Thursday, January 17, 2008

Urology Thoughts

I saw urodoc today...oops no..that would be yesterday because it is 4 am now. (My girlfriend just left at 3 am) Anyway, I went for a consult and I am still 50-50. I am annoyed at myself because I didn't ask all the questions. Partly because I got a little off track and also because I was only wearing one contact and it was hard to read my writing and I missed some of them. I wear contacts for distance but then I can't read and so I decided to just wear one thinking I could read. I know people who do that but I don't, so I guess you have to get used to it. But I definitely have more OR and post-op questions/concerns. I also had a more organized list to read from but left that by the computer when I was printing something else to bring in. Sigh!

I think one of my reasons for not jumping on this is because anytime I was in the was to relieve unbearable pain (knee/kidney stones and stents) or to have c-sections. I didn't have a choice. But this seems so uneventful by comparison that I am questioning the need vs the risks, which of course only I can determine. I am feeling pressured by the time factor because I need to go back to work and this will require two weeks of rest. So, if I put it off, go to work but then find I should have had the surgery...oh well. I will just have to put it on hold then.

HR enthusiastically told me to send my application/resume in even though they knew I might be having surgery and I have been dragging my feet thinking I would make a decision today. The positions I was interested in are still posted but they only update on Friday and so maybe they are filled.

Then tonight my husband told me not to schedule the surgery before February 13 because he is covering for someone on vacation and it is overtime. Are ORs open on valentines day? Does everyone wear red? Maybe I'll dye my pubic hair red. I'm kidding! Turquoise glitter is just fine. (O-h-h... that is a tempting thought) I am amused at the stories I've read where the OR staff sees funny things on the patient when they uncover them. What could I do for valentines day? RED glitter! ;)

I know this feels too open ended for me to just show up in the OR and so I need to get answers to these last few questions. Also I am wondering about 2 things he said today. So I will mull these things over for a while and then either ask if urodoc could please call me or I will schedule another appointment. An appointment would be better as I think vis-a-vis would help me to process the info better. In the mean time I am going to start keeping records on my end of things to see if my information will a clearer direction. Sounds like a plan. :)

And urodoc still expressed his gratitude for the Christmas food. Hearing him say that warmed my heart. I am going to miss them all.


Elaine said...

With all your talk of bajingoland and so on, I wondered if you had heard of "bahoochie". This came to mind after I fell onto mine last week.

From this you may gather that it is your bottom, or rear end, though I always think that bahoochie is much more descriptive. It is a Scottish word, of course.

SeaSpray said...

Oh Elaine! I hope that you are alright!? I shall come over for a visit sometime today for a look see as to what is going on across the pond. I have gotten behind 9no pun intended) haha in reading other blogs and I do so very much enjoy them.

BAHOOCHIE??? That's HILARIOUS. I will use that in one of my posts I am planning. ;)

My maternal grandparents were born in bonnie Scotland. Their last name was MacDonald. Well grandmother was a Cunningham (her father was Irish) and then Lawson and Taylor are the other family names. I still have relatives there but never met them.

My cousin Lee lived and worked in London for a year and traveled to see them and stay with them for a couple of weeks.

She said the Scottish countryside was beautiful. :)