Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day and About Family
When our older son was little he used to get so excited, actually jumping up and down when mild mannered Dr David Banner would get angry and then morph into the very green, large Incredible Hulk, who after popping the buttons on his shirt and having his pants shrink to a shorter size would then go save the day.

I'll finish the APB story later. Now I am preparing our Irish dinner for tonight. Corn beef, cabbage, carrots, red potatoes and homemade Irish soda bread. Nothing Irish about desert though. Devan delivered her Girl Scout cookies yesterday and we bought so many that I will just put them out on a plate. Also fruit or ice cream.

My mother will be coming over and so will older son, d-i-l and Devan. Younger son has some friends (spring break) here and they are welcome too. Although...that will mean no leftover for Reuben sandwiches. Ha ha! I'd rather feed everyone anyway! :)

I have a wee bit o the Irish in me since one of my middle names is Cunningham. It was my maternal grandmother's maiden name although she was born in Scotland. So was my maternal grandfather - his last name was MacDonald. Her father was an Irish sea captain. Maybe that is where I get my love of the sea?

Growing up I often heard that I have the Cunningham nose, which is a turned up small nose. Some of my cousins have it as did an uncle. The Cunninghams in our family also have a roundish face. My mother and her other brother took after her father which was the MacDonald side of the family. Genetics are so interesting. Both the Cunninghams and the MacDonalds all have blue eyes.

Our youngest son has brown eyes. It surprised me when my cousin seeing him for the first time. exclaimed..."He's got brown eyes!" That was the first time that I realized he stood out in family with his brown eyes. Our older son has blue eyes. My husband and family have hazel eyes but my father had brown eyes.

My father's family was German. I didn't get to see a good picture of him until I was in my twenties. I think I am actually a blending of the Cunninghams and the Sauers. When I was in my twenties an older co-worker asked my about my family and then exclaimed..."That's look like a little Frau girl!" (I am 5'8") Some years later while working at the hospital a co-worker also asked me about my family. He was German. We were talking about family names. I told him someone I worked with said I looked like a little frau girl and he said "Oh...she shouldn't have said that ! That's an insult!" I don't think she meant it that way. And I don't know if that is really an insult. I do remember being surprised you could determine a person's nationality by their appearance and she was surprised I didn't know that and went on to describe physical traits of people -matching them to their nationality. She also had nicknames I was not comfortable with nor ever have or ever would use.

About St Patrick's Day. I grew up living in my Scottish grandparents house. I don't recall ever celebrating the holiday. But I do remember my mother and grandmother saying you should wear orange on St Patrick's Day. I do remember wearing an orange sweater in my fifth grade class.

UGH! I didn't know. I didn't know any better. I did not know there was a political religious war. I did not know that was the protestant way of revolting against the catholics. I just didn't understand the implications. I would never want to hurt or insult anyone. But it demonstrates how these biases are perpetuated through the generations.

I don't know anything about the religious wars between the protestants and catholics. What I do know is that God loves us all. ALL mankind. He said so himself and he is no respecter of persons...he loves us equally.

It is man that complicates things inserting all kinds of man made rules and beliefs that God has no part of. His message is simple...Love one another as you love yourself.

St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. That sounds like a good thing to me.

Now it's time to go put some Celtic music on. :)

Happy St Patrick's Day! :)

P.S. I hope this wasn't offensive in any way. I just believe that we are all God's children and that it grieves him when we war with each other on any level, small or great.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Seaspray!!

View from the Trekant said...

Happy St. Paddy's day.

(I thought Patrick was an English slave, who escaped and returned to teach Christianity to the Irish. )


SeaSpray said...

Same to Chrysalis Angel! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Echodoc - I honestly don't know about that but I will check now. I thought he brought religion.

I will check.

Happy St Paddy's day! :)

SeaSpray said...

I checked. He had been a slave in Ireland for 5 years, returned to his family, entered the church and later became a missionary in Ireland. (Condensed Wilkipedia version)

Jenster said...

My family is a lot of Scots-Irish. I'm ashamed to say my Scottish family left the Highlands in the early 1700's for Ireland to help the protestants against the Catholics. But we wear green for St. Patty's day even though we're not Catholic. And I agree with you - God loves us all. The protestants and Catholics worship the same holy trinity.

SeaSpray said...

Well said Jenster. :)