Monday, February 11, 2008

My First time and It Was Fun! :)

I am a tad late with this but I just want to say it was fun going over to Dr A's last Thursday night to listen to him interview Dr Schwab from Surgeonsblog. I've already said he has me turned into a surgical groupie, so listening to him talk was almost more than this girl could stand. As a matter of fact I overcame my shyness (yes...sometimes..I AM shy) and called into the show.

First I joined the chat room. That was fun. Those people have a great sense of humor..Ha ha! It was also nice to connect in real time on that level with some familiar blogosphere names. At one point I know there was 22 people in there and boy does it move along quickly.

I think it was so cool that Bongi (a surgeon from south Africa) called into the show. I think he said it was around 4 am over there and that he had gotten up to listen to the show. I immediately loved his voice and accent. Dr Rob called in (nice to know he is back in the blogosphere again) as well as Enrico and Eric the pragmatic. (Not familiar with the latter two bloggers but nice way to learn of them.) I think all the call-ins and discussions were interesting.

Then somewhere in that mix I decided to take the plunge and call in to the show. It was interesting being on hold because I was simultaneously trying to listen to the show on the air, follow the chat AND follow the show on the phone which is actually 10 seconds ahead of the airtime show. Talk about multi-tasking!

I really enjoyed speaking with Dr Schwab and Dr A. I was feeling unbelievably shy although I don't think it is perceptible too much on the air. Well until I announced that my voice was wavering because I was feeling shy! And I was speaking a bit faster and I used the word "and" a lot. :) Both doctors were most gracious the entire time and I felt very welcomed. My face was also feeling hot by the time I hung up and I am guessing it was maybe magenta too! that I have broken that barrier...I know I will call in again to say hi, ask a question or just chat. I might even call into some syndicated radio talk shows to get in on the political conversations. I have wanted to do that for a long time. :)

I know we live in the age of satellites and instant communication, that ham operators have been communicating around the world for years and people have also been calling in to syndicated radio and television shows for years. But this felt different and admittedly this girl was wowed by the experience! To have this capability...simultaneously... right from our own truly is amazing.

I have been perusing the blogosphere since October 2006 and so have gotten familiar with many of the regular commenters. It is really neat to now have voices attached to some people I read and I look forward to hearing many more! The blogging experience seems all the more enriched by this. :) And to think if I hadn't gotten sick in early 2006...I may never have discovered this wonderful hobby. Also, Dr Schwab told Dr A that he was a pioneer in doing the BlogtalkRadio. A pioneer indeed! Thanks Dr A!

If anyone would like to read Dr A's epilogue to the Sid Schwab can read it here. And here is Sid Schwab's post show post. Also, you can click on the Blogtalktradio box I have on my upper right sidebar if you would like to listen to the show.

BTW...I call Sid- Dr Schwab because when I first started blogging I wanted to be respectful and so called him DR Schwab or Dr S, but he is known in the medical blogosphere as Sid. So ...I am trying. It reminds me of an old Mary Tyler Moore show where Lou grant (her boss) tells her to call him Lou. So she says "Yes Mr Grant..uh L-o-u." She wrestles with it and in the end goes back to Mr grant. :)

Then last but not least, this coming Thursday, Dr A will be hosting the Valentine's Day Estrofest - his guests include medbloggers Dr Val, Jenni from Chronic Babe, Crzegrl, and EmergencyEmm.
So...c'mon and join in on the fun Thursday nights at 9pm! :)

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