Monday, February 4, 2008

What A Game!


What a game and I watched all of it! Wow! First of all I really don't watch football but I enjoy hearing it and seeing the guys watch it. It gives me warm fuzzies inside. :) Also reminds me of fall (favorite time of year) and my uncle and aunt and my time living with them at the lake house.

My husband and younger son went up to older son's to watch on larger screen TV. Then husband came home at half time to go to bed because he gets up early. I was busy but started thinking that since it is a home team that I would put it on to see how they were doing.

I came into it with 4 minutes left. I was happy to see that the Giants were winning 10 to 7 and I was thrilled when they got the touch down giving them 14 points! Then...I realized that New England was wearing the blue Jerseys! YIKES!

I was riveted to the game. I can only imagine how all you football die-hards were feeling.

My husband woke up and came out when they were stopped on 10 seconds left in the game. I told him to hurry up to come in watch because the Giants were now winning with 10 seconds to go. We are all happy about the win. :)

Wow...the Patriots were 18 and 0 and the favored ones. Both teams played hard but only one can win in the end. Then when I heard that someone from the Patriots had been secretly been filming other teams practice sessions which is cheating and illegal and that the coach was fined 500 thousand dollars for made the victory sweeter still. I don't know anything about football...but if they were able to learn competing teams secret signals etc., that is like reading their minds and CHEATING! Maybe they aren't really as good. Maybe they had inside information. Too bad things like that happen, whether secretly filming another team or pumping up with's cheating. Therefore any win is not a REAL win. It also hurts the players that do have real talent...on many levels...not to mention the whole idea of sportsmanship in the first place. I have never understood the cheating mentality. Really...I do not get it! Even if no one knows... you didn't really win because you cheated and YOU KNOW! Where is the victory there?

GO Giants!!! :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

What a great win! Nice to see your post. I couldn't keep my eyes open for all of it. Busy day ahead, but great to see the reports this morning.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-I wish I saw the beginning! Hope your having a great day! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

It was a good game. We broke out the Nachos and watched. A lot of unhappy fans at work though.

passionstamper said...

WOOHOO! WOOHOO! YEAH BIG BLUE! YEAH GIANTS! AWESOME GAME! AWESOME UPSET! LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THE VICTORY! I commented Chrysalis on my blog...when you made a comment! The game was kind of boring till the 4th quarter-then it just exploded! Hey Seaspray had I known you were watching, I would have called you at the end!!! We were doing DANCES over here cuz it was so close..and the end was SO SWEET! We were in Superbowl lotteries... (normally don't even think about it) but didn't sad, Chrysallis-but SO HAPPY that the Giants (our team forever) upset the Patriots (who really had an AWESOME record), which made the V-I-C-T-O-R-Y EVEN SWEETER!

WOOHOOOOOOOO GIANTS! (we've waited a LONG time for this...) SWEET parade in NYC... (our son was thrilled (last superbowl won by the giants-he was only 3 years old and of course, just could not appreciate it!) YEAH GIANTS!

SeaSpray said...

Okay passionstamper...i guess you really aren't a giants fan are you? ;) Great end of game!

I'm sorry I missed your call but I went to bed at 10 to 8. Yes that's right...10 to eight. Turning over a new leaf. And i was tired but I woke back up at 11 and not sure if I should call because last time i did i woke your husband.

i will call back tomorrow although i have errands but then will be home. Chris's car is doing that weird thing again and so have to call dealer in am.

talk soon. going bed now. :)