Friday, April 4, 2008

Do You Know Where Your Panties Are?
This really happened to me at a family picnic-my husband's family and I was still getting to know them. Just another one of my embarrassing moments.

There were relatives of all ages at the picnic. Some were in the house, some were playing games or meandering around and a whole group of us were sitting in a big circle in lawn chairs just laughing and having a good time. Someone said something funny and I cracked up and I also stomped my leg on the ground in laughter. But then I felt something slide down my calf and land along side my bare foot and ankle.

I looked down and to my utter dismay ...I saw my panties that I had been wearing the day before! I kind of shrieked a little with embarrassment, I scooped them up, family was now laughing and I laughed too, but I could feel my face getting hot and red with embarrassment. Then I quickly bolted back in the house and stuffed them in my pocketbook!

I dreaded going back outside because I was afraid I would get shy/embarrassed all over again. I have a fair complexion and my emotions (if they are strong) will sometimes show with an either pink flush, red or magenta...depending on the moment and I can feel the warmth. (So much for poker face if I want to conceal emotions) But no one said anything after that. If that were my family... they would have shown no mercy- they can tease! ;)

And yes...I wore the same jeans the day before but they were clean or I wouldn't have worn them. However, it obviously never occurred to me that I took them off at the same time leaving the panties in my jeans. Lesson learned! :)

I thought I was the only one this ever happened to until I saw this video called, "The Preacher, The Panties and The Policeman" from the In The Motherhood web series. This is a short funny clip in which this happens to a woman in the grocery store.

Finally...I feel vindicated! Someone else wore their pants two days in a row...Ha ha! And so now... I am wondering has THIS actually happened to other people? Too funny! I thought the clip was hilarious and hope you enjoy it too. :)


Elaine said...

Fortunately not to me.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Funny, I can just see you. No I can't say as that one has happened to me. I did have a slip that once slid down out from under my skirt. Lost to much weight for it I suppose. That was embarrassing.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine...ya never know. ;)

Hi Angel- think of the naked emperor and his new clothes-that was me in the ED one day-no not nekkid, but oblivious to reality. I shrieked when I found out. ;) (haven't told the story yet)

And when these things happen...we are just supposed remain calm and fix or pick up the item like nothing happened, carry on, etc. so as not to call attention to yourself.

But n-o-o-o-o...not me...every time...I have reacted.

I know of someone who's slip fell off while she was exiting a bus. She pretended it wasn't hers and kept walking. Smooth move. :)

I can appreciate that would be an embarrassing moment Angel. On the lost weight. :)