Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Men Can Pee Standing Up

Knowing my affinity toward all things urine (Thanks to my urological issues these last couple of years), my friend Passionstamper sent this to me in an e-mail, but it developed weird configurations in the post and so I googled it and I found it on YouTube. But I didn't stop there. I continued perusing the web for more info on the champagne of body fluids. Suffice it to know Passionstamper that you have now caused me to discover things about people and their urine that...well... are better left unsaid. ;)

Well except for this one unusual thing I've found. But first I think my next post is going to be about the worst and most humiliating medical treatment I ever had-by a doctor no less! After that post...I will need to lighten up a bit and will do it with yet another urine post. :)

Gee...people send Medblog Addict lawyer jokes...I guess everyone could send me urolgy/urine jokes. No wonder my d-i-l- calls me PeaSpray! ;)

Thanks Passionstamper! :)


John McElveen said...

Oh That is sooooo awesome!

"Champane of body fluids????" I LOVE IT!!!! LMBO!

Great post Sea

Thanks for the smile!


John McElveen said...

Oh yeah- I also got the clock widget! Loved it. Thanks for putting that up-


SeaSpray said...

Hi John- Haha...glad you liked it!

I was having blogger's remorse after I posted it because I saw where some guy got insulted by it in someone else's post. C''s a joke!

He actually said something really funny. he said but then Eve asked god to make the brain so many more times smarter (forget what he said) and so she turned into a man! That was funny...but then he ruined it with some really obnoxious comments.

Champagne of body fluids is funny but I can't take credit for it. Dr Schoor from the Independent Urologist blog said that urologists call urine the "Champagne of body fluids." LOL!

Your welcome! You always make me smile! :)

Rositta said...

Loved that, made me laugh.Most humiliating, would that be a cystoscopy by chance? I think they are the worst, especially if that darn urologist is "cute'...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta - I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

If your question is in reference to my next post about a humiliating experience - NO- not my urologist. It is about how a private practice doc treated me badly. The circumstances were unusual and I am guessing he didn't have good Thursdays. I am someone that will cut a person a lot of slack but he was mean and so wrong about me. No doctor has ever treated me like that-thank God.

My urologist is amazing and has taken very good care of me. Even last winter when I was feeling so scared and probably made him a little crazy...he still was good to me. I will never be able to thank him enough!

Regarding cystos...been around the block a few times with them and some other things in the nether regions. I think I am beyond humiliation at this point as long as it is with the same people but throw someone new in the mix and I would get embarrassed all over again.

I also have to say that it is to their credit that they have been so good with me...compassionate, caring, professional, skilled,respectful,patient with this patient, etc., etc.,.that I am comfortable with them even though they are Bajingoland/whizzie winkle exams/procedures.

Is my urologist cute?

um...o.k....I'll tell you what I said last winter in a comment but I never revealed my actual thought.

Last winter I said in a comment that 5 words instantly popped into my head the 1st time I met urodoc.

I was lying in bed with sepsis, hydronephrosis and pyelonephritis. To quote one of the other urodocs, I was one sick lady!" I hadn't showered, so my hair was awful and I didn't have make up on either.

He comes walking in the room and starts talking. He's tall and I noticed he had a black winter dress coat on the long kind and one look at him and he made an instant good impression on me.

So what were the 5 words? Well....

SeaSpray said...

Of course I didn't say my thoughts out loud cause...well a girl's got to have some secrets. ;)

But suffice it to know that I hated lying there looking like sepsis girl! The only way I would ever not care how I looked would be if I was dead. husband knows and so do my friends that I want a closed the ripe old age of 103! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...
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Chrysalis Angel said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - glad to see your back out to play! :)

Your too funny! Yes...I know your kidding...although it doesn't hurt to have checks and balances. You apparently haven't see my latest posts in my other blog. :)

I am still wrestling with about 4 of them ! Haha!

Listen Chrysalis Angel...angels rescue..step in anytime to ya really want to post that?

Constructive criticism from anyone always welcome.:)

You are such a gentle spirit and my safety net out here and I have appreciated your friendship. :)

Chrys said...

Seaspray, you are a doll. I am often posting comments myself, when I am not up to par. Either too tired or still sick. You can post whatever you like. I love your site. You always know where I'm coming from too, which I appreciate immensely. It's nice to know you're out there.

medrecgal said...

ROTFLMBO!! That was SO cute!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you for your kind words Angel. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Medrecgal - Ha ha! it is cute! I'm glad you liked it. :)