Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just One More thing! MonaVie!

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Ha! Just one more thing could be on my epitaph. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always say that when saying good bye, almost always. :) Yet...those closest to me will also tell you if I am in a hurry...instead of hanging up with my usual have a great day-bye bye, I will instead say O.K. bye! And hang right up. They don't even get to say bye. But I usually don't do that.

So the one more thing is that I just started drinking the MonaVie active and OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe the positive difference in 24 hours! I really want to get some sun now so I will come back and talk about this product. I have read the negative comments about this stuff but I am telling you right now...there IS something to this product! This can't be a placebo affect. I'd like to think I am not that impressionable. Besides the I think the cost would jar me back to reality.

Like the Happy Hospitalist...I guess I am continuing my N=1 trial. I will guardedly tell you that my knees are feeling better since yesterday...but...a busier, running around kind of day will truly determine that. Tomorrow will be a tell tale day. know how people in healing services sometimes move their joints or whatever was hurting them after they have been healed from prayer. Have you ever seen that on TV or anywhere in person. I tell you the truth when I tell you that this last hour as I have been getting up and down and walking around doing things I do not feel the same level of pain that I was feeling. I don't know what happened but the knee pain got worse this winter. I am guessing osteoarthritis in right knee and probably left plus I have the meniscal repair history on my left knee. Also...I need to lose weight. Weight alone will make a difference for sure! But right now...I am noticing a difference from yesterday just as I am. So I am paying extra attention to how my knees feel with various movements. I can't get over that it is not bothering me to get up and down without significant pain. I am kind of playing with that testing myself. Ha! maybe i should take notes as I go through my day. :) A little part of me IS feeling optimistically excited. I still have discomfort...but NOTHING like it was! LOVE this product!

I only have one bottle. It will be interesting to see if my knees go back to hurting more with the MonaVie original. They did bother me the first time around on the original but not as bad which is better than nothing.

I used to live on I-buprofen (which helped) but urodoc told me that it's not good for my kidneys and since I have hydronephrosis in one I am thinking that is probably even more true for me since perhaps it may not empty as quickly. So, sometimes I take Tramydl as the lesser of the two evils although nothing works like a good ant-inflammatory. That being said...during the 4 weeks I drank the MonaVie original...I hardly took any Tramadl.

I also notice increased energy, clarity of mind-alertness and stamina. I just keep on going with whatever I am doing and don't feel tired. I only had about 5 hours sleep last night and I don't even feel sleep deprived and I am an 7-8 hour girl.

When I ran out of the MonaVie...after a few days I noticed less energy and the previous transient aches and pains came back.

I would be really curious to know how my labs would be. Perhaps I will still be drinking MonaVie by the time I get around to doing them.

Am I just having a really good day? I don't know. Tomorrow will tell I guess. I KNOW the energy is a direct result of the product. Oh and it is not the same as what you get from caffeine. I do love my morning coffee but this is different. It's a purer increased energy. Feels more natural and not hyper.

Is there a comparable Acai product out there that is less expensive? One site sells a freeze dried version that they tout as being better a better product because of where they get it and it is freeze dried. Is it? I don't know. it just the acai berry or is it also the blending of other fruits in the Monavie product? I have questions. I wish it was cheaper. part of me wants it to not work because I don't want to and really can't spend the money and the other part of me wants it to work because I WANT to feel better so I can do all that I want to do.

Then again...what kind of price should one put on their health? If something is proven to work...

Thanks to my most generous and gracious contact I have been able to get the product cheaper then retail price or I would not be drinking it now. A MILLION THANK YOUS to that person! :)

The downside is it is so expensive and I think difficult for many people to purchase. I am intrigued by the product though and admittedly the enterprising side of my personality is drawn to it's marketing potential. However...I would personally, totally and completely have to believe in the product before I would ever encourage someone else to use it...just because of the price. Hence my own N=1 trial. And if in the end...I decide it was a placebo effect (don't think so) or that I find out you can get another product that is just as good for less money...I will tell you.

I am a natural born pied piper in that if I really believe in someone or something...I can't help but to tell people all about what or who I believe in! This is because I want to share the good news or for someone else to benefit because a product or service is good and I want the people providing the service to benefit because THEY ARE so good. You know I tell everyone to go to urodoc's office when appropriate. I just did the same for my PCP yesterday. I raved about him to a friend who inquired about him yesterday because she is seeking another PCP.

I think positive word of mouth helps everyone! Just ask Dr. Schoor (love that pic of him with his daughter) over at the Independent Urologist blog. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'll have to pretend I had some today. I did something to my lower back and feel like I can barely breathe today.

SeaSpray said...

I do hope you are feeling better Chrysalis Angel. Wish I could cyber tube it to you! :)

The Happy Hospitalist said...

hey seaspray. I'm sitting in an auditorium watching the rehersal for my niece's dance recital typing away in my iPhone. I'm really happy you are seeing outcomes based results with this product. Kudos to the party that is helping you get it. Keep me posted


SeaSpray said...

Hey Happy!- Yes kudos indeed to my MonaVie contact!I am grateful for sure!I am also excited about the effects too. :)

Awww..I miss that boys are big now.

Paula said...

I'm curious. What was your final result of decision regarding Monavie? I'm thinking about becoming a distributor. Someone dropped a bottle off to me and I LOVE it. More mental clarity and stamina! Please update. Thanks!

SeaSpray said...

Paula-I LOVE the MonaVie juice! My personal experience-relief from aching muscles,little general aches and pains, clarity of mind, stamina-more energy and better sleep.

It did not help my knew like I had hoped BUT...I have other things fighting that. Also I was not on the active formula log term. I just started taking glucosamine capsules with chondroitin but would much prefer to get that that with the other oils/nutrients in the MonaVie juice. I love the taste and texture.

I am on my last bottle now. I can not afford it at this time.

That is the big draw back for me.

I also have home consultant sales experience and wholeheartedly believe I could sell this product..."if" it was cheaper. It is TOO expensive. Or I have to find the right people to sell too.

So... I have never gone to a meeting or signed up. I have to see them live and experience the dynamics of why their product justifies the exorbitant price.

You know... one could argue...what price do you put on your health and well being?

So don't go by my discouragement over the price. I checked your blog and see you have sales experience and so you know how to overcome these obstacles.

I have not discounted selling the product at all... just not sure what I want to do.

I like your blog and will link to you later.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by! :)