Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank You and All the Seemingly Little Things DO Matter

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
~ Schweitzer ~

I confess that I was feeling kind of down as well as concerned about something last week. It's still with me now but not to the degree it was then. I was beginning to let it take root in my mind. Thankfully I haven't absorbed it into my spirit. ( I view humans as being comprised of mind/body/spirit.) I believe there is power in words and so I didn't even like bringing it up to the few people I did, but something caught my attention and I had to know. I still don't KNOW other than in an just because it's possible doesn't mean it's probable way. I am going to discuss it with someone else this week...I think because if there is anything I could or should do I still want to know and maybe that is why it came to my attention in the first place. Although, I still say that ignorance is bliss. :)

I love seeing how things come together sometimes in unexpected ways...nice unexpected ways. I call them God Winks. Yes...people are the ones who do the thoughtful things, but I think timing is everything and I think God inspires people whether they know it or not.

Well...with the first thoughtful act of kindness... the blogger did know of my concern. In spite of their busy schedule, that person took the time to say some things in an e-mail that immediately lifted my spirits and changed my perspectives. Just so you know thoughtful blogger... ya made me smile and warmed my heart as well as ignited my appreciation for things as they had to be vs alternatives and for all the blessings in my life-past, present and future. And so the ripple of goodness goes forward. :)

The second thoughtful act of kindness was a card I got in the mail the next day. My urodoc's office sent a thank you note for the food I brought them before Christmas. I am sure they send them out to anyone that brings them food but knowing they appreciated it enough to send a thank you card also warmed my heart. I was actually surprised and didn't expect it.

I saw urodoc for an office appointment the day after Christmas and as soon as he came in the exam room...he went out of his way to give me a heartfelt thank you for the food. He was so enthusiastic and appreciative! I told him I was glad to and that I do it for others but I give them a humongous amount of food because he has a humongous staff. And that I have fun doing it. He then said, "And that was a humongous amount of food. Thank you!" You know..I really do have fun putting it together for all of them...his partners and all the women on both sides of the clinic doors-I am fond of all of them...but he is the one that did all the work and got me through it all and so it felt really good to know that I did something that made him feel good... be it ever so small. :) Really when you have your health..you do have everything and together with God (I believe God worked through him) he facilitated my healing. I couldn't possibly bring them enough food or express enough thank yous that adequately convey my gratitude for all that group has done. (Again I digressed) They are the only medical people that have ever sent a thank you note. The women told me thank you and then he did and so I really didn't expect a card but they made me smile by doing it. :)

Then the third thoughtful act of kindness was a missed phone call that night. It was a wonderfully uplifting message from a sweet lady I used to work with. She wanted to know where I have been, that she's been thinking of me, that she misses me and loves me and to call her. And if you could hear this womans sweet voice...you'd melt too. She too brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. :)

Now I know that all of these things-an e-mail, a thank you card and a phone call are just little ordinary everyday things that nice people do. But when a person is sad or worried or some negative thing is going on...these seemingly little things DO matter. We never no what one little simple act of kindness on our part will do to uplift the spirits of another and how that can effect the direction of things for the better in their lives.

And as for me...at that time over those 2 days... because those things all happened so close together...I felt like I had gotten a God wink that everything was going to be alright. ;) I know some would just say it was a coincidence but to that I would still say "divine coincidence".


Chrysalis Angel said...

You're right about that Seaspray. It's funny though, my experiences seem to be just the opposite. When I need the lift in spirits or that friend to contact me..it's all quiet. After I've dusted myself off - by myself - then everyone's around.

SeaSpray said...

I have gone through the desert times too. I think we all have them to varying degrees.

I know I get so busy or preoccupied sometimes that I probably miss some God winks too.

But when they happen...they make me smile even in the tough times.