Friday, February 22, 2008


I will say this for now. A woman I know in our community was shot in the head and killed in her home Tuesday afternoon. Her husband was flown out to a trauma center with a head wound. The police have been guarding the crime scene for 3 days and nights with cop cars and lights focused on the house and property taped off. As I was driving by tonight..I saw the police getting ready to leave the property. While it's not official as it is still under appears to be a homicide/unsuccessful suicide. There's a lot I am not saying. I can't get the images out of my head. It is so tragic. It's bad enough when it is a stranger on the news but the feelings pass. But this...this just lingers feels like like I can't get away from it. My friends feel the same way. :(

They have 3 adult children who are all under 30. Please say prayers for them and the rest of their family and friends...prayers for peace amidst the storm of what they are and will be enduring.


Chrysalis Angel said...

What a horrible thing, Seaspray. Not a solution to the problems people are having in life.

Jenster said...

What a tragedy and doubly so since you knew her.

WhiteCoat said...

Suicide is such a horrible thing -- especially to those people who wonder if they could have done something different to change things.
Best thing you can do for both yourself and the kids is to be there to support them. It will help you both work through it.

SeaSpray said...

Chrysalis Angel, Jenster and WhiteCoat...thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree.

I was not a close friend but have known them for 22 years, the husband longer. Our paths crossed fairly often although I hadn't spoken directly with her in over a year. We've seen the kids grow up. She was such a lovely person. Our older son and their sons interacted for a while but went in different directions.

It's never know what goes on behind closed doors. They always seemed to be a close couple.

We all want to do something but all the kids live on their own and so aren't sure how to reach them but we are awaiting funeral arrangements and perhaps will know more of what we can do by then.

You are right about suicide WhiteCoat and the murder further compounds it. You can't help but think...if one...just one thing were different..a phone call..something...just anything to interrupt the series of events that took place.

John McElveen said...

Ouch. A boss I had killed himself and I was the first one to the house. Went in Ambulance to Hospital and then went back and cleaned the house for his wife. There are no words, there aren't even feelings we can truly describe. It's a set of emotions that are a mixture of shock, horror, questioning and on and on.

Sorry your community had to experience this tragedy!

Prayers going up!


Sea- go to Angels blog and look at her last post and your comment, I responded for you and her--and am really interested in the feedback!
I'm going through a lot of change right now-99% good- and I am doing a lot of introspective house cleaning and several little studies to help with the job transition ect. Thanks!


SeaSpray said...

Oh John! I feel so sorry for whoever had to clean that house up as it involved two head wounds.

I am sorry you had to do that. I know it goes with the territory of being a paramedic/emergency service person but as you said "shock and horror and questioning" and it just goes against everything that is supposed to be.

Thank you for the prayers...that family needs them so much. My heart breaks for them.

Yes...I will check out the comment in Angel's post. ya have me curious. :)