Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Public Service Announcement!!

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I would never think I had to check for an intruder in the toilet bowl! Talk about being vulnerable! :shock: I envision masses of girls and women flocking to therapists because of a newly acquired and severe case of penis envy that they need to overcome! (because men don't have to sit)

You must go over to Fat Doctors to check out this post!

OMGOSH!! I HAVE led a sheltered life!

The following is what I wrote as a comment to her post: "What…do they have SCUBA GEAR? Gold medal swimmers?

EGADS! I’d be having nightmares for a l-o-o-n-g time! I STILL might!

And was there psycho tub Hitchcock music playing in the background? (I would've heard it!)

OMGOSH!! It was bad enough to be bitten by one rat but to have to keep the lid down so others didn’t come in? Oh the HORROR of seeing their noses poking out trying to come out…one slip and then maybe being over run by a hoard of rats! Life would never be the same again. …and… I’m sure basket weaving is relaxing.

That’s like in The Birds movie or the Bees movie…um not the birds and the bees…cause we know that's a beautiful thing. :)

But seriously…now I am afraid sitting here on my computer chair. I just checked…no… no piped water underneath…o.k. I’m safe. ;)

This is why I do not watch horror movies…imagination runs wild. :)

Rats, scorpions and snakes… Oh my! "

Thank you for this public service announcement Fat Doctor! :)

No one said anything about alligators either! WHAT ELSE could possibly come out of the toilet???

Just so you know...if the creepy-o-meter registered the same as the medical pain scale...1-10, then I am a 50! ;) I know...but I am just sayin!


Awake In Rochester said...

I saw that on FatDoctors post too. It was scary. Now I look at the toilet seat before I sit. This is the 4th post on toilets that I have seen this week. It's funny.

SeaSpray said...

Hi AIR -I always check out the seat for cleanliness bu never worried what was under it! LOL!

4 toilet posts? That's funny ...kind of like laceration nite in the ER. or getting a run on peds or fractures on a shift. :)