a little and he still didn't know I was there. I hollered over, "You're the singing guy!" He turned around and I again said "You're the singing guy...the guy who sings." He came over to me with a big smile on his face. And I said, "I wondered if you still worked here. I was just waiting in line by the pharmacy when I heard your voice a couple of times. So I just wanted to come tell you that I love hearing you sing and that you are so talented. He thanked me and then I also asked if he sang in the opera and he said no, but he is training for it. He also said he was just singing the "Barber of Seville". I then said how music is so motivational and uplifting and when I hear him he makes me smile. He agreed and I wished him a Happy New year and turned to leave. I barely got through the automatic doors when I heard him break out in song. So beautiful! I didn't want to leave and I had 45 minutes to kill before prescriptions would be ready and so I hung out in the Christmas section by the automatic doors just so I could hear him when the doors opened. I heard him a couple more times and then he stopped.

Maybe it was odd or corny that I sought him out...but I just felt I should go tell him how much I appreciated hearing him sing. I could see that he appreciated my saying that. I think it is important to encourage people or let them know that they are appreciated. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

That brought a smile to my face. You never know how your comment may have carried him through his day. Too bad we couldn't hear him.

SeaSpray said...

Awww...I'm glad. I hope so. When i was in line and I heard him singing a little bit and I heard another guy hollering, "What's that noise?" and when the singing guy sang again the guy said "what's that noise?" I figured it was an employee teasing him. You never know though what might seem like light banter to one might seem hurtful to another. I really just wanted to let him know I appreciated his singing.

I hope he gets to sing professionally sometime if he chooses that. He's a real nice guy. :) I'm sure you would enjoy him too. :)