Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Gotta Be Me :)

There was a cartoon here where 1 of the 3 cows (all standing up displaying their utters)says to the other cow that she was surprised that Bessie went ahead and did which Bessie states "Hey...I gotta be me!" Bessie had all of her utters pierced with gold rings. :) A friend sent that to me in an e-mail but for some reason wouldn't stay up in this post.

SeaSpray will post soon. Anyone notice how SeaSpray usually goes into 3rd person when she knows the post is a tad over the edge? Well she's somewhat fixated on the idea of kegeling for speculum tug-of-wars...totally hilarious to her and so the next couple of posts will reflect that unless something else pops up to distract her. She gets these images that make her giggle out loud and just has to put them to print. Ya can't blame a girl for a vivid imagination! ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I better start thinking of things fast! Anyone have any coloring books and sparkling crayons?? Turquoise crayons???

SeaSpray said...

hahaha!! ;)

Did the cow pic disappear or is it just my computer?

Jenster said...

There's just a red x.

Speculum tug-of-war??? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jen...i just removed it an explained the pic. oh THAT'S funny -NOT!

You crack me up when I know I crack you up! :)