Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Doctor's Opinion

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Dr Rob wrote an interesting post called "When a System is not a System" in which he discusses why our health care is not a system. He points out that there are 7 entities in health care that work independently and against each other and also mentions some common misconceptions in modern medicine. The comments are also interesting. You can read it here at his "Musings of a Distractible Mind" blog, which by the way is a great read. Also his "Survival" post clearly lays out what to do when your child is sick. (this would be handy to have printed out) And for a heartfelt post read"The Edge" where Dr Rob humbly points out "the edge of the cliff may await you in the next exam room".

For a funny surgical cartoon go here and here for a good laugh at ER Dr WhiteCoat's idea to "offset Medicare cuts". I LOVED this! ;) Too funny and so are the comments. :) Oh and here he recommends another blog because of that blog author's creativity in writing medical odes to popular tunes...also very funny. Peruse the WhiteCoat Rants blog and you will find compassionate, humorous and informative posts aplenty.

Here is a post called "The Objective pain Scale" written by (Er Doc) Scalpel from the Scalpel or Sword blog last year. Anytime a doctor writes a post about pain scales it's a pretty sure thing that comments will abound because people have strong feelings about this topic. He recently put up some favorites that are on his side bar. "A Letter to an Angry Patient" is another great post with interesting/funny comments. And Scalpel, your post on "Drunk Teenage Girls" has inspired me and I think I soon will tell about my first drunk experience. What a great blog! Oh and thanks for not deleting my little political tirade in the comments to one of your recent posts. I was concerned that I was offensive but I was offended and is why I reacted so strongly. I have most definitely had some blogger's remorse over that one but I had just heard about it all and was/am truly upset about it. My trust is gone.

Another blog I would like to recommend is a new one I have recently discovered called "Everyone Needs Therapy". Therapy Doc has written so many excellent posts! There is a lot of good reading over there and there are plenty of topics covered that could lead to facilitate emotional healing, perhaps stirring one enough that they would consider seeking professional help to pursue their issues further.

"Dr Gwenn Is In" is an awesome pediatrics blog authored by Dr Gwenn, pediatrician and health journalist. You can get the latest pediatric info along with other interesting topics right here. Again...here is another great blog (even if she is a Red Sox fan ;) with so much information and an excellent read. Here is a post packed with information! With the spring sports season already underway, "Sportsmanship Law...Just What The Doctor Ordered" (with links) is a must read.

And where else could a girl like me-a.k.a.surgical groupie, feel romanced into falling in love with some stranger's abdominal cavity and their inner workings in all their glory except in Sid Schwab's post, "You Are So Beautiful" (I love that song) over at Surgeon'sblog? This doctor has a gift in guiding one through the surgical experience... pre-operatively, during and post-op. His compassion, dedication and skill is evident.

These are just a few of the many wonderful doctor blogs in the medical blogosphere. These docs along with the other wonderful blogging docs, nurses and non medical people that peruse the land of Medical Blogdom are the reason that I am not reading as many books as I used to or keeping up with my personal contacts like I want to do. I am also writing a little post on blogging addiction that I will put up sometime soon. I have to break away I tell you! MUST...PRY...FINGERS...FROM ...KEYB-O-A-R-D...AL-M-O-S-T FREE.... ;)

I trust it is alright that I linked to you Docs. Thanks for the never ending supply of interesting posts. :)

I have put up a lot of posts recently and so this funny post is already getting lost among the others. It's titled, "Do You Know Where Your Specimen Is?" Ya'll know how I am about funny urine stories and so I thought this was a hoot! Evidently the woman loved her son a LOT! I can't imagine wanting anyone's urine for a souvenir...although...she might have been drawn to the pretty iridescent sparkle in my whizzie winkles. ;) Oh and Chrysalis Angel...if only they were aqua. A girl can dream... ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I laughed out loud at Whitecoat's comic. He has a great blog, and I always find myself agreeing with him.

You pick the best people to visit Seaspray. I don't know a couple of them you've listed here, but the ones I do know are excellent.

SeaSpray said...

I loathe automated phone lines, so can you imagine doing that pre-op? Haha!

Yes he does have a great blog and so do the others. :)