Saturday, January 12, 2008

When A Man Loves a Woman

I have often commented in my posts and comments that I have a thing about eye contact. Our eyes can speak volumes. In those words are necessary. When it is is a heart pumping, tingly experience. When eyes lock... whether close up or from across the room...where truly only have eyes for each other. It's like everything and everyone surrounding you fade out and your the only ones. You don't have to speak. You don't have to say anything. You just know. And everything in you feels a pull toward the other as if you were two magnets, powerless to stop the inevitable...your coming together. And sometimes you can't...but you do know. Everyone should be able to experience those moments.

I really enjoyed this movie and "When A Man Loves A Woman" is one of my favorite songs. I love how Anthony Garcia looks at Meg Ryan in this movie. You see it ALL in his eyes. The intensity and passion. And I love how Meg Ryan looks at him and they come together at the end.
Of course our eyes reflect many other emotions too. I have a close friend who has known me since I was 4 and she can always tell when I am up to something impish because she says my eyes dance...whatever that means. My older son has my temperament and can be quite the tease/prankster and I will just see this glint in his eye and I know. Maybe that is what she sees in me.

They say our eyes are the window to our soul and I think that is true. Even when we try to conceal things...they inevitably are reflected in our eyes and even spill over into our body language.

After being with someone for about 2 seconds the other day, I instantly knew something was wrong by looking at their eyes and overall countenance, but it was mostly the eyes. They didn't say a word but I immediately moved in closer and asked what was wrong. Sure enough it was something significant.

It is such a good feeling when you can turn to someone ...even a stranger and share a moment of mutual recognition to something going on...a validation of what you're feeling because they are too. And it is such a good feeling when you are feeling sad, rejected or meet up with eyes filled with kindness and compassion or when feeling meet eyes that are filled with compassion, strength and determination...helping you to feel safe by giving you a sense that they are in control and can handle the situation. And it's fun to see joy and gratitude in someone's eyes because you did an act of kindness for them. And when you doubt is life giving to see the kind of faith in you, through their eyes... that tells you they will be your champion...breathing hope into you.

Of course when eyes lock it isn't only for romantic love. We lock eyes with another for all kinds of reasons, but when we do...there is a mutual intensity of shared emotion to whatever is going on. The eyes are reading each other and sending messages faster than words can be articulated.

I would like to think that when someone encounters me that they see good things in my eyes. I have been told there is a light in my eyes, so I think that is probably true most of the time. I hope so. :)

What message do your eyes convey?


Chrysalis Angel said...

You'd have to tell me what mine convey, since you've seen them. They aren't your usual color. I've gotten quite a few comments on them over the years though. We do communicate a lot with our eyes and facial expressions. Sometimes no words are needed.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your writing...

With compassion,

keagirl said...

Hi Seaspray. I have been neglecting my blog recently (I have noticed that returning from vacation and being super busy at work will do that!) and just noticed that you had tagged me. I'll see if I can come up with something, but I'm usually pretty lame at these things...Thanks all the same!!! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - in the pics I saw...first of all they are very pretty. Kindness was obvious but I would have to be in closer to actually read them and it depends what's going on at the time.

I am biased though because I already know what you are like. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mike - thank you for for telling me that.

I checked out your site and I really like the quotes and pics. Do you walk around the country?

I look forward to visiting your blog again. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Keagirl - I've been missing your posts! But I understand the busy part. :)

Thanks for doing it. No doubt you'll have something to put up. We all look forward to it. :)

Canadian Girl said...

You're right - often our eyes say a lot despite our mouths staying closed. You seem like the compassionate type who is able to understand the language the eyes speak.

DrGwenn said...

You sure hit the nail on the head with this one! People try to hide all sorts of things from each other but the eyes always give it all away...perhaps that's why so many people these days hide behind computers. Safer - but much less fun.

Dr. G

Evatitude said...

Thanks for the comments, keeps me motivated... :))

Only one thing i have to say about this post: u r right, it's all in the eyes...!!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Canadian Girl and welcome! :) Yes...I think I usually can...unless I'm not wearing my contacts. LOL! Then I have to be up close and personal to actually see where the pupils are looking, etc. :)

I only wear my glasses for tv and driving so I am sure stuff gets past me too.

*Off topic but I was so scared driving to my urodoc's appointment in a icy snowstorm back in December that I forgot to put my glasses on while driving the 1st 5 miles! :)

Hi Dr Gwenn - I agree with you...much less fun. I think we had it better than the kids growing up (ahhhh does that sound old???) and it wasn't that long ago when kids were always outside, playing sports building forts, catching critters and creatures and be outside running around all day. My sons had their feet in both worlds but I think the little ones will have less of the great outdoors if the parents don't make a concerted effort to see that they have all these activities. My boys played outside...but I think I still should have limited the electronics and tv. I also have been on computer more since home but I think that will get cut short with working. :)

Hi Evatitude...welcome! :)

Your welcome and I see that you added blue. It looks pretty. You'll get all kinds of ideas as you visit other blogs.

Yrs...the eyes. :)