Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RECEPTIONIST for Satan (revised) and Added Frasier and the Devil YouTube

Haha! Dr Satan's office would flash red with the same cryptic music as the patients entered into the bowels of this medical nether world and only the lucky few would would be able to flee as Frasier did. I thought this clip was apropos. ;)

for Satan
Mature, self motivated indi-
vidual. Call 666-666-6666 (Numbers-my addition)

Ever since July 2006, I have read the daily want ads in our local newspaper. I go straight to the medical section as I like to keep tabs on what is out there, particularly doctor offices even though I have shelved that idea for now. I also have some local hospitals bookmarked and follow their HR postings as well as jobs on line.

I am not actively pursuing anything at the moment as I have decided I will have the elective surgery I have been contemplating if I can get past one last concern I have. Hopefully my doc will be able to allay this last concern I have and then it will be a green light to plan accordingly.

But I digress.

Last night I went to the want ads as usual and honed in on the medical section. I saw ORTHODONTIC assistant advertised first and then underneath that "RECEPTIONIST for Satan". I pride myself in that I can work with difficult personalities but call me crazy...I draw the line at working for Doctor Satan. Seriously!

What the heck??? Well that got my attention! Who knew? Well isn't it nice to know that Satan is current with the times and isn't seeking to employ his usual servile minions?

What is the dress code? Is his receptionist the antitheses of the usually coveted receptionist. (Yes...the good ones are coveted!) Or does his receptionist speak with gilded tongue and present as an angel of light only to morph into evil personified once the unsuspecting victim has been lured in? Is it a one way office. Once the unsuspecting patients enter...do they ever leave again or is it then an eternal proposition like in the song Hotel California? Really though...patients should be suspicious when they hear Marilyn Manson and death metal music piped into to the elevator as the elevator descends downward beyond the numbered floors. I'm just sayin.

What kind of person would apply? Are they knocking Dr Satan's doors down to get in? Is the work environment hot like an inferno?. (Overly heated work environment is my idea of hell on earth) Benefit package? Are there gargoyles in the waiting room? My head was reeling with images I tell you... reeling.

At third glance under a light I saw that it read as RECEPTIONIST for Salon! HaHa!!!! And it was the office section and not the medical section. (Orthodontist shouldn't have been there) What a relief...phew!

Ya can't have a Dr Satan..it jest ain't right! I can see it now..."Hey SeaSpray how are you? Working yet? Who? Dr Satan? Ummmm...that's nice...see ya!" Or at the hospital..."Paging Dr Satan! Paging Dr Satan ... STAT!"

Nah...the docs are the good guys and gals. :)

*I wanted to put a pic up but I am such a wussette that I just can't do evil creepy or I'd scare and creep my self out! I would be hiding behind a pillow every time I entered my own blogg until the picture disappeared into older posts. I'm a Disney girl at heart, happy endings and all that :)


SeaSpray said...

Blogger Chrysalis Angel said...

I think I worked for him once,ha,ha,ha. I'm just kidding. I was pretty fortunate with the bosses I've had. (Had to watch a few, but that's a different story);)
That would be an interesting ad. I wonder who would show up for an interview? You're a hoot, Seaspray. Glad you're back on.

February 19, 2008 6:54:00 AM EST

SeaSpray said...

Chrysalis Angel...I hope you don't mind that I copied your comment you left in the first posting of this and carried it over to this revised addition. I should have just changed the original post but now don't want to undo this one. If you want to repost it I will revise accordingly. :)

Funny Angel!

I would work for a difficult male boss any day over a difficult female boss. Men are just different creatures and easier to work with even if they blow up. Then it's over. But women can be catty and nasty and it's a whole different ball game. Fortunately for us underlings, both difficult women I worked under got fired by the corporations because of their actions.

I worked on a switchboard at a local ski area when I was in my twenties. The boss had a temper and he drank a lot...even while working. You could hear him yelling from down the hall getting louder as he neared the area.

I don't know why but he didn't scare me. I guess because I knew he liked me and I saw through that behavior. One night he wanted me to say something ridiculous on the ski conditions tape and I refused. So he fired me. I said "No...I'm not fired." He said, "Yes you are...your FIRED!" So I agreed with him but kept working and he left. He never mentioned it when he saw me again.

Ha ha! Once he called me from home and again I knew I couldn't do what he said and so he fired me again. Except this time I giggled and said that I wasn't fired which got him angrier and he let some choice words fly that I didn't appreciate hearing but I let it go. He fired me a couple more times but I stayed. I don't remember but he must've fired other people on a regular basis.

My anonymous (Dupree) friend...you know who I mean...Charlie! :)

John McElveen said...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? You check in with me or Angel if you are going to Not post for a day or so. Worried me to death chile!!!! Not Chil i- but chile like smile!

Good to see ya Sea!!!!!


1--800- HELL NO!!

Chrysalis Angel said...

I love that John, Seaspray...he makes me laugh.(brotherly love people...don't be taking that out of context now).

I know what you mean about male vs female bosses.

I've had some very intimidating bosses,everyone else was afraid of, but they liked me and we always got along. Thanks to them I have some excellent references.

I had one woman take out her frustrations on me one day, and my boss overheard her and he came out from the exam room and proceeded to tell her she would need to find another office to go to. My mouth dropped open. I was so embarrassed and shocked, that he would feel that way hearing what was going on. She apologized, but he held to it. I worked for him until he retired. Best boss I ever had.

SeaSpray said...

Awww...thanks John. :)

The ice storm knocked our DSL out and had to wait for the new one.

Very funny! :)

Hi Angel-yes...I love him too...but don't tell him..we don't want his head to swell to big or he won't fit back into the blogs...uh..something like that anyway. ;)

I think it is wonderful when a person is another person's champion. So few people are willing to put themselves out there to stand up for someone. Even more awesome that it was your boss. That must've felt great! :)