Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interesting Doctor Posts

While perusing the blogosphere the last couple of days, I came across some interesting posts that I want to link to because I think they are an interesting read and you will enjoy them too.

The first is a post in the Throckmorton's Other Signs blog titled "Accountability" written by Throckmorton. I really enjoyed this interesting take on the differences between doctors and lawyers. It seems that doctors have such an unfair burden by comparison...but then again...maybe it can be no other way because...indeed...their patient's very life could depend on their decisions and skill and that is not a trust to be taken lightly.

Lawyers can affect the fates of their clients and we need skilled and dedicated lawyers...they do accomplish great things. But the doctor through omission or commission literally could cause another human being to expire before their time. I don't know how they carry so much on their shoulders. It seems they have to juggle challenges on every front and still have time for their private lives.

It bothers me to think that doctors have to be worried about being sued when they are trying to help people - even saving their lives. I have such disdain for anyone that would unfairly sue a doctor. Yes...I know that there are the extreme cases and I understand that. People in every profession should be accountable. There has to be a standard. But the selfish, screw you, I'm getting everything I can from you just because I can, frivolous, gold digging sleaziness is just plain wrong. Okay...getting off soapbox now.

The second is a post in Surgeonsblog titled "You Are So Beautiful" written by surgeon Sid Schwab in which he eloquently describes his awe at the beauty of the perfect abdominal cavity with it's various organs that have yet to be hindered by additional fat and other things that put wear and tear on the various parts.

The following is part of the comment I left after reading that magnificent post:
" I feel as though I have been romanced into falling in love with some stranger's abdominal cavity and their inner workings in all their glory. Your words are as poetry...no doubt wooing us in through your love and admiration for those special moments.

I remain in awe of your appreciation for what you do as a surgeon. I guess you could say that I am in awe that you are in awe...even after so many years of practice. I wish I was in that OR to see what you saw and understand it through your eyes.

Your patients are blessed to have a surgeon who cares so much."

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Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, I'm glad you posted this. I love that Throckmorton's site. I had given up on them. They have been silent for some time. I'm glad to see they are still around.

You know I totally agree with you about this post. I don't know how all our docs manage to even have a home life. How on earth do they have the time to even find someone special to share their lives with? They sacrifice much to get through their studies, and they are always in demand. I think the public needs to stop and think about the weight that is theirs. When you are waiting for a call back, and get disgusted you have to wait,they are meanwhile trying to help how many others in a given day? If you're home able to sit by the phone, then someone else may need them more and eventually they will get to you.

So well said, about Sid. He has a way of taking you on a journey in his writing, that makes you actually able to visualize some of what he's talking about. A phenomenal writer.

February 27, 2008 6:08:00 AM EST
Blogger SeaSpray said...

Yes...I was glad to see him post again too. :)

I really liked that post.

Last night I saw an old movie called "Talk of the Town" with Carey Grant and I don't know who the other actors were. Carey grant could've been my grandfather but I thought he was so cute and handsome. :)

This movie really demonstrated the importance of a fair and honest lawyer. Loved the movie! :)

February 28, 2008 5:38:00 AM EST