Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Addiction Satisfied

GREY'S ANATOMY Music Video BREATHE Anna Nalick

I am so excited!! My Grey's Anatomy addiction will get satisfied tonight. It didn't take me long to become a surgical groupie/Grey's cult member once I started watching the show. I didn't start watching it until February 06 when I was home on disability because urodoc stented me twice that winter. I worked every other weekend on the 3-11 shift and so I never got into any weekend shows. At that time it used to be on Sunday nights. Anyway, between my personal experiences, Grey's Anatomy and then Surgeonsblog ...I turned into a total surgical groupie. Oh and incurable romantic that I am...I guess I love all the McSteamy, McDreamy and McSomeone plots going on.

I just saw the 1st few minutes of tonights new episode (FINALLY!) and already there is romantic tension and anticipation in the air because McDreamy and Meredith broke up. You just know they are going to be longing for each other and it will heat up. McDreamy was right when he told McSteamy tonight that it was all about the anticipation. Obviously there is more to love than that, but that is one of the highlights. :)

My favorite all time romantic scenes were when Meredith and McDreamy were dancing with their partners at the prom in the hospital, but then their eyes met....with that all knowing look between them. Wow! Then she bolted but he quickly excused himself and ran after her into the exam room. Then they argued and the air was just filled with sexual tension and passion...which culminated in his rushing right into her to kiss her passionately, followed by them making love in the exam room. That is my romantic standard for the show and so far in my book the writers have yet to top those two scenes. This scene is on this video clip.

Also, it appears the surgeons are in a contest and have been practically living at the hospital for two weeks. I love their competitiveness. :)

I love this show! :)

I am a little late getting this up because I was running around the latter half of the day and forgot this was coming on. Thank God for TiVo!


Chrysalis Angel said...

I've tapped it. Can you believe, I've hardly ever watched the show? It hooks you pretty fast.

SeaSpray said... does. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I had to laugh, when I looked at what I typed at 6 in the morning. Taped is a lot different. Wonder what I was thinking about...

Hey, good luck with the twitter'll fit right in.

SeaSpray said...

Welcome to my world Angel-vompensad, remeber and fell for feel...just to mention a few. Need I say more? ;)

I didn't even know I had a twitter never mind use it. It does look easier than that other one though...still have to figure it out. At least I can whine on it. ;)