Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Fine! And Other Med Ramblings. :)

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I just want to tell everyone thank you for praying for me. I got a good report! After doing the ultra sound on both legs, the vascular doc (I liked him a lot) said that I didn't have any blood clots and I have good reflux!!! Thank you God!

He did say if I lose weight I could reverse everything and the discoloration in that area would lighten up. So...I know what I need to do and will talk about it in another post. He did to lose weight and everything would get better. So...I will! SERIOUSLY!

But true to form...I have more questions. He is the first doctor that has ever asked for my e-mail address on a form. That impressed me and I like the idea. I agree with Dr Schoor, The Independent Urologist and think doctors should have web pages promoting and informing about their practice. I don't know that he has a web page but I like that they may use e-mail if necessary.

If I had had the re-constructive ureteral surgery, I would have gone to Adult and Pediatric Urology Group (on my blogroll) and Dr Taylor would have been my operating surgeon. He was terrific. It really helped me to feel better when I was reading about him and the practice on line. It definitely put me more at ease and he is every thing his bio says and more. One day he called here and I picked up while he was leaving a message and I said "Hi...How's my favorite Morris County urologist?" (I hardly knew him :) and without missing a beat he said,"Fine...how's my favorite Sussex County ureteral stricture patient?" :)

Of course my regular urologist, the one who did all the work on me and stood by me through so much is my favorite urologist. :)

Anyway...since so many people surf the web, I think it is an excellent idea for physicians to get a site on line for their practice. Maybe...I will call to see if I can e-mail the 2 things we didn't address that I answered on his questionnaire. I am thinking since he was breezy about my returning that perhaps it's not really important and so I will think about that.

After the exam, I asked him if I needed to come back and he said if you want to...you can come back in 6 months. If I want to? Haha! I translate that to my saying "see ya" and never looking back. If someone leaves something open ended with me...they will get open ended. I am not good at keeping scheduled appointments! Urodoc was the exception but now that I am no longer a frequent flier at the urology office ...I find myself distancing. And even though I feel peace about the vascular concerns, I still am not sure about the urology elective surgery because I am out of that mode now. I find that when I had office visits, tests and procedures fairly frequently it just seemed natural at that point to go on to the next thing, but now I am vacillating again. If I am going to do it it will be June. Then I just have to go to work!

I feel silly that I reacted so strongly and in fear about not wanting to go to this vascular appointment. My former co-worker's concern about a blood clot and the fact that they don't normally act that way is what prompted me to act on getting/keeping the appointment and the discoloration in one spot had gotten darker.

The doctor said it was superficial. He wants me to wear support stockings. Shoot...my PCP told me to do that in the 90s but I never complied. However, the med supply shop wasn't far from his office and so I did purchase them today. EXPENSIVE! I just got knee highs but I am going to want sheers at some point. For thigh high...one hundred and something...YIKES! I will try to wear them as often as possible but summer is coming and I swim a lot, etc.

And...I want to give a plug for Bach's Home Health Care Supply in Hackettstown, NJ (908-813-3002) because the two women that waited on me were amazing! Efficient, helpful, supportive and had wonderful senses of humor and they put me right at ease.

And last but certainly not least...my friend Passionstamper graciously put up with me this morning. I am an easy going person but I was stressed about it and was barking out orders...sort of... go here, back up...go this way etc., and even in the office I was a little abrupt because I was focusing on the forms. She supported me through the whole thing. Thank you Passionstamper! :)

I could've driven myself but it is so much better when friends go because it just makes it fun (I know I wasn't very fun prior to the exam) and then we go out to eat afterward. Otherwise this stuff would be a chore and tedious.

The doctor had to leave the exam to go next door to the hospital for a bit and so we got out of his office late, went to the med supply store and then had a late lunch at Applebee's in our area.

We both had the Bourbon steak smothered in mushrooms and onions. AND...I finally had a gin and tonic with a lime twist that I had been craving ever since I wrote about it earlier this month.

Actually I had two! :) I hadn't eaten and sure enough I could feel it on my second sip. Alcohol just hits me quickly...I don't know why. During my second drink I did get the giggles and it was when she was talking about something serious. I was feeling light hearted (understatement) because of the good medical exam and giddy too because of the alcohol. Then you know when you try not to laugh you sometimes laugh more. Every time she started to talk I could feel the giggles coming on but after about the 4th time she laughed with me. I needed that! There has been a lot going on.

It's 1 am and I have to get up at 6am. I should be fine though because I was exhausted and slept a few hours after I came home tonight.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Great! I'm glad everything turned out good for you, Seaspray. I can understand your worries. When we've been through a ton of things, we don't want to face anymore of it. We just want to be well again, and get on with it.

Kudos to you Passionstamper...I feel for ya.:)

I thought this was cute -"without missing a beat he said,"Fine...how's my favorite Sussex County ureteral stricture patient?" Trained to think on their feet, they are. :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Thanks Chrysalis. :)

Yes they must be. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you have got to check out WC post on prostrate surgery and then read audreyln's comment. I was "cracking up!" It must have been a long day for me today...I had all I could do to not leave a comment.

Pk said...


I haven't seen my urodoc in ...hmm 14? 15 months. My PCP asked me if that was ok with my urodoc. I shrugged.

I didnt' tell her that at my last appointment we'd discussed the possibility of self catheterization.

yeah, I'm sure it's fine with him that I'm not going back for follow ups when his mindset was on the possibility of me needing to self catheterize ... *innocent blinking*

SeaSpray said...

Thank you PK.Self catheterize?Gee,I don't know why u disappeared off urodoc's radar? ;) Have u ever done that?

Thanks for stopping by. :)

SeaSpray said...

OK I will! Thanks! :)

leave a comment...I am sure it will be good! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I don't trust myself. :0

John McElveen said...

Praise God- Sea!

Love ya mean it!

Gotta run..no not time---diarrhea- LOL,



SeaSpray said...

Thanks John! Hope you feel better and school and new job are going well. :)

Your enthusiasm inspires me!

passionstamper said...

Ah...nice of ya seaspray to let the good folks here know that I didn't get a nice, friendly "top of the morning' to ya, passionstamper" THAT morning, for sure! But to SS's credit-AFTER she got the GREEEEAAAATTTT news that all was well, and at the restaurant, (I think it was after the second sip of the first drink that she had) it started coming-"I have to apologize...I'll treat with an appetizer, and here's an extra $5 for gas, no-make that $10 for gas because I made you go to a more expensive gas station, not the one you wanted to go to, and I was barking orders...". I coolly responded "For what?" (as I record it all in the little black book in my head). Someday if I need you to drive me somewhere, I get to be as mean as I want, slurp drinks and laugh at you when you're trying to be serious(all without feeling the least bit guilty!) You know I love ya, SS or I wouldn't keep subjecting myself to this abuse...ha ha! I am just relieved for you that your fears were unfounded... and for now I'll have to settle for cracking the whip after that promise you made (after the second drink-remember?) to lose weight. You know that means say bye-bye to midnight snacks...and 2 G&T's at dinners out (thank goodness I was there to stop you from thinking about how refreshing a third one would be!):) But at least it wasn't because of Percocet this time! (sp?) Now that really IS a relief, isn't it?

SeaSpray said...

Very funny Passionstamper! But true. Although I did momentarily find my bliss when applying my makeup. That always makes me happy. :)

Not sure what (sp?) means?

Regarding the Percocet...I had Percocet earlier for the renal scan but then afterward at dinner had a Gin & Tonic with you and Carribean blue at applebees. I got so sleepy after that! And I wouldn't have thought that hours later the Percocet effect would have reacted with the alcohol.

Still...lesson learned and besides God willing...I won't have to take Percocet for anything because I am healed and staying healthy! Yay!:)

Bye-bye to midnight snacks? Bye-bye to midnight! I actually went to bed early last night and feel so good today! My joke is...if I get a day job...i will lose weight because I don't eat all day but then do from dinnertime on and go to bed and so if I reverse that, it would be significant. Just been a 3-11 girl for so long. :)

Dreaming again said...

Irony of ironies .... I went to refil my preventive antibiotic for UTI's ... nope, no go ... haven't seen the doc, he says I have to come in for an appt before he'll authorize a refill.

geesh, I jinxed myself.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dreaming-that's funny. Forgive me for chuckling...irony of ironies indeed! And I better be careful or I just might get my own irony. ;)