Friday, February 1, 2008

Great Joke! :)

If you want to read a funny joke, go here to access it at the Full On Forward blog. Take a look around while you are there - John who is a paramedic/nurse has some good stuff over there. He is certain to keep you laughing! :)

Regarding this husband is not an easy laugher... but this one made him laugh. :)


John McElveen said...

Sea- Thanks so much for the linky love! & the compliments. (Swollen head here :-)- I must admit I laughed out loud on that one!

Enjoy the Super Bowl or at least the Commercials! Glad your husband liked it!


SeaSpray said...

Sea...I love being called Sea. :) Of course Sprayage, Sprout, SeaSprout, Sprayer and PeaSpray are all hilarious but Sea is just...

Your very welcome-I loved it!

Husband and sons will be watching and I suppose I should since it is the Giants but I'll be doing something else. Yeah they usually have great commercials. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

John is a funny guy. I know I enjoy both of his sites.

SeaSpray said...

Me too! :)