Thursday, March 27, 2008

Karma = Olympian Cat Wranglers

This post is inspired by a HILARIOUS post written by Dr Rob today and you can find it here! I loved it! :)

One late afternoon, as I was getting ready to go to a hospital dinner, I heard older son yell from the other end of the house, "MOM, MARBLES GOT HIS EYE SCRATCHED OUT!"

He had to stay overnight at the vets and came home the next day with drops, eye ointment and PILLS to be given to him twice a day. Giving him the pills was so traumatic for me that I don't remember if I had to give them twice or not.

What's funny is that we actually believed he would swallow it once it got in his mouth. Hey..I never said I wasn't delusional! Indeed it usually involved having the men of the house hold said cat. Those little critters know how to wrangle and with a vengeance!

The cat did lob the pills across the kitchen a few times. And one time when I did attempt to hold him between me and the kitchen counter he scratched my breast-significantly! And I can honestly tell you that I was ready to lob HIM across the kitchen.

I called the vet's office and explained the cat was refusing his pills and she said to hold his mouth closed, pull chin up and stroke his neck with some pressure (pressure you say" haha...don't tempt me!) The cat did swallow but not the pill.

No...he got around that. Son or husband (depending on who was available) held the little varmint's body and I held his mouth shut...but he opened his lips and let the now frothy medication drool through his teeth onto me and the counter.

In desperation I again called the vet who at this point recommended the pill popper instrument. I could've kissed the vet's feet after kicking him in the shins for not telling me about this in the first place!

That night I must've looked like the Cheshire cat myself because I was sure we would have our way with the cat now. But that wasn't to be. None of us could get the pill into the back of his throat with that either! I swear HE then morphed into the Cheshire Cat with the big grin!

And you know...the veterinarians (I do love mine)...they make it all look so easy. " just take this and do that and it will go down like that!" Then they smile their warm I believe in you smile and you leave thinking all things are possible and everything is right in the world. Well are THEY deluded or are they lying to us?

Suffice it to know the pill popper didn't work! I honestly don't remember if he ever did swallow one of those pills. Maybe what melted on his tongue was enough. (Pharmaceuticals ought to consider the animal drool factor for potency) It was sheer torture to have to do this for TEN days!

But as if that wasn't enough, we had to contend with the eye drops and ointment twice a day! Giving him that wasn't as difficult as the pills but it wasn't a day at the beach either!

Seriously...if Karma is real...what universal law did we break that we had to become Olympian cat wranglers???


Chrysalis Angel said...

Giving cats pills is the worst. I used to coat it with butter, so it would slide down easier - this helped a great deal and the cat loved the butter. You can only use it if it doesn't interfere with the antibiotic. Just ask the vet.

SeaSpray said...

That's good to know...thanks for sharing that.

therapydoc said...


SeaSpray said...

They are feisty little critters.

Jamie said...

I am a veterinary assistant. Let me tell you, it's MUCH easier to pill a cat at the vet's office. They are scared and more submissive (at least most). The fear causing them to salivate more and swallow more, thus the pill goes down much easier. I personally have a cat that even I refuse to pill. She will send me to the ER for cat bites, no joke. BUT at the vet's office, she'll take a pill like a pro. Makes you feel like an idiot when you have to keep calling your vet to give them pills BUT they understand and have no problem lending a helping hand, or finger. ;)